Uninstall Google Drive Effortlessly With This All-Encompassing Guide

Google Drive is an indispensable add on from the house of Google and people all across the world cannot thank Google enough for it. But, sometimes, we have detected that the users want to get rid of it due to various reasons.

Among some of the reasons, a corrupted download, or a malfunctioning Google Drive ranks first. And apart from these, a Google Drive PC, which shall ideally force in the Sync but ultimately disappoints the users, are some of the prominent turn-offs for the users.

We are finding that the necessity of removing Google Drive and the confusion surrounding it are increasingly being wide for the Windows as well as Mac users. Thus, we thought of coming up with effective and genuine guidelines to make it feasible in half the time that you might have thought.

So, here in this post, you would find the easiest of the processes that you can stumble upon on the internet.

Removing Google Drive PC from your Windows System Without a Hassle

Here, we give away two different methods to uninstall Google Drive PC from your system. Hence, check them out to find out which works best for you.

Method 1: Use the Control Panel

This is surely a method which is precise and will not take much of your time. So, without a second’s delay, let’s go through it:

  • Go to the Start button of your system and then, Control panel. Similarly, you can press the Ctrl and the letter “R” buttons to pull up the Run dialog box. Next, type “control”, followed by a click on the OK tab to visit the Control Panel.
  • Now, click on the option Programs. Now, as you will see Programs and Features under it, click on it.
  • Tap on Backup and Sync from Google with a click. After that, click Uninstall.
  • Lastly, click Yes.

Method 2: Using Control Panel in an Alternate Way

This is a method that we have given out especially for the benefit of the users of Windows 10, 8 and 8.1. So, if you are one of them, brighten yourselves up and scroll below for the method that you can opt for:

  • Press the button with the Windows logo on from the keyboard along with the letter “X”.
  • Now, press the letter “P”. This will let you navigate along the Control Panel of your system.
  • Next, scout out the Google Drive therein. Soon after you find it, double click on it in order to bring about the process of uninstalling it.

However, if you are using Windows 7 or if you don’t actually find the above steps not quite working out for you. Then, you can navigate through these heads below and apply them for a quick solution:

  • Press the Start button at the bottom left corner of the Windows home screen.
  • Next, go for the option Uninstall a Program.
  • Now, check out for Google Drive. Once you discover it, double click on it to trigger the uninstallation process on.

Uninstalling Google Drive from your Mac System

Many of the Mac users are facing quite a trouble when they are going for the uninstallation of Google Drive. But, we have made your journey a child’s walk in the park. Here, you will get two different methods and you can choose either of them. 

It is essential to mention here that you need not be disappointed if the first one is not greeting you happily. 

So, follow-through, to get along with it easily:

Method 1: Use the Menu Bar

This is the most basic workaround which you can follow to uninstall Google Drive in most cases. Check it up:

  • Click on the icon corresponding to Google Drive on the menu bar of your Mac’s system.
  • Go for the option Preferences from the drop-down menu that you will subsequently get.
  • Tap on the tab Disconnect Account that you will discover in the Google Drive Preferences window.
  • Now, click on the Google Drive menu and choose Quit, to exit from the Google Drive app.
  • Next, go for the option Applications.
  • After that, drag the icon of Google Drive to where you see Trash.
  • In this step, you would have to tap Command and right-click on Trash simultaneously. Once you have done that, select Empty Trash.

Additional Step: Now, if you are still getting the Google Drive application in front of you and a folder in the Finder, then, Control + Click or else, right-click on them. After that, choose Remove from Sidebar that you will find in the drop-down menu. 

Now, don’t worry for the items appearing in the Sidebar(under Places) because these are just aliases. Know that these usually emerge if you move Google Drive to Trash without emptying it. However, in some rare instances, these may stay and trouble the users even when the Trash is empty.

Method 2: Uninstalling Google Drive Through the Safe Boot

If you still check that the Google Drive icon is lingering in the Menu bar still, then click on it and then go to Preferences. Next, ensure that everything is unchecked for sync. After doing this, jump to the steps below:

  • Turn your Mac system off.
  • Now, go for a Safe boot of your system.
  1. Wait for the system to load after the sounding of the welcome chime and then tap on the Power button.
  2. As you hear the sound greeting you, tap and hold the Shift key.
  3. Press it down till you see the Apple logo up.
  4. Next, after you release the Shift key, wait for the complete boot-up of the system.
  5. After that, you would get a login screen with SAFE BOOT written on it.
  • After you are in the Safe Boot, drag the Google Drive App to Trash and then follow the Additional Step from the previous section.
  • If you are facing any kind of error message while carrying these steps out or by any chance, cannot do away with Google Drive from your Mac system. Then, you can launch the Activity Monitor. You can go by this path Finder > Applications >Utilities > Activity Monitor to check whether anything associated with Google Drive is still running in the background.
  • Here, if you get any other processes running still of Google Drive, simply select them and click on Quit or just Force Quit them.
  • As soon as you have dealt with them all, drag Google Drive to the Trash.

Now, you would definitely get no traces of Google Drive on your system whatsoever. So, if you find this post helpful, then let us know through your comments in the section below. This will let us keep coming in with more such useful posts.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa