How to Turn off Game Mode on Roku TV?

Roku TV models support a low-latency setting called “Game Mode” to reduce the input lag. This feature disables video processing elements to optimise the Smart TV’s performance. However, must know how to turn off Game Mode on Roku TV. 

Users may often experience screen freezing issues when this feature is on. Disable the Game Mode in certain instances to resolve the problem. Moreover, the Game mode will turn on automatically when the console’s “Auto Low-Latency” mode is on. However, you can turn off this Roku TV mode without disabling “Auto Low-Latency. 

Before disabling Smart TV’s “Game” mode, certain factors need to be checked. Ensure the gaming console is connected to the Roku TV and check the HDMI port number. Besides, you must check whether the Roku TV remote is working properly. You can’t turn off “Game” mode if the TV remote is unresponsive.

Why Should You Turn off the Roku TV Game Mode?

Users have experienced several issues in Roku TV’s “Game Mode”. This mode often fails to launch even when the console is connected to the TV. Sometimes, it crashes or doesn’t let the users play online games. Thus, you must know how to turn off Game Mode on Roku TV.

Moreover, the selection of games that work in this mode is limited, and hackers can access the game servers when the Game Mode is on. Thus, turn on “HDR Gaming” instead of “Game Mode” to improve your gaming experience.

Steps on How to Turn off Game Mode on Roku TV

Turn on the Roku streaming device and the gaming controller. Go to the Roku TV ports where the console is plugged in. Gaming consoles, like Xbox One or Playstation 4, might be connected to the HDMI 1 port. If you have enabled the Game mode to connect Nintendo Switch to the TV, check the HDMI 1 port. 

Press the Roku TV remote’s “Start” key for five seconds. Release the key when the “Settings” window appears on the TV screen. Choose “Picture Settings” by using the remote’s “Up” and “Down” arrow keys. Select “Game Mode” from the list and move the slider from right to left. Restart the Roku TV and check if the Game mode is off. 

Roku TV Game Mode Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

Roku TV’s “Game Mode” may not work if the firewall is on. Moreover, the old gaming consoles are incompatible with this mode. Thus, using PlayStation 2 or Xbox One X, use any other mode while playing games. 

Console’s cache and cookies can also prevent the Game mode from working. Clear the gaming controller’s data to overcome this problem. 

Here are more troubleshooting tips to fix Roku TV Game mode not working:

  1. Power Cycle the Roku TV

Restarting the Smart TV might fix this Game mode error. Turn off the Roku streaming device by pressing the remote’s “Power” button. Disconnect the power and HDMI cables from the TV ports. 

Wait 3-4 minutes and reconnect the Roku TV cables. Press the remote control’s “Power” key to restart the Roku TV. Access the device settings, enable “Game Mode”, and play the games without glitches.

  1. Factory Reset the Roku TV

An incorrect Roku TV configuration can prevent the Game mode from turning on. Restoring the Smart TV’s default settings will fix this complicated issue. Press the remote control’s “Home” button for 5 seconds. Open the device settings and choose “System” using the up and down arrow keys. 

Locate “Advanced System Settings” and select “Factory Reset”. Opt for “Factory Reset Everything” when the next window pops up. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the TV resetting process. 

The device will restart automatically after reverting to the previous settings. Wait for a while and try to enable “Game Mode”. If the error persists, consider resetting the gaming console as well.

  1. Update the Roku Streaming Device

The “Game Mode” might not work if the Roku TV has an outdated OS. Thus, consider updating the Smart TV to resolve this problem. Follow these steps to install the latest OS for the Roku streaming device:

  • Turn on the Roku TV and press the remote’s “Home” button first.
  • Navigate to “Settings” using the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys.
  • Tap on “System” when the “Settings” window appears on the TV screen.
  • Go to “System Update” and choose “Check Now” to search for available updates.
  • Tap on “Install” to initiate the Roku TV updating process. 

Restart the Smart TV once the update is complete. Try to enable the game mode and check if you can play PS4 games. If you are still experiencing issues in this mode, then something is wrong with the Roku TV. Contact an expert to repair this streaming device immediately. 

  1. Clear the Roku TV and Gaming Console Cache

The temporary caches of Roku devices and consoles can prevent the game mode from turning on. Therefore, clearing these caches will help you to overcome this issue. First, turn on the Roku device and ensure “Home” is selected from the main menu. Then, press the remote’s “Home” button five times. 

Press the “Up” key once, wait for a minute and then press the “Rewind” button twice. The Roku device will display a confirmation message on the screen. Press the “Fast Forward” key 2 times to clear all the device data. 

The Roku TV may take approximately 20-30 seconds to clear the temporary caches. Restart the device after that and use the game mode without any hassle.

How to Play Games on Roku TV Game Mode?

Connect the gaming device to Roku TV via an HDMI cable. Choose the game that you want to play when the home screen appears. Press the remote control “Menu” button and choose “Game Mode”. Choose the desired game mode such as “Arcade”, “Story”, or “Practice”. Select the game’s difficulty level and language. Press the remote’s “Play” to start the multiplayer game. But, simultaneously, you must be acquitted with how to turn off Game Mode on Roku TV.

Why Should You Enable Roku TV Game Mode?

Game mode lets the users play their favourite games without latency or ping problems. Additionally, this mode allows you to use the remote to navigate the game menus. This Roku TV mode also saves the game progress when the device loses the internet connection. Thus, we suggest enabling the game mode to get an engaging gaming experience.