Lenovo Laptop Randomly Shuts Off – An Effective Guide To Resolve

Lenovo is one of the leading brands that has been successfully designing exclusive ranges of computers and laptops. Despite having certain advantages and features, Lenovo users often face some technical difficulties. One such problem is Lenovo laptop Randomly shuts off.  However, the error is not that difficult to solve.

However, this type of issue is entirely solvable although the problem is too much severe. So go through the article and proceed with the steps given below.


Lenovo Laptop Randomly Shuts Off- Effective Hacks  


Without taking much time let us proceed with the proven steps in order to eradicate Lenovo laptop shuts down randomly. Try out the process and resolve your laptop issue in no time.


Trending Solutions To Resolve When Lenovo Laptop Randomly Shuts Off

Fix #1: Test With Different Power Supply

If you cannot turn the laptop right back once it has shut down, then there may be some problem with the power supply. So, verify the source of the issue by trying a different power socket.


Fix #2: Turn Off Fast Startup


An abrupt shutdown may occur due to fast startup. Ensure that you turn it off if by any means if it is turned on. So in order to disable, follow the steps below:


  • Firstly, open up the Control Panel and click on the Power Options by viewing the Large icons. Now, select the function of the power buttons from the left panel.
  • After this click on the Change settings option that is currently unavailable. Navigate down and find the Shutdown settings. Click to uncheck it, if you find that the option Turn on fast startup is checked.  


Fix #3: Update The Motherboard Drivers

Having corrupt or faulty drivers also become a leading factor behind such errors. So, eventually, you can update the motherboard drivers and find out whether the process works. To update the drivers, you can opt for any of these two methods that are given below:

Updating The Motherboard Driver Manually: You can simply update the drivers manually by visiting the manufacturer website. Get an accurate driver that suits the device. Install the driver and restart the device in order to check whether the system works comfortably without any error.

Updating the Driver Motherboard Automatically: If you are not that much expert in resolving the issue by following the methods mentioned above, then do follow this one as your last resort. Once you select to download the drivers automatically, the complete process will be done by your system. You will not find any trouble in finding out the exact driver while downloading it.



Fix #4: Check Whether System Is Overheated

Abrupt shutdown of the Windows can occur due to various reasons. However, one basic reason is system overheating. According to the technical experts, the exact temperature lies between 45-50 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature should not be more than 60 degrees Celsius. Although, you can easily check the system temperature in BIOS. However, display of the information will not be given by every BIOS. In order to find the BIOS, you can search for the keywords “brand name +  enter bios” in case you are not sure on how to enter in BIOS. Lastly, we recommend you to follow the steps as per the manufacturer website.


You can try and perform the two things mentioned below if the temperature is too much and exceeds the maximum limit.

Clean The Computer

Your system may be overheated if there is too much dust present. So remove dust by simply cleaning the essential parts of the laptops, like fans and filters.

Check If Fans Are Running


Things can get even turn out worse if the temperature generally gets higher than usual if the fan  stops working. So, ensure that your fans are running by opening the case of the laptop. Replace the fans with a new one if the fans are broken.  


Fix # 5: Update BIOS


From the manufacturer’s website, you can easily download and install the new BIOS. However, there are certain complications that you are going to face while updating BIOS. In order to find the instructions just search for the “brand name + update bios.” Once you open the manufacturer website, you are going to get all the detailed steps.

Computer unbootable is one of the severe issues that you might face if BIOS is not updated properly. So, we hope now your queries are resolved regarding why Lenovo laptop shutting down for no reason.


Some Other Issues That You Must Keep In Mind


Hardware Failure

Resolving the problem by an individual is quite difficult in such a case. However, if your laptop is turning off for no reason, then your device needs a thorough check up. Ensure if there is any hardware failure. If so, then search for solutions to repair it.

Computer Virus

In almost every system, this has been one of the common problems that persist. For every computer or laptop, a virus acts as an Armageddon. Basically, it destroys your laptop. However, there is certain antivirus in the market that can save your device from such damages.

RAM Issue

Because of RAM crashing problems, most of the laptops either stops working or just turn off randomly. Basically, this type of issue may arise either due to corrupted RAM. Unplug your system, cool and clean it out in order to resolve the matter. Find whether the problem still exists by restarting the device.


Lack Of Maintenance

Proper servicing of your laptop is one of the important factors that must be taken care off as it greatly affects the performance of your device. So the most common problems that you are going to face are overheating, random shut down and slow processing. So to eradicate such errors, it has been mandatory to keep the laptops away from dust and dirt.



Final Words

Hopefully, the article was helpful to you in resolving the issue when  Lenovo laptop Randomly shuts off. Try out the steps as directed and you will surely find a solution for the issue you are facing. However, if you face any other problem or have any query, then do share your feedback without any hesitation.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa