A Straightforward Guide to Deal With the Process of “How to Sync Wii Remote?”

Owning a Nintendo Wii is not a very rare thing today but all of it becomes worthless if you don’t know “how to sync Wii remote?” Without synchronizing the remote with the console, you cannot communicate with either of them. That’s why syncing of the Wii remote is so important for all the attached consoles.

Syncing is something that you can do either temporarily or permanently on the system. Such a question only arises when you are about to use a new controller with the system. As of the old controller that came with the system, is already synced with the console.

Whatsoever, there’s nothing to worry about it as we are going to discuss how you are going to synch the Wii remote with its console. Once we are done, you’ll be able to associate new remotes with the console and have your favorite game nights.

Easy Steps of “How to Sync Wii Remote with its console?”

When it comes to syncing the Wii remote, there are two ways by which you can do so. One of them is the normal or the standard mode and the other one is the one-time mode. Using the new controllers hasn’t been so easy for all the Wii consoles.

Each time you use a new controller with the console, syncing is mandatory. However, if you don’t know “how to sync Wii remote?”, then that’s going to create problems. Therefore, here in this section, we are going to walk you through the two steps to synchronize it with the console.

Standard Mode

In this mode, there are five steps by which you can start the syncing process on the controller. Go through the following section and then apply them accordingly in order to completely sync the remote with the console in standard mode.

Step 1:

At first, find the Power button on the console and then press it to turn the remote on. There should be a green light turned on which means that it is ready to be synced.

Step 2:

Look for the SD card slot that appears at the front of the console and open it to continue. You can find it on the front next to the eject button of the panel of the device. Here, you will also find the red button right beside the SD slot of the console.

Step 3:

Thereafter, in this step, you should remove the battery cover from the back panel of the Wii remote that you want to sync. Place new batteries in case they are either not there or they are dead.

Step 4:

Nevertheless, there should be a Sync button right below the batteries of the remote which is to-be synced. Once you find it, press and release it. You can always use a pen or some sort of paper clip to complete this step. There’s no need to hold down the button as a quick push will be enough for that.

Step 5:

While the Player LED lights are still blinking on the Wii remote, go to the console and then press and release the Sync button over there. There might be two problems in this step and thus follow the solutions:

  • Sometimes, the LED lights on the remote might not blink or they might just stop blinking. In such cases, push the Sync button one more time as it will start the blinking along with synchronization.
  • The moment the player LED stops blinking, it means that the syncing process has been completed. There’s also an LED that you will see illuminated on the remote after the process. Moreover, in this illuminated LED, you will see the number of the player.

For each time you want to sync the remote with the console, you need to repeat all these five steps carefully. You also need to take care of each and every fact that we discussed in them.

One Time Mode

There are certain aspects to look after while you are in the process of syncing your Wii remote controller with this mode. You should be aware of the purpose of the one-time mode synchronization that you want to perform on the remote and the console. It’s entirely different from the previous mode, we talked about.

This mode allows users to use any Wii controller with any Wii consoles. Suppose you want to use your friend’s remote on your own console or vice versa, you can easily do that with this mode. There’s no need to start over the entire system in order to change the order of the players on the console. Because you can do so directly with the help of this method.

There’s one thing to note that, once the system goes off, the settings you changed here will be gone. In case, you turn off the system accidentally, then you have to start the whole process all over again. All this is because this mode is temporary, not permanent. As far as the steps are concerned, you can see them in the section below.

Step 1:

Take your remote control and press the Home button on it ensuring that you are using the synced Wii remote with the console. You should also make sure that both the remote and its console are in On condition.

Step 2:

After that, select the Settings option from the display that appeared after clicking the Home button. There are several options you will find in the Settings menu.

Step 3:

Afterward, you will see the option called Reconnect, select it. Changing the volume along with the rumble should be taken place in this option. As it is temporary, the remote will automatically un-sync from the console after it goes off. This only happens when you are using your remote on someone else’s console.

Step 4:

Find the two buttons, 1 and 2, and press them at the same time on the to-be synced Wii remote. There are two circumstances which might happen such as:

  • When the syncing process will begin, the player LED will start blinking and when it’s done, the blinking will stop.
  • For multiplayer, there are certain facts to consider because you are using multiple remotes on a single console. So, for the player 1, you need to press the two buttons, 1 and 2 on the remote and immediately after repeat the step for the player 2 with another remote. In multiplayer games, you can sync your Wii remote like that and the order of the players will be determined by the order in which you have pushed the buttons.

The steps performed in this mode can help you sync your Wii remote with the console for a not only single user but also for multiple users. Though the process is temporary, yet it can help you and your friends a lot.

Summarizing Statement

Even if there are only two modes available by which you can sync your Wii remote with its console, but there are so many facets of them to know about. Here, in the article, we have discussed the two major modes for knowing “how to sync Wii remote?” No matter how you deal with the process, make sure whichever mode you follow, follow it completely. We hope that the article was proficient enough to inform you about the steps for your Wii remote and console.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa