How to Select the Right WordPress Hosting Provider

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You want to create a website, and you’ve chosen WordPress as the platform to develop it. Now the next question that arises is which hosting provider should you choose.

Picking the right WordPress hosting provider might be a daunting task for beginners, but not to worry. This article will give you five tips to help you choose the right hosting provider for your website.

Let’s get started.

It Has The Features You Need

The various features a hosting provider has are essential when deciding which to choose. But it’s more important that they have the features that you need for your WordPress site. Choosing a hosting plan with plenty of features but only a handful of them useful to you is a waste of money.

Let’s take an example of a WordPress hosting provider with affordable WordPress hosting packages and the must-have features included. Hostinger has plenty of features that are useful for beginners.

Things like a free domain name for one year, included SSL security, a one-click WordPress installer, WordPress Accelerator as well as 24/7 customer support are all the things you’ll need to start a WordPress website quickly.

It Has The Right Cost/Performance Ratio

Because there are many options for finding the right WordPress hosting provider, we are given the privilege to compare them before picking. Since you already know the features you need, you can find the hosting provider that provides the best cost-to-performance ratio.

This means that you should essentially look for hosting providers that give outstanding performance for a competitive price or at least satisfactory performance for a reasonable price. The last thing you want is to overpay for a hosting plan because other providers have the same pricing scheme but with more outstanding features.

So I’d advise you to look at expert comparison and reviews regarding hosting providers and check the provider’s site for any ongoing promotions and discounts. Then, take a look at the next tips as your benchmarks in choosing the right provider.

The Company is Trustworthy

One of the issues when first selecting a WordPress hosting provider is to choose one that is trustworthy. You’ll want to ensure that whatever it is they’re providing is indeed what you’ll receive.

A trustworthy provider won’t have any hidden fees placed, and even if there are additional fees, they will mention them to you. You know what you’re buying, and you get precisely what they offer.

Luckily, nowadays, you can quickly look at online reviews and testimonials about various hosting providers. This can help narrow down your choices to see which one is trustworthy.

Make Sure The Hosting is Managed

When you’re choosing a WordPress hosting plan, you’ll be given two either managed or self-managed hosting options. As a beginner, you’ll want to opt for the managed version if you have the budget for it.

A managed WordPress hosting essentially means that your hosting provider will help to make the process of managing your site easier.

They’ll cover features like automatic backup, auto-updates, enhanced security, database clearing, and many more features made explicitly to optimize your WordPress site so it runs smoothly.

Pay attention when choosing your hosting plan because some may not have a managed option already included. If you don’t pick one with a managed option, you’ll have to pay additional fees to get it.

Compare the hosting options from various hosting providers and see which brings you the best optimization features for a great price.

It Has Great Customer Support

The right hosting provider should provide 24/7 customer support with no matter which hosting plan you decide to choose from them.

This is necessary because in cases where you have any questions or run into any issues, customer support can immediately step in and assist you.

The last thing you want is to have an extended downtime just because the customer support responds slowly to you. Ideally, they should be able to answers within minutes.

You should inspect customer reviews and testimonials, this time from the customer support perspective, and see whether the hosting provider has any negative feedback.


Now you know the five tips to help you select the right WordPress hosting provider for your site. Remember that you should always choose one that provides the best value for money and ensure that it has the features you need.

Good luck!

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa