How to Turn Off Google Voice Assistant?

Google Assistant is counted among the powerful AI speech recognition applications. It is present in every Android-powered smartphone. You can ask a query to Google assistant, and automatically, the Google Assistant will track your voice and give you the result. With the help of this feature, you can set the alarm, take notes, create events in the system calendar, and more. 

There are a few people who prefer typing instead of speaking to Google Assistant. It’s possible because some people are comfortable with their mother tongue (not always English). This can be one of the barriers in human to machine communication. That is why they don’t want this feature to be turned on. So, here are all the steps by which you can turn the feature off. 

Turn Off Google Voice Assistant Feature

There are two ways by which you can turn off the Assistant — One is using Google’s dedicated keyboard, and the other is the System keyboard. So, let’s find out how to do it. 

Google Keyboard

Navigate to the Google keyboard and tap on “Language and keyboard”. If your OS is Android Oreo, then tap on “Input and gestures”. After that, you can witness the “Preferences”. Tap on the option, and the “Voice input key switch” will appear. In addition to that, the toggle button indicates the On and Off switch. Simply turn it off. 

System Keyboard 

Follow the preliminary procedures as given above regarding the language keyboard, gestures and others. When you see “Virtual keyboard” or “On-screen keyboard”, tap on any one of them. After that, tap on “Manage keyboards” or “Keyboard management”. As usual, you can see the option “Google voice typing”. Turn it off and close the system keyboard. 

Another Way to Turn Off Google Voice Assistant

Navigate to the “Settings” and open the list of applications. Search for “Google voice” or “Google Assistant”. When you find the feature, tap to open it. Once again, tap on the “Disable” button. This will turn off the voice assistant temporarily. If you want to activate the assistant in the future, this exact procedure will help you to re-activate the feature once again. 

Are you Facing Issues to Turn Off Google Voice?

It seems that you are trying to turn off the feature, and the entire window is shutting down unexpectedly. When this happens, your system software might have some issues. First, check for system updates. If available, then install the latest version of the patch or OS. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue. 

What if you want to use Google Voice Assistant?

The idea to turn off Google voice is legitimate as you prefer typing rather than speaking. But, what if you have changed your mind? It seems that you want to use Google Assistant. So, let’s start from the basics. 

The Teaching Process

Artificial intelligence algorithms are programs that need training at the basic level. Now, let’s understand the concept very carefully. The term “Intelligence” means your basic teachings will be automatically improved by the algorithm. For example, the first thing you can do is to teach Google Assistant to recognise your voice. This means that the pitch and frequency of your voice are converted into a digital signal. After that, it is stored in the memory. 

Therefore, instead of you, if someone else speaks, it will not respond or show an error message. Why does it happen? It happens because of a mismatch of frequency. Now, when you say “OK Google, Tell me today’s Date”. Obviously, it will tell you today’s date. Right after that, if you add “OK Google, Tell me today’s date and appointments”. The algorithm will not only tell you today’s date but will also perform the searching and sorting process to find out any active appointments. Before that, you must set a reminder in the calendar regarding the appointments. 

After a few seconds, you will get the desired answer. So, hopefully, you will understand the correct concept of speech improvement. So, how can you do that? Open Google Assistant and make sure that the “Hey Google” option is turned on. Tap on “Retrain voice model” and follow all the instructions step-by-step to complete the training. 

Using your Voice to Command Google Assistant

You should now leave aside the idea to turn off Google voice. Because the commands that you are about to experience are very interesting. In the section on privacy and account-related information, say “Open Google Account settings” to make some changes in the Google account settings. 

Are you eager to see your browser’s history? Say “show my Google search history”. For the changes in your Privacy settings, say “Adjust my Google privacy settings”. To change the Security settings, say “Adjust my Google security settings”. 

Setting the alarm early in the morning, activity reminders, and events are important tasks. You might be busy with your work, and it’s obvious that you might not remember them all. So, here is Google Assistant, say, “Set an alarm at 8 am” or “set an alarm at 7 am for the everyday morning”. Regarding the activity reminder, say, “Remind me to call Steve at 9 pm”. Now, reading a text message is also easy. Just say, “Show my text message from Steve about the assignment”. 

Building up regular communication with friends and family is a part of your daily life. To call one of your friends, say, “call Steve or Linda or Arnold”. Sending a text message is also easy. And, for an emergency purpose, you can send a text message with a single command, say, “send a text message to Steve that I will be late for dinner”. Hopefully, you have got the concept to use Google Assistant. With the help of this AI feature, you can further play a song or a movie, get directions to a place, play the radio and select a frequency.