How to Search High-Resolution Images on Google?

High-resolution images are typical images with 300 dpi resolution with a larger pixel dimension. Many users have faced a lot of hassle to search for high-resolution images on Google. 

In many cases, it has been seen that people are gathering images for some work purpose but feel that they have limited images. There are a lot of sources where you can get high-quality, free and no copyright images. 

High-resolution images can be required in many situations, like in-office purposes. It also might be possible that the image that looked good on the 1080p monitor might not be in the 4K monitor. Certain ways will help you with how to search high-resolution images on Google. Let’s get to know them:

Ways to Search for High-Resolution Images

Many users have been on the internet to search for high-resolution images or to search for ways to find one. It might be possible that you want a product but have no idea about it. Then, searching for the source is the only way out. 

Here, we will discuss some of the ways that will help you with how to search high-resolution images on Google. And, they are given below.

Large Images from Printer

Mainly, if we have any project or presentation we require high-resolution images. Browsers like Chrome or Explorer can be used to search for high-resolution images. There is an image option on the top right corner of the Google main page. 

You need to type the place’s name or the product whose image you want to search and get a high-resolution version. Right below the search bar, you will see a detailed menu with all options available. To get more options, select the More tab. 

Now, select the Large option to get only large images. After selecting the size, move the cursor over other images and select any particular photo to see the resolution. For high resolution, you required 300 pixels per inch. 

On Smartphones

Going with how to search high-resolution images on Google is much easier in smartphones. Just type the topic in the search bar and hit the Enter button. Now, click on the image tab for photos you want. There will be a horizontal bar under the Menu option. 

Other options are also there that you can explore. Just select HD to search for high-resolution photos. Finally, if you want, you can also download the images. 

Reverse Image Search

People are quite aware that Google is the place where you can search for high-resolution images. The unknown fact is that users can actually submit an image as a search term. This process is known as reverse image search. 

With the help of this search process, you can upload an image, copy and even paste an image URL and lots more. To begin with the process, you just have to click on the camera icon on the Google image search bar. 

Next, you will observe that Google has returned four types of search results. This result is similar to the one that you have searched for. The first image that appears has been identified to have copies of the same image but of different resolution. There will be All sizes option that will show you all versions of images with the high resolution being the first priority. 


Chrome and Firefox both have an extension called Imagus. Thus, Imagus will perform the reverse image search for any images. It might take a little longer with increased data speed, but it will be great in finding and displaying high-resolution images. 

The Imagus works differently; it uses a certain range for reverse image search engines. You won’t be able to find the images on Google Image; rather, you can find them on extensions. Just move the mouse onto the image with the help of Imagus. Finally, load the high-resolution image version. Now you know how to search high-resolution images on Google.

Advanced Search

To go ahead with this method, you have to first go to and use the Search option to perform this method. There must be an image size option. Select the one you want, keeping in mind the range, even the pixel. After following the steps, you will get the same images you want. 

Google Hi-Res Images from a Computer

With the help of a search engine, you can get to know how to search high-resolution images on Google. You can use any browser and browse the internet to start the process. Open the browser and type on the address bar. 

After that, type the term you are willing to search for high-resolution images. Finally, press the Enter button from the keyboard for confirmation. To see the results hit the Photos tab.


Above are some of the ways that will help you to search high-resolution images. The steps are quite simple, and you can easily follow the steps. Many users have already got the solution for how to search high-resolution images on Google through these easy to apply methods.