How to Unlock Galarian Slowking in Pokemon Games?

Having appeared in Sword and Shield first, the Galarian Slowking is now available on Pokemon Go as well. So, you can now find all possible Galarian forms in the Galarian Slowpoke’s evolution tree. 

In other words, players can now evolve their Slowpoke into Slowking. All they need to do is fulfil the requirements for the evolution as they must do for every Pokemon. 

So, you might still have some way to go if you want to evolve your Slowpoke into Slowking. The steps for completing the evolution are quite simple as we shall see here. 

Before that, you must make sure that you have all the necessary requirements for it. Follow the information given below to get the Galarian Slowking on Pokemon Go and Sword and Shield.  

Galarian Slowking: Everything We Know About it

The Galarian Slowking is an evolved form of the Galarian Slowpoke, which was introduced in the Isle of Armor DLC for Sword and Shield. The first part of this DLC offered only the Slowbro evolution for the Slowpoke. 

Then, the second part called The Crown Tundra added the Slowking form as well. Slowking has proven to be a particularly good choice for certain types of matches. 

This Pokemon is poisonous and psychic-type like all other evolution forms available for the Galarian Slowpoke. Its ability called Curious Medicine allows you to reset the stat changes of your allies whenever you get into a battle. 

The Shellder on its head gives the Slowking’s intelligence a tremendous boost. This should offer it an advantage over opponents in various situations among other things. 

A Pokemon with high intelligence also bonds easily with the trainer as you probably know. So, that might make it quite easy for you to teach new skills to the Galarian Slowking. 

What are the Moves can You Use with G-Slowking?

Like all Pokemons, the G-Slowking can use a set of fast and charged moves. Here are some of the moves you might want to use with it in battle:

Fast Moves

You have various Poison-type fast moves to choose from for this but Acid would be perfect. Hex would be a good Ghost-type choice to use with the G-Slowking. As for Psychic moves, Confusion might be the best one available for this Pokemon. 

Charged Moves

You must choose the charged moves wisely as you can only use one of the three active ones. Future Sight would be a good choice under the category of Psychic moves. As for Poison-type moves, you should get good results with Sludge Wave. Shadow Ball would surely be a good choice for a Ghost-type move. 

How to Evolve into the Galarian Slowking in Pokemon Go?

As mentioned earlier, you must have a Galarian Slowpoke to get the Slowking. So, you need to catch the Galarian Slowpoke first if you do not have it already. Then, you can proceed to complete the evolution to Slowking whenever you have fulfilled all of the requirements. 

1. Catch a Galarian Slowpoke

In Pokemon Go, you can catch a Galarian Slowpoke quite easily by joining one-star raids. These raids are quite easy and you can complete them by yourself. However, you must try to know the type of your matchup beforehand before doing so. You also have the option to team up with your friends for these raids if you feel the need. 

Apart from that, you can also get the Galarian Slowpoke by completing Field Research tasks. All you need to do is spin the Photo Disc at your nearest PokeStop. 

2. Collect 50 Slowpoke Candies

Once you have got the Galarian Slowpoke, you need to get 50 Slowpoke candies for evolving it into Galarian Slowking. As you might know, you will earn some candies by catching Slowpoke. You can increase the number of candies by using Pinap Berries for catching this Pokemon. 

Do you fall short of candies after earning some by catching Galarian Slowpoke? Simply walk with this Pokemon as your Buddy. You will receive a Slowpoke candy for every 3 km you walk with it. 

Trading your Ezra Slowpokes with a friend or with a professional can also get you Slowpoke candies. You can also earn the candies by feeding Berries to your Galarian Slowpoke and placing it in the gym. 

3. Evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowking

You also need to catch 30 Psychic-type Pokemons apart from collecting the Slowpoke candies to get Slowking. Open the Galarian Slowpoke’s page once you have fulfilled the requirements for the evolution. Then, proceed with its evolution to Slowking if the option is available. 

How to Get Galarian Slowking in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Getting the G-Slowking on Sword and Shield works similarly to Pokemon Go. So, you need to find G-Slowpoke first, and then complete the requirements for the evolution. In this case, the requirements for the evolution are different than that on Pokemon Go. 

1. Find the G-Slowpoke

You can usually find the Galarian Slowpoke on the Isle of Armor on Sword and Shield.  So, you must travel there and try to catch this Pokemon the usual way. You might not find this task as simple on Pokemon Go as it is on Sword and Shield. Regardless, this is the only known way to get the G-Slowpoke in this game. 

2. Find 15 Galarica Twigs

You need a Galarica Wreath to evolve the G-Slowpoke into G-Slowking. To do that, you need to collect 15 Galarica Twigs first, and then visit the Roaring Sea Caves. 

How do you find the Galarica Twigs? It is quite simple – go to any of the Wild Areas on the map and check at the shiny spots next to trees. You will usually find Galarica Twigs in one such spot and must collect the aforementioned number of them. 

In Roaring Sea Caves, you must talk to the old woman standing near the end of the cave. She will offer you a Galarica Wreath in return for 15 Galarica Twigs and you must click on Yes. Then, proceed to evolve your Galarian Slowpoke with the item you received. 

3. Use the Galarica Wreath on Your G-Slowpoke

Once you get the Galarica Wreath, you simply need to use it on your G-Slowpoke. So, open your inventory to do that and confirm your decision to proceed with the evolution. Your G-Slowpoke would then evolve into a G-Slowking and you can try it out on the battlefield. 

Is the G-Slowking Worth it?

The usefulness of the G-slowking depends on your requirements and hence would differ from player to player. This Pokemon has good defensive potential and keeps calm in all circumstances. It also uses a lot of psychic powers to defeat its opponents.