How To Turn On WiFi On HP Laptop: Know The Simple Tricks

HP laptops are preferred by users for its ease-of-use and user-friendly features. To maintain the performance of the hardware and the software, HP develops their devices with different models. Sometimes few devices run on the latest modifications smoothly but in rare cases, users face some issues with the updated device. Apart from that users mostly want to know the process of how to turn on WiFi on HP laptop.

In most of the cases, users face such an issue. Hence, you must know the reasons that are most responsible for this issue. You are likely to see a pop-up message “Unable to connect to the internet.” This issue means that your device does not find the wireless network. Therefore, the error takes place due to the engagement between the existing system updates and the files that are yet to be installed. There might be some hardware issue, poor or weak network connections, or even software related problems.

The problem might occur due to network configuration. If the server is temporarily offline, Windows 10 keeps disconnecting from WiFi from time to time. The same IP address may create conflict if used in separate PCs at the same time.

Quick Tricks To Know How To Turn On WiFi On HP Laptop

If you are also facing the same issue related to the topic then go through the simple and effective hacks as mentioned below. By any chance, you can either find an issue of HP laptop WiFi not working, then read the entire section to fix it with the help of these mentioned hacks.

Solution 1: Enable Wireless Option

HP manufactures provide a direct key or an option to switch on or off the wireless WiFi signal. So, in this step, you need to check the wireless option and if the option is disabled then restart it.

At first, press and hold the WiFi-direct key that indicates the WiFi on the HP laptop’s keyboard. Now, wait for a few seconds. When the LED notification will start to blink then release the key. In case you cannot locate any LED light, navigate to the to the wireless connection icon on the taskbar to check the connection status. If the feature is enabled, then disconnect the current connection and reconnect it. If it is in the disable mode then again disconnect the connection and reconnect it. Check the connection is whether stable or not.

Solution 2: Update WiFi Network Drivers On HP Laptop

Access the Start menu and click on the search bar from the option. In the search bar, type “Windows Update Settings” and then choose “Check for updates.” If an update is available for your device, then it will automatically get downloaded.

You can also solve the problem using HP Support Assistance. To do this,  first, go to the search bar and type in “HP support Assistance.” From the list, select “My device” option. Now, select the icon “Check for updates and messages”.

In case, if an update is available for your PC then press on the option Updates. After that, choose the icon Install and then try to connect the internet.

Driver Updates From Device Manager

At first, click on the Start option and open Device Manager. Next, navigate to Network adapters option and tap on it to see the list. Now, right click on your adapter and choose Update driver.

After that, choose Search automatically for updated driver software and next download any driver found in your device.

Solution 3: Check And Reset The Hardware

Go through the following methods at first, switch off your device. Then unplug the power cable from your router if your network covers a wireless gateway or modem or router combination. Now, also disconnect the power string from the broadband modem even if your network includes a separate broadband modem. After that, wait for few seconds and connect the power cable with the router. Wait until the lights are turned on and show the regular internet and laptop activity. If the lights are closed after reconnecting the electricity, check your power source or use a separate power outlet.

Also, if there are only power lights, a network connection is not detected, then make sure the internet signal is connected to a wireless broadband device. If the internet lighting is not burning or indicating a connection, the problem may be with your ISP. So check or wait until it is restored. Finally, switch on your system and wait for some time till it gets connected with the wireless internet network. If it is unable to connect automatically then tap on the option “Wireless connection” and choose your network and proceed by clicking on “Connect.”

Solution 4: Reinstalling Wireless Network Adapter Driver Using Device Manager

First, right-click on Start and choose Device Manager. Then locate Network Adapters and tap on in it to see the list. Now, select Uninstall by right-clicking on the network adapter. In case if the adapter is missing then think that it is disconnected and the driver is corrupt. Turn off your laptop and check the hardware connection.

Now, choose the option Delete the driver software for this device then click on Uninstall. When done, navigate to Device Manager tab and be sure that the Network adapters are highlighted. Now, tap on ‘Action’ and choose the icon Scan for hardware changes. Turn off the Device Manager and restart your laptop and then retry connecting to the Internet.

Solution 5: Do A System Restore

After performing a hard reset, switch off your device by pressing the power key for at least 10 seconds. After turning on your system from the Start menu, select Advanced. From that section, select System Restore.

Remember, this process will remove the apps, drivers, updates that may seem harmful to your device. From the System Restore, tap on the option “Choose a different restore point” and then on Next. After that, select a restore point that creates a problem for you. At last, choose Finish and check if the error still appears or not.

Hopefully, the above tricks that are mentioned above will be useful for you to resolve your queries on how to turn on WiFi on HP laptop. However,  be careful while executing the steps because any mistake can damage your system. If you find the steps helpful for you then don’t forget to share your feedback.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa