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How To Test Microphone On Windows 10 – The Easy Way

A microphone is one of the most important components of the modern day computer and a lot of features depend on it. Take for example recording audio or taking voice commands, none of these will be possible without a microphone. But not just any other microphone will do the job. It has to be compatible. Once you have that, then you will have to figure out how to test microphone on Windows 10. Because after you have carried out the test for the microphone, you will know whether it is good to do all the things it is there for.

In case you find yourself in a situation where you want to test out the microphone of your Windows 10 PC. In order to check whether it is working or not, if it is ready to take in voice commands and carry out sound recording. This article has all the information in it, that will show you how to do that in the easiest way possible.

Reasons For Which You Might Want To Figure Out How To Test Microphone On Windows 10

Carrying out a process is not going to be much of anything if you have the right kind of instructions at your disposal. It is as straightforward as it can get and you will be able to do it in the minimum possible time. But in case you are not one of those tech-savvy people, then it can cause problems for you. Problems as in most of the collateral damage types which can be really irritating.

That is why knowing the technical basics of the particular problem is quite important because if you have that, the rest of the process will be that much easier for you. So, in this section, let us get into the technical details of how to test microphone Windows 10. You will find out about the reasons for which you might want to carry out this process.

First things first, in case your microphone went out of order and then you have fixed it somehow, you would have to test it out. That way, you will be able to check whether it is working or not. There are as usual different things of the microphone that you can test out depending on the problem that you are facing.


Issues with the microphone include both kinds of root causes, hardware, and software, and yes sometimes both of them together. And you will get fixes for each and every one of them which will actually work. But after you have completed that, you will have to put it to the test to find out if the process worked. For that, you will have to know how to test microphone Windows 10.


So, let us now get into the process for this method.

How To Test Microphone Windows 10: The Step By Step Process

In case you see that the microphone of your Windows 10 personal computer is not doing what it is meant to do. Then, the first thing that you should check for is whether it is installed or not. Because sometimes it might be the case that the installation is not there.

If that is the case, then you would have to install it and this is the process that you would have to adopt to install the microphone system.

  1. Look for the Speaker icon which you will be able to find on the bottom right corner of the home screen.
  2. Click on it and then you will see a drop down list from there.
  3. In that list, look for the Sounds option and then click on it to open up the control dialogue box.
  4. From that dialogue box, click on the Recording tab and open that tab up.
  5. In the list that comes under it, choose the microphone of your system and click on the Configure option which is there on the bottom left.
  6. Now, click on the Set Up Microphone option.
  7. Now, you will come across the on-screen instructions from the microphone setup wizard.
  8. Follow those instructions with complete care and then wait for the process to come to an end.
  9. Once that is over, then just click on the Finish button which you will find on the bottom right of the dialogue box. This will bring the setup process to an end.

Alternative Way

This is the process that you will need to test the microphone of your Windows 10 personal computer.

  1. First, you will need to look for the speaker icon that you will find on the bottom right of your home screen. Once you find it, then click on it.
  2. After you have done that, then you will have to select the Sounds option. Now, you will be able to find from the dropdown list.
  3. Then, in the dialogue box that will come up on the screen, choose the Recording tab to switch on the sound recording feature of the system.
  4. In the dialogue box on the screen, you will see an option with the name microphone and a green bar next to it.
  5. Then, just speak into the microphone and check whether the green bar is fluctuating or not.
  6. If it is fluctuating, then the microphone is recording, and if it is not, then it is still not working.

Thus, you now know how to test microphone Windows 10 and with this, you will be able to test out the microphone of your computer. Anytime you get some new update or fix some problem with the microphone, you will be able to easily test that out.

This set of instructions will ensure that you will be able to complete that in the easiest and least time-consuming way possible.

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