Solve HP Printer Streaks When Printing From This Guide

HP printers have been the sheer winner in the printer’s world. Users usually prefer it for its durability and excellent performance. But sometimes HP printers start to show some difficulties that make problems for users as well. Users begin to encounter issues regarding HP printer streaks when printing. This particular issue can occur due to multiple reasons. This problem can happen in a printer that is using an improper cartridge. Primarily, hardware issue is liable for this error. If you are using an incompatible or corrupted driver, then you can also face this issue as well. In case if the printer itself has insufficient pages, then you also might face this error.

By any chance, if you are also facing the same issue then go through the entire article and do exactly the same as discussed below.

Incredible Ways To Fix HP Printer Streaks When Printing Problem

The possible reasons are stated above. If you know the proper reason behind the error then solving the glitch is quite easy for you.

Solution 1: Check Ink Levels

This is the primary step to solve HP printer streaks when printing easily. First, confirm that your HP printer is switched on and connected with your computer. Then, tap on the Start button and choose Control Panel. Then, select “Printer and Faxes” folder and double-click on it. Next, again right-click on the product and then choose Preferences. After that, tap on the Services icon, and then select Service this Device. You can notice that the Toolbox of the printer will open on the screen. Now, you have to select “Estimated Ink Level” option. You will see the color and black ink cartridge level on the screen. Now choose your preferred level and then check if the error gets resolved or still appears.

Solution 2: Check The Printer Settings

At first, click on File, and next tap on Print option. You can see that a new Print window will open on the screen. Choose the proper product and choose Preferences or Properties. Now, select the Printing Shortcuts option. Now, choose the options one by one.

Print quality: In case if the printing quality is not proper, then you need to increase the printing state. To print faster, try reducing the print quality.

Paper type: You need to choose the option Automatic to fix the issue.

Paper size: You must confirm that this option matches the required papers are loaded. For more options tap on the Advanced icon and next click on “Advanced Features.” Now set the amount of ink and check if the error gets resolved or still appears on the screen.

Solution 3: Resetting Your Printer

First of all, disconnect all the power links from the back side of the printer and also from the divider outlet. Ensure the printer is “On” by that time. Disconnect the various links alongside USBs from the printer. Now, press and hold the printer’s energy catch for 15 seconds. Make beyond any doubt the printer is legitimately associated with the divider outlet not to the surge defender.

Now, join the power links again to continue your printing procedure. Ensure that the printer is turned on without anyone else in the wake of adding the links.


Solution 4: Remove The Dust Particles

If you do not use your printer for a long time, the cartridge print head may dry up a considerable amount of ink. To unclog them, printers have an option of cleaning the print head in the printer’s menu to the printer software fixed on your computer.

If you want to unclog manually, then wipe the printed head. Turn on the printer and dislodge the cartridge. The location of the print head is different in every printer. You must ask its manual to know the correct situation. If you are able to find the location, then wipe it with a dust free cloth or with cotton swabs. To prevent this problem from repeating you have to print a page at least twice a week.

Solution 5: Run The Clean Print Cartridges Utility

If the above methods do not help you to solve your issue, then you can follow this step as well.

At first, be sure that the printer is switched on and correctly connected with the computer. After that, tap on Windows Start key and next tap on Control Panel. Now, select Printer and Faxes folder again by double-clicking on it. Then, right-click on Preferences. Now, click on the Services icon and tap on the icon “Service this Device”. You can see that a Printer toolbox will appear on the screen. Next, tap on and “Clean the Print Cartridges” and follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Hopefully, by the above methods, you will surely get rid of the error. By any chance, if you find any difficulties then share your glitches with us and give us the feedback also.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa