How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

Most parents need to know where their kids are when they are late from home but kids don’t bother much. This is all for the sake of protecting them as they are naive and are unable to understand society.

For one reason or another, we all need to track iPhones of our kids, partners, and workers because we need to know what is happening in their lives. Now technologies allow us to to see someone’s activity even without having their phone, if you want to know about it more- click here.

These reasons can differ from one another but to some extent all of these are important. In case by any chance you need to know how to track an iPhone with the help of a phone number then this article is just for you.

Here we will let you know about one of the best ways to do it so in case you are looking for something like this then this is the best place where you have landed. Just read this piece of information till the end to find out what you look for in the best tracking device and how exactly it can be used to track an iPhone.

Spyic, the Best Tracking App 

As the tracking task is really vital and needs to be done by following a few things so you would be able to do all the work with safety. In this concern, there is nothing that can be better than Spyic. This is one of the main and foremost spy applications that one should rely on.

It has unlimited features that speak for itself as there are millions of users currently using this app. With the help of Spyic you are supposed to using phone number to track the device.

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You would probably think it’s a scam but in reality, it is 100% real and safe. Spyic works in stealth-mode and makes everything way too easy for the user to make the most out of this app without even being caught.

With the help of its keylogger users can keep a record of every single activity that has been made through the spied phone. Everything that has been typed, sent and received through the targeted phone will be recorded and you would be able to get a detailed report of the device.

Spyic also offers an amazing web-based interface that lets you use this app with the help of any browser. With the help of geo-fence, you are supposed to track the device on a map where you have to mark a few boundaries.

The time when the device crosses those marked places you will receive an alert. With Spyic everything is done remotely and there is no need to stay close to the targeted iPhone all the time.

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To use this app you don’t have to root or jailbreak the device. Both of these features are really good and unique at the same time and you would not be able to find them in other spy apps. Most of these spy apps ask you to root and jailbreak the device first which makes it really complicated and time-consuming at the same time.

With the help of Spyic you can do it without any issue and the work is really simple.

Apart from tracking an iPhone by only having phone number you can get to know about everything of the spied device including gain access to the images, videos, contact numbers, names, keep track of call logs, see browser history, read text messages, and much more than the human mind cannot comprehend with a single application.

In case you need to save a few bucks or are tight at budget then this app is the best solution for you. You can find different subscription plans of Spyic on the official website and pick the one that suits you the best. You will not find anything better than Spyic when it comes to quality-performance and price range.


How to Track an iPhone with the help of Spyic by only having Phone Number


Step 1. As the first step just sign up for a Spyic account by visiting the official website of the app. Here you need an email ID to use as the username. Remember that you are going to add the email account that is still in your usage.

spyic-sign-up (

Step 2. Now set up Spyic to work with the spied iPhone. You are only supposed to input the device’s iCloud account details.


Step 3. Here, wait for Spyic’s server to sync up with the iOS iCloud account of the spied device. This step will take a few minutes to process. The time when this step will complete you will see a message popping up that says “Installation completed successfully.”


Step 4. After the installation of Spyic you would be able to start tracking the target iPhone. Go for the option that says “Locations” that is present in the selection panel to the left of the dashboard and starts tracking the device.


We hope that this above information would be sufficient for you in learning about the tool in a better way. Without any doubt, it can be said that Spyic is one of the best applications when it comes to tracking an iPhone by only having the number of spied devices.

Just go for it and don’t waste more of your time in search of the right tool like the one you need is right here. In case you have any further questions then kindly share them with us or you can go visit the official website of Spyic and check out the live demo as well as various subscription plans to pick from.

By doing that you would be able to understand the app in the best way possible, or you can contact the customer support team of Spyic that is always ready to assist you whenever you feel stuck or need to ask anything about the app. Don’t waste your time and just go for it.