How to Retrieve Your Lost Files from an External Hard Disk Drive?

External HDDs provide you with some extra storage space for your files. Apart from that, you can also use them to back up the important data on your device. However, they’re as vulnerable as any other local storage device, after all. And that’s why data loss isn’t an uncommon occurrence in external hard drives.

Looking for ways to recover lost data from your hard drive? Then, you’ve come to the right place. You must try out the methods mentioned below to retrieve data from your external hard disk.

3 Ways You Can Recover Your External Drive Data

You can simply reach out to a competent data recovery Dubai for a quick solution. But, you need not do so in all cases after all. You might want to give the following methods a try first —

  • Recover them from the Recycle Bin

Have you accidentally deleted your important files? In that case, you can simply look for them in your device’s trash. Depending on the settings you’re using, deleted files can stay in the recycle bin for a month. You can recover them anytime you want to during this period unless you’ve cleared the trash. However, this method only works in cases of accidental deletion. 

  • Restore them from the Backup

Creating backups is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your data. Have you backed up your external drive? If yes, then you can simply restore the latest backup to get your files back. Cloud storage is the best option when it comes to backups. They provide enhanced protection to the files you store in them.

What if you hadn’t backed up certain files on your external drive? In that case, you can try using reliable data recovery software to retrieve them. 

  • Use a Recovery App to Retrieve Lost Files

You might not find your deleted files in your device’s trash. Apart from that, you might also not have backed up your latest data. In that case, you must use a recovery app for retrieving the data you lost. Also, it’s the only way you have left to recover your files in such cases.

Have you installed a recovery app on your computer? If yes, then you might want to get on with the task as soon as possible. After all, causing delay would reduce the chances of successful data recovery.

In case you haven’t installed a data recovery app, you must look for a reliable one. So, download the best one you can find and install it on your device. You’ll find many good options available out there.

Data recovery apps work in a very simple way. You must initiate a scan using them to find out lost data from the selected location. After that, depending on the app you’re using, you can preview the files. So, you can select the ones you want to recover and proceed.

Best Data Recovery Apps Worth Trying in 2021

Many prominent developers have launched data recovery apps with a wide range of features. You’ll surely find one that suits your requirements perfectly. Now, there are a vast number of options to choose from. So, it’s often a heavy task to compare and find out the best one among them. Consider the following recovery apps, as directed by data recovery Dubai experts, if you want to make that task a bit easier:

1. Disk Drill

This app is available on Windows and Mac devices. It does a great job of recovering files of hundreds of different formats. Also, it supports all the major file systems used in hard drives. Most importantly, this software has an impressive data recovery success rate. It’s a perfect choice for professional purposes.

Apart from that, it also has a very simple interface, making it beginner-friendly. In Windows systems, the free version allows you to recover only 500 MB of data at a time. You can get the paid version to increase this limit and access more advanced features. 

2. Recuva

Looking for a completely free data recovery app? In that case, no other option in that category is probably a match for Recuva. This software provides you with just the kind of performance that you’d want. It can find files that you lost a fairly long time ago and recover them successfully.

Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-use interface as well. You can recover as much data you might need to with this app. There’s also a low-priced paid version if you want more advanced features. 

3. R-Studio For Mac

Looking for a suitable app for professional data recovery purposes? Then, this is among the best ones that are available out there currently. Like all other options listed here, R-Studio comes with a free version as well. Apart from Mac, you can also run this app on a Linux system.

However, its interface is a bit too complex for beginners. Other than that, it performs great when it comes to recovering your lost data. It can also show you the chances you have of successfully recovering a certain file. But, it simply isn’t a suitable option for non-technical users. 

4. EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS is yet another prominent name when it comes to data recovery apps. It can provide you with a viable alternative to the other options in this list. You can install this software on Windows and Mac devices. Moreover, you can install it in over 20 languages, including English.

As for its performance, this app is quite reliable for the task of recovering your data. This app allows you to preview the lost files that it finds after a scan. However, it doesn’t let you recover files larger than 100 MB.

Hire a Data Recovery Technician

Usually, you can recover your lost data successfully with one of the aforementioned ways. Also, the recovery apps we’ve listed are among the most effective ones you can find right now. But, what if they fail to recover all your data? In that case, reach out to a professional data recovery Dubai immediately for a competent solution.