How to Transfer Songs from CD to iPhone [Revealed]

The purchase and download of your favourite songs on an iPhone can be costly. If you check your CD collection and find those songs, then it is possible to transfer them to your iPhone. A no-cost process, right? But, how can you do it? The transfer CD to iPhone process is easy, and you can do it by yourself. 

You can transfer the songs to your iPhone with any system. But, the presence of the latest version of iTunes is mandatory. The iPhone doesn’t have the facility of mass storage. So, you cannot access the flash storage directly. That is why the transfer via iTunes is inevitable. Apart from iTunes, there are also other processes of transferring data. You will come to know about them later on.

Grab your CD Collection

Surely, you have a fantastic CD library. So, pick up your choices and prepare for the checking process. Grab a CD cleaner and clean the shiny part (below) where the clusters of arrays are present. After that, you are all set to transfer CD to iPhone. 

The Process of Transfer CD to iPhone

Turn your attention to the computer and download the latest setup file of iTunes. After successful installation, connect the iPhone to the computer with the help of the lightning USB cable. Now, open the disk drive and insert the CD into your computer. Wait for a few minutes until the system reads the entire disc. 

When the autoplay option appears, it means the CD is ready to play. Now open iTunes. The application will sync your iPhone. On successful synchronisation, you can see the icon of your device. Under the “Account” section, select the “Music” category and click on the “Disc” icon present on the right. This option will import the data from the inserted disc. 

When the pop-up window appears, click on yes. All the songs will now appear on iTunes. Now, navigate to the import settings and select the desired encoder; the default is AAC audio format. Click on the drop-down menu to choose a different audio format. Select OK to continue. Wait until the conversion is finished. Create a playlist on iTunes. Once again, sync the music part of the iPhone with iTunes. This process will transfer all the songs that you have imported from the CD. 

Transfer CD to iPhone with Third-party Applications

Apart from iTunes, several third-party applications will help you to transfer CD music to your iPhone. Perform research and analysis to decide which application you should download. After getting the third-party application, sync the CD first. After that, connect the iPhone to your computer. Go through all the application instructions to finish the transfer. 

The Direct Method of Transfer CD to iPhone

In this method, you have to transfer the songs to your computer from the CD. You must remember, all the CDs with songs are prepared in “Audio CD” format. So, you cannot just drag and drop the files to iTunes. The track will not be playable. With the help of an audio converter, convert the files of the audio CD to mp3 format. Arrange all the mp3 files in a separate folder. Now, open iTunes and sync your iPhone. Select all the mp3 files from the folder, drag and drop them to iTunes.  

Are there Scratch on a CD? How to Deal with it?

Specks of dirt and debris on the shiny part of a CD is temporary. But, the scratches are permanent. Clean the CD and let the computer read the entire data present on the CD. If the process is taking a lot of time, then the CD might be corrupted. 

In such a situation, it is impossible to extract the data out. On the other hand, you can try out some other applications for extraction. When you still cannot recover the data, then you can forget about extracting the data from the CD. 

Common Issues and Solutions

Facing audio files or playlist syncing problems on iTunes is not at all uncommon. It might happen when iTunes is corrupted. Moreover, if the iOS is outdated, such problems are inevitable. So, dealing with it is your prime task. Get the latest iOS version on your iPhone. In case any security patches are available, make sure that you install them. 

Coming to iTunes, uninstalling the current version of the application is corrupted. Once again, download the setup file from the official website of Apple. This will ensure no errors or problems in the setup file. 

Another common issue is the error in the audio synchronisation process. If iTunes fails to sync the audio from the iPhone, close the application and disconnect the iPhone. Clear all the system cache files from the temporary folder. In addition to that, you can use any third-party cleaning tool. After that, open iTunes and connect the iPhone. Hopefully, now you can sync the audio files not only from the CD but also from the device as well.