How To: Resolve Yahoo Mail Error Code 4 [Ultimate Guide]


Yahoo is a very common name in terms of search engine, email services and many more services. However, many of the users uncertainly get stuck with Yahoo Mail error code 4 in the middle of their important work. If this happens to you, then without moving far, proceed with the solutions stated in this article, which are very effective in solving error code 4 in Yahoo Mail.

This temporary error code occurs certainly as a pop-up window with this below message.

“There appears to be a problem loading the email

Try Again

Error Code 4”

Try this below solving methods which are very effective to solve this issue.

How To Solve Yahoo Mail Error Code 4?

This is an error which appears certainly while using Yahoo Mail, even after reloading the page several times. In such a situation, it is better not to get angry and try this below explaining steps immediately.

Solve 1: Disable Your Antivirus Software

Antivirus is better to keep your system protected from malware and online threats. But it is recommended by the experts to use a trustable antivirus only. If you are using a free trial or any fake antivirus software in your system then this can be a reason for this problem. Because many of such antivirus software blocks certain sites like Yahoo Mail to open. To check if your antivirus is the cause of this issue, disable it. The process of disabling an antivirus software may differ accordingly. But the most common way of doing this is as follows:

Go to the right below corner, and open the taskbar menu tray by clicking on the upward arrow symbol. Now, from here right-click on your antivirus icon and this opens a menu list. Select antivirus shields control/ disable containing option. On doing this, a new menu will open beside it. Without letting the shields control menu take the cursor to this new window. Here, you need to select the period for which you want to keep the antivirus software disabled. After doing this process, now open your browser to check if the Yahoo Mail error code 4 still persists. If it prevails, then try all these below-stated solutions until it gets solved.


By disabling the antivirus software if you are able to use your Yahoo Mail without an error then it is better to remove the antivirus software permanently. Hope the process of uninstalling an antivirus software is familiar to you. If not, then follow this below instruction. Otherwise go to the next solving process.

Process Of Uninstalling An Antivirus Software

To uninstall an antivirus software open the Control Panel window. To do this tap the Windows button and type control on this activating search bar. After that, press the Enter key, this will open the Control Panel window. Now, it is better to select the View By into Category. After that, find the Programs section from the available options and hit on it. Next click on Programs and Features. On doing this, all the installed programs list will appear in front of your screen. Next, get the antivirus software from this installed programs list and right click on it and then tap on Uninstall. This is the total process to perform to uninstall any software including the antivirus from your system.

Solve 2: Clear The Browser’s Cache Files

Most of the time it is seen that an accumulation of a huge number of unnecessary cache files can result into this kind of a problem. Gathering of cache files not only slow down the system performance but also result in an abnormal functioning of a browser. So, if the antivirus is not the reason which resists the Yahoo Mail to function normally then the browser’s cache files can be the other suspect causing this error code 4 yahoo mail Then it is better to clear the cache files from the present browser. After clearing the cache files, you may get relief from this error and use your mail account without any problem.

The general way of clearing the cache files is very simple for many browsers which are as follows. When your browser is running then tap both the Ctrl and the letter H key at the same time in this condition. On doing this, you will get the history tab of your browser. From here you can be able to clear your browser history along with the cache files. After doing this process close your browser. Next, reopen it and try to open your Yahoo Mail account. Hope, you will not face any trouble to use mail this time after clearing the browsers cache file.

All these are proven methods to solve Yahoo Mail error code 4. Try these solutions on your own. Hope you will not get any issue in understanding the above explaining processes of solving error code 4.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa