Solve Unmountable Boot Volume Windows 10 – Easy Tricks

At times, you open the system and a pop-up appears on the screen saying unmountable boot volume windows 10 issue. This problem hinders the user from logging in to Windows 10 and access files. If you are also experiencing the same error, then go through this guide.

Methods To Resolve Unmountable Boot Volume Windows 10

The error occurs due to the corrupted file systems. It can also happen due to the excessive usage of the Windows 10 with those files. If you wish to resolve the issue, then check the process given below.

Restart The System

If the error “Unmountable Boot Volume” arrives on your systems display screen, the first thing that you need to do is go to the Turn off option and restart the device. Once the machine reboots, the Automatic Repair option will begin. You will encounter one black screen with just the cursor blinking. If the system scanner and the auto-fix work correctly, then within 20 to 25 minutes, the device will redirect the Windows sign in on the display screen. Check if the error still exists. If yes then try out the next procedure.

Operate The Startup Repair

At first, go to the Start option present on the lower left side of the computer. Click on the option and scroll down untill you find the Repair your computer option. Now, from the record choose the System Troubleshoot option and then select the Advanced menu from there. Later go to the Automatic Repair option and hit the Enter key. Select Next and Continue option and choose the Operating System that you wish to fix. As soon as the process ends, restart the device.

Check BCD Repository

Check for the bootable DVD drive or the USB drive as soon as the machine opens. Select the Operating System option from the list of records. Furthermore, start the scanning program.


Following that, choose the Repair network option. Next, to that click on the Computers Troubleshooter to ensure the process is working. Scroll down the identical window until the Advanced options emerge. Click on the given option and then Visit the Start option. Now, from the keyboard, press the Windows logo key and  R. Then, in the Run dialog box type “cmd” to open the Command Prompt. In the dialog bar, type the command, “bootrec/repairbcd” and then hit Enter to continue with the procedure. Reboot the system and then check again.

Reinstall Windows 10 Operating System

Start the method by clicking on the System Troubleshooter. Now, scroll down to the Advanced option and subsequently find Management Rebuild. Provide the Username and the password you use. Keep in mind that you need to operate the account as the Administrator of the system. After that, choose Next and then Continue option alongside that. Also, to go along with this process, first, go to the start option and then select the Settings menu on the top of the page. Shortly after that, the Windows update will begin. Give the machine some time to restore and refresh and then boot it.

Resolve Master Boot System

Master Boot Record recognizes anywhere and whence the users Operating System is positioned so that the user can boot the system correctly. Open the device and then select Repair your computer option which is placed on the lower side of the system. Now from the list, choose the System Troubleshooter and then scroll down to the Advanced options. From the keyboard, press the Windows key and then select R and cmd to start the Command Prompt. Again in the dialog bar, type “bootrec /fixboot” and press the Enter key to continue. Restart the device as soon as the process ends. Check if the error yet occurs in the device.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa