How To Uninstall Microsoft Edge On Windows 10: A Complete Walkthrough

A replacement of the good old Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge defines sophistication and efficiency. But, in spite of its premium qualities, users, for some reason, tend to seek guidance with how to uninstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

With comparatively better user experience, Microsoft Edge hits the market as a professional and seamless program.

Furthermore, it is a boon to Windows users. But, at times, it can be a drawback as well. That is because there are some applications which refuse to cooperate without Microsoft Edge.

Even though that is a rumor, some programs tend to crash or not work seamlessly if any other alternative is present.

However, there can be ample reasons to uninstall it. One of them is that the users desire to revert back to the older version. Some find Microsoft Edge challenging to use. Also, it has a tendency to conflict with the OS of the system.

Moreover, it is one of the integrated and core components of Windows 10. So, the uninstallation is slightly tricky and challenging. But, in this article, the procedures are crystal clear and doable.

Therefore, take a glance at the procedures discussed comprehensively.

4 Effective Procedures on How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge

Uninstalling Microsoft Edge is challenging for those who do not belong to the tech-savvy group. Most users require properly mentioned steps which serves them with the desired changes.

This section aims to provide a crisp list of the most effective methods to uninstall Microsoft Edge. Of course, there are other ways, but they are more complex compared to the ones which are present on this list.

These 4 define efficiency in uninstalling the built-in program, Microsoft Edge.

Therefore, you must stick through the underlying methods that this article aims to discuss. Also, make sure to implement them wisely and with care.

Procedure 1: Via a Third-Party Tool

The prime alternative is this method which is extremely convenient for most people. They resort to third-party tools to uninstall Microsoft Edge program.

To do this, firstly, you have to download the application.

  • Extract the files and then proceed to right-click on Uninstall Edge.cmd. Then, head to select Run as Administrator.
  • Now, wait for the session to complete after which you must Restart the computer system.

Finally, when the system Restarts, the integrated application: Microsoft Edge will be uninstalled.

However, the involvement of a third-party can be risky and make the system vulnerable. Therefore, we present some other procedures to do it as well.

In the next sections, the involvement of the Windows-integrated programs is key.

Procedure 2: Eradicate Microsoft Edge via Windows PowerShell

Microsoft’s PowerShell is, basically, task automation as well as a configuration management framework. Also, it comprises of an associated scripting language and command-line shell.

Generally, administrative tasks are performed by cmdlets. However, launch the Windows PowerShell, you must follow the underlying dedicated steps.

  • In the search of the Start menu, type in “Powershell”. This brings up the results to which you must right-click on the first result. After that, select the option Run as administrator.
  • In the blue background of the PowerShell, type “get-appxpackage *edge” and then, hit the Enter button.
  • Then, you will notice diverse details regarding Microsoft Edge.
  • Next, type “remove-appxpackage” and then, hit the Space bar. After that, copy whatever is written beside the PackageFullName.
  • Then, hit the Enter button in order to conduct the task of the command.

You will notice that this has successfully removed or uninstalled the Microsoft Edge from the system.

And, if otherwise, you can simply head to the next procedure if this failed to prove its effectiveness. The one succeeding this is another answer to your search of “how to uninstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 10”.

Procedure 3: Rename the Core Files of Microsoft Edge

In order to disable the integrated application, Microsoft Edge, changing the core files’ names is yet another way to uninstall Edge. for this, adhere to the underlying points.

  • Head to the C drive and then launch the Windows and then reach SystemApps.
  • Therein, locate the folder named “Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe”. After that, right-click on it and then proceed to select the Properties.
  • Next, ensure that the option of Read-only is ticked. Click on Apply in order to save the changes that you made.
  • Then, launch the “Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe” folder. Click on view and then enable the option of File name extensions.
  • After that, proceed to locate the files with the names “MicrosoftEdge.exe” as well as “MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe”.
  • Then, make changes to their names. Rename them to “MicrosoftEdge.old” and “MicrosoftEdgeCP.old”.

Doing so can effectively change or uninstall Microsoft Edge. However, if you were unsuccessful in renaming them, the Command Prompt is the one which most users turn to.

Procedure 4: Via Command Prompt

The Command Prompt, basically, is the input field in a text-oriented User Interface screen and a command line interpreter program available in Windows Operating System.

Now, it is employed to execute the activities of diverse commands.

So, stick through the underlying dedicated steps to make the changes happen.

  • Firstly, launch the Command Prompt from Menu. Right-click on the application and then proceed to click on the option to Run as Administrator.
  • When the window appears, type two commands. Press the Enter key after pasting each command.

“takeown /f C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe”

“icacls C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe /grant administrators:f”

  • After that, repeat the steps which are previously described in order to rename the Edge core files. Inspect if this disables the Microsoft Edge.

This procedure is highly effective in treating your queries regarding the ways on how to uninstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. You can also seek the assistance of a professional if you want.

Wrapping Up

In this manner, you can uninstall the integrated Microsoft Edge program. We know that it isn’t easy for non-tech-savvy individuals. But, the steps that the article holds are complete with every detail.

We encourage users to try their hands on any technical issue. And only when the mentioned methods fail to deliver the desired changes, can they turn to reliable professionals.

Attempting by yourself saves you from spending unnecessarily. However, if not a single procedure helps, consult a technical expert.

They are adept in treating your technical concerns and you no longer have to seek way on how to uninstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa