How to Solve the AVG Error Code 0xe001f90f? Quick and Easy Steps

AVG is one of the most talked about antivirus in recent times. It is mainly known for its powerful antivirus, firewall and cleanup software. All of its software products work on both PCs and smartphones. Like all the software, AVG products also have some issues in them. Usually, those issues are software based and caused by the OS or system files. But all of the issues very small and resolvable. However, to do that, the AVG product users need proper information on it and that’s the thing we are going to provide on this article. This time we will be talking on the AVG error code 0xe001f90f and its solution.


The Reason for the AVG error code 0xe001f90f

The Error Code 0xe001f90f message is very common an uninstallation problem. It is mainly found in the AVG PC Tuner. Many users stated that the error code 0xe001f90 appears on their AVG PC tuner whenever they are trying to uninstall or update it. Apart from the PC tuner application, this error has been seen on AVG’s other products also.

This error message usually arises due to corrupted software/file and OS compatibility issues. Other than this, the said error message also occurs if it is a free version of the product.

Solutions for the AVG Error Code 0xe001f90f


The error code 0xe001f90f message is a very common problem, especially for the AVG PC  Tuner user. But, all of its solutions are very easy to apply if the users follow the information correctly. Apart from that AVG also has some software remover tool which works flawlessly.

But, before applying the solution, first, reboot your system and try the uninstallation or updating process again. They might run this time. The reason behind it is that in most of the situations a clean is able to fix a lot of OS and software issue.

Now, if your AVG software still showing you the error message after the reboot, then you can start applying the solutions.

1. Use the Task Manager


If you are trying to install any AVG product and during that process, you are encountering this error code, then it might be possible that the software is still somewhere in your system. To find it you can take help from the Windows Task Manager.

To launch the Task Manager press the “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keys simultaneously. Now on the Task Manager window, you have to click o the Detail Tab. Inside that tab, you will get a list. That list contains the names of all the running process of your system. From that list, you need to find all the process related to AVG and then close them.

After that try the uninstallation procedure once more. This time it might start working.

2. Use Run As Administrator


Now, if this error code appears in your AVG software during the update or the uninstallation process, then you can use the Run As Administrator option. Because this error might be occuring due to the absence of ths Admin permission. But this is not a major cause and can be fixed with some manual tweaking.

To do that, first right click on the AVG program you want to open. Then, a pop-up menu will appear beside the name of that AVG  program. On that menu, you will get the Run As Administrator option. Click on it and try to do your desired function once more.

3. Use the AVG Remover tool


Another solution of this error code is provided the AVG itself and it is known as the AVG Remover tool. This tool usually used to remove AVG software from the user’s system and it works very well in this error code situation.

But to use it, you need to download it first and its available on the AVG’s official website.  After that, you need to install that it and during the installation process it will ask you open in Safe Mode. Click on the No option.

Now inside the AVG Remover tool, you just need to follow the instructions to begin the uninstallation  process.  After the process gets finished, you just need to restart your system.

Once has restarted, go to the drive where you have installed the AVG Remover tool. There you need to find and delete a folder which will be labeled as “ AVG Remover”.



In the free software market, AVG products are the most famous ones. Many users liked them and their functionality. Yes, it has some issues especially in the free versions but all of the issues can be solved by following some simple procedures. We hope our article is able to provide you with those solutions.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa