Unmatched Solutions To Resolve When iOS Update Stuck

In this technologically advanced era, iOS is the most favorable Operating System among users. All new iOS versions have been updated to its latest features and improvements. Upgrade your iPhone or iPad to the latest version to enjoy the amazing features. However, sometimes unexpected situations may occur on the iPhone during an upgrade or installation, such as iOS update stuck or frozen.

Sometimes this issue appears due to the server problem or network connection problem as well. Moreover, if you install the beta version of iOS, then you may face this issue. These are the most common causes behind the occurrence of this issue. But fortunately, we are here to guide you in a smart way to resolve the iOS Update Stuck issue as early as possible. So that, you can access your system smoothly.

iOS Update Frozen: Awesome procedures you should find helpful


We have discussed some different procedures to resolve the iOS update frozen issue on your system. Check out the procedures mentioned below:


Procedure 1 – By using the iTunes


By using iTunes, you can fix the issue on your iPhone. In general, you can easily fix it using iTunes if you restore your phone to its factory state.

  • At first, you need to connect the iPhone with the PC and wait for sometime to open the iTunes. If it does not open automatically, then manually you can open it by double-clicking the shortcut icon.
  • Then you have to click on the device and choose Summary and click on it.
  • In the Summary section, select Restore iPhone to restore the files.
  • Once the restore process is done, restart your iPhone and it allows to set up the iPhone from the scratch.

Procedure 2 –  Reset the Device

Sometimes, resetting the device can fix this issue on your iPhone system.

  • Firstly, you have to press and hold together the Sleep and Home button.
  • Next, you can hold both the buttons until you see the Apple logo.
  • Let go the buttons.

Once your device is rebooted and then check if the problem still persists.

Procedure 3 – Restart the iPhone


This is another procedure that you should try. Restart the iPhone if it can fix the issue. Check the below section:

  • At first, you need to press and hold the Sleep or Wake button. Then wait for sometime to turn off the device completely.
  • When it is completely turned off, you have to turn on again and then check whether the iPhone works fine without any issue.

Procedure 4 – Check the internet connectivity


Sometimes due to a poor internet connection, you might suffer from this issue. iOS need high-speed somewhat like 500 kbps. It is necessary that you have a strong internet connection. If it is not then we will advise to change your service provider and switch to another one that will offer you reliable speed.


Procedure 5 – Reset the network settings


If you suspect that the issue is caused by an error in the iPhone network settings, you can reset the iPhone network settings. However, this will remove the current network configuration, including your wireless network and password as well as other network server settings.

  • You have to go to the Settings application.
  • In the Settings window, tap on the General and then tap on the Reset.
  • Select the Reset Network Settings. This way it will delete all the saved Wifi profile.
  • Then type the password and tap on the Confirm to change the settings.
  • After doing this restart your iPhone and then check whether the problem is fixed.

Procedure 6 – Delete the iOS Beta version profile


This is another easier procedure to fix this issue on your iPhone system. In order to delete the beta profile, follow the below tips:

  • At first, you need to tap on the Settings application.
  • When the Settings application opens, tap on the General.
  • In the General section, scroll down below until you find the Profiles & Device Management option. Once you have found it, then click on the Profiles & Device Management button.
  • Within the Profiles & Device Management page, tap on the beta version and remove the profile.
  • After doing this, restart your iPhone and then again go to the Settings application.
  • Then go to the General section.
  • When the section opens, click on the Software Update menu. If the update is available, then click on the Update button. Once the update process is done, install it.

Final Words


The above information is sufficient to resolve the iOS Update Stuck issue on your iPhone. Check the above procedures and do this on your iPhone. Hope, you will be relieved from all your worries.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa