How To Turn Off Autocomplete In Google Chrome/Firefox/IE | Step-By-Step Tutorial

There are many internet users who prefer the option of Autocomplete in various browsers, but some users find it annoying. Especially, if you are on a shared computer and you don’t want autofill feature to let others know about your details. So, if your question is how do I turn off autocomplete in Google or any other browser, this article is for you.

Following this article, you will be able to disable the autofill option in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. So, follow the step-by-step instructions and prevent typed info to store in your browser.

Follow This Info For ‘How Do I Turn Off Autocomplete In Google Chrome And Other Browsers’ Query

For users who really asking themselves how do I turn off autocomplete in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, follow this tutorial to disable the autofill feature.


Steps To Turn Off Autocomplete In Google Chrome

First, locate the Chrome menu on the top-right of your browser window. Click on the three dots or lines on Chrome browser by the address bar. Then click on the ‘Settings’ section.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Settings’ page, you will see ‘Advanced’. As you click on it, you can view the advanced settings on Chrome.

Then find the section of ‘Passwords and Forms’ and untick the box for ‘Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click’.


Instructions To Disable AutoFill In Mozilla Firefox

For turning off the autocomplete option on Mozilla Firefox, click on the three lines icon on the top-right of the browser.

After clicking the Firefox menu, go to ‘Options’ and select the icon for ‘Privacy’ on the browsing window. Check ‘History’ and view the preferences set on Mozilla Firefox.

So, click on ‘Use custom settings for history’ under History.

Don’t forget to untick the box for ‘Remember search and form history’, if it’s already ticked. Then hit the ‘OK’ button to turn off autocomplete on Firefox.

Note: If you forget to uncheck this remembering feature on Mozilla Firefox, it will enable the autofill feature.


Info To Turn Off Autocomplete In Internet Explorer

To disable the feature of autocomplete on Internet Explorer, you must click on the Tools near the question icon. Then locate the ‘Internet Options’ at the end of the drop-down menu. On the window of Internet Options, click the tab of ‘Content’.

Hit the ‘Settings’ button below the ‘AutoComplete’ section. Then make sure to untick the boxes for browsing history, favorites, feeds, and forms. Also, uncheck the same for the address bar, use Windows search for better results, usernames, passwords and ask before saving passwords boxes.

But, if you want to erase the entire autocomplete history results on Internet Explorer, do it by just one click. Simply click on ‘Delete AutoComplete history’. Close the AutoComplete Settings window by hitting ‘OK’.

Finally, return back to the window of ‘Internet Options and hit the ‘OK’ button to save these autofill settings on Firefox.


Alternative Approach To Turn Off Google Autocomplete And Autofill Feature On Firefox And IE

If you have this query of how do I turn off autocomplete in Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, there is another method. Instead of disabling the autofill option, you can clear the autocomplete data from after each session. Hence, follow these instructions to erase the autofill data from Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

Delete Autofill In Google Chrome

To clear the autocomplete data from Google Chrome, click on the icon of the browser menu. Choose ‘Clear browsing data’ after clicking Tools.

On the top of the Chrome window, click ‘the beginning of time’ to erase all the saved data. Also, tick the box for ‘Clear saved Autofill form data’ and hit the tab for ‘Clear browsing data’.


Remove Autofill In Mozilla Firefox

For this, hit the Firefox menu icon and select ‘History’. Also, make sure to erase recent history data.

Choose ‘Everything after opening the ‘Time Range to Clear’ option. You have to navigate to the section of ‘Details’ on Firefox settings page and click on an arrow symbol next to it.

Then it will show you the list of browser items that need to be cleared to erase the autocomplete data on Firefox. So, tick the box for ‘Form & Search History’ and select the tab of ‘Clear Now’.

Hopefully, it deletes all the browsing history data that allows the users to explore the autofill feature on Mozilla Firefox.

Erase Autofill In Internet Explorer

Simply click on Tools and select ‘Internet Options’. Go to ‘Content’ and then hit the ‘Settings’ tab under the ‘AutoComplete’ section. Hit ‘Delete AutoComplete History’ tab.

Hopefully, now you can disable the feature of Autocomplete on various browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox using the above instructions.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa