How To Solve The Xbox One Error 0x8027025a: Effective Steps To Follow

Xbox is one of the most popular products of Microsoft. It is mainly used for gaming, but it also contains some other multimedia features in it. However, in certain situations, the users are noted facing errors and problems on their Xbox systems. Usually, those things are caused by some software malfunctions but in certain instances, hardware can also be the culprit. In this article, we will focus on Xbox One Error 0x8027025a and try to find suitable solutions for it

Reasons For The Xbox One Error 0x8027025a


This Error Code message indicates toward the issues while you are signing in your account. Most of the times these type of issue occur due to the Xbox Live service fault. While you’re facing such an error the Xbox Live service is temporarily down or not properly working and that leads to the Error 0x8027025a message.

Another indication of this error code is when your Xbox app is behaving improperly. Sometimes, Xbox One apps don’t perform well, mainly at the point of time when you are launching the app. Mostly this particular error is seen during the mentioned times. Sometimes, the improper behavior of apps are also linked with the sign-in process issue but there problem affected zones are different.

However, the error 0x8027025a is related to the software section of the Xbox One, therefore, most of its problematic zones are fixable.

Ways To Solve The Xbox One Error 0x8027025a


The error 0x8027025a is might be discovered on your Xbox One and get you pretty annoyed, but you have some easy methods to solve it too. However, getting into the solutions, we will recommend you an Xbox system reboot. We are suggesting you this because in most cases, a simple reboot is able to fix many device-related problems. And that thing also applies to your Xbox One system.

But if this error code still persists, then you have to check another prime problematic zone.

The first problematic zone that you need to check after reboot is your internet connection. In some cases, if your internet service stops working while you are trying to sign in on an account then your Xbox system will show you this error. Therefore, you should verify that thing also before applying any kind of solutions.

But, if your internet connection is working fine, then it’s something else causing this error up on your Xbox system and you need to fix it.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s move on to the solution.

1. Check The Xbox Live Core Services


Now, if this situation is appearing on your Xbox One, then you need to verify the status of  Xbox Live Core Services on Microsoft’ official website. If the service is running down, then in order to remove the error code you need to wait until it got fixed.

If it doesn’t get right up after you see it fixed then move on to the next method.

2. Relaunch The Problematic Apps


Now, if this error code message is happening during an app launch then maybe it is occuring due to an app-related glitch. And to fix it you just need to relaunch the app. But, before doing that first, you have to close that app properly.

To that, you need to press the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller. It will launch a guide window and in that, you have to find and select the Home option. Now, on the Home page, you have to locate and choose the problematic App and then, hit the Menu button. Now, a menu will appear on your screen where you will get the Quit option. Click that option and close that app fully.

After that, you can close the page down and wait for 10 seconds. Once the time is over, launch the App again and it should work properly this time.

3. The Hard Reset Method


According to the pro-Xbox users, the Hard Reset Method is the best way to solve this error. It is trial and success for many users, hence we know that the Hard Reset method most of the time, if not all of them. Therefore, we are going to try this method to solve this error code message.

To perform it first, you have to press the power button of your Xbox One system for 10 seconds.  This pressing action will turn off your Xbox One. Now unplug all the power cable of your Xbox One and keep it in that way for 3 minutes. Now, plug the power cable back to its original position and then turn on your Xbox One system.

Once it completely wakes up, check for the presence of the Error 0x8027025a message.

4. Uninstall The Problematic App


Now, if this error is occurring in your apps and games, then it means you have got some files corrupted. Hence, to shoot out this error you have to remove the bummer first. Thus, the removal of the problematic app is the key to get you rid of this error.




Xbox is a really powerful multimedia device and due to its features, Xbox is very popular in the gaming world. But, sometimes it faces errors and problems due to hardware or software malfunction. However, most of the methods that you have to go through to solve them out are really easy to go about. However, proper information is necessary in all cases. So, here we step in. We hope that our article is able to provide you with all of the information that you needed Xbox One Error 0x8027025a. Stay tuned with us for more.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa