How to Resolve the Twitch Stuttering Issue?

Twitch is a well-renowned streaming platform, particularly among gamers. The main motto of Twitch is for entertainment purposes which particularly focuses on video game live streaming. 

But, some users are complaining that they cannot use the Twitch app properly. It keeps stuttering and can be very annoying and frustrating at times. But, you don’t have to worry as we have come up with a few fixes that will help you out for Twitch Stuttering issue. 

Read the information given below.

Fixes of Twitch Stuttering Issue

Now, we will discuss a few ways that will help you solve the Twitch stuttering issues. In case when you are experiencing stuttering, like watching games etc., follow the fixes given below. Just find the one fix that solved your problem: 

1. Change the Browser

This is one of the simplest and most recommended ones. You just have to change the browser that you are using. Now, observe after changing the browser the Twitch is stuttering or not. If it does not stutter, you know the browser was at fault, but if it is, switch to the other fixes.

2. Go through the Internet Connection

If your internet does not provide a stable connection, then your Twitch might show a stuttering issue. It is very important to have proper and reliable connectivity. 

Below we have discussed some of the points you need to check on your internet.

Internet Speed

Twitch can be affected if you have a low internet speed, which can cause stuttering and lagging. There are many tools available online that you can take help from. Elsewhere you can also contact your internet provider if the speed is very low.

Power Cycle

You can also power cycle your router and modem. It is quite a simple task. You just have to simply unplug the power cables from both devices. You need to rest the device for at least 30 seconds. Now, replug the cables back to their position. After your internet connection is stable, check if the Twitch is still stuttering or not.

Disconnect Unused Devices

Make sure that you are not overcrowding your WiFi with multiple devices. This might cause poor connectivity, thus giving rise to stuttering or lagging issues. You need to disconnect the unused one, or even you can just simply turn off the WiFi on the devices you don’t need at the moment. Often a wired connection is more reliable and faster, so you can go for a wired connection. 

3. Repairing the System Files

To your information, reimage is a repair software that helps in solving computer freezing issues. It won’t be fixing Twitch directly but rather refresh all the windows files, and also, this won’t affect your data. 

If Twitch uses a broken system file, then reimage will repair the system files and solve the Twitch stuttering issue. Follow the steps, and it will guide you:

  • First, you have to download the reimage and then run the software. It will deep scan your system at the very beginning, and it might take a while. 
  • After completing the scan, if it detects corrupted files, then hit the Start Repair button to fix the issue.

4. Modify your Browser’s Settings

This is one of the effective fixes, and many users have benefited. You just have to modify the browser’s settings. The important points are given below that will guide you. 

Clear Cache from the Browser

First, you have to go to Settings and look for the Clear Browsing Data option. Click on the option, and you will get rid of all the history, cookies and caches. After that, reopen the browser and check if Twitch is stuttering or not. To reach the clear browsing data in most browsers, you just have to tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete. 

Disable the Browser Extension

You can disable extensions to make sure that Twitch is not stuttering anymore. Disable the extension one by one and go test if the issue has been solved or not. It might be possible that one such extension is causing all the problems. You can also turn off Chrome’s hardware acceleration to get the result.

5. Use of VPN

If you face the Twitching stuttering issue, you can use the VPN. If your web server is overcrowded, use the VPN to get rid of internet malfunctioning. This option is quite available in the market and out of it, you can find the suitable one. It will increase the speed and establish more security. If you observe that the issue is still there, then look for another VPN service. 

6. Check for Antivirus

It might be possible that you are using an antivirus tool, and Twitch got blocked by it. You can solve the stuttering by uninstalling or turning off the antivirus software. After the process, test if the issue has been solved or not. You can also use an alternate antivirus that is compatible with Twitch. 

7. Configure DNS Settings

In case you are using the ISP default DNS server, you might face a cache that causes the Twitch stuttering issue. There are two ways to use it – One is the Flush Your DNS, and the other is the Switch To A Public DNS Server. 

We will be discussing both ways separately – 

Flush your DNS

This will help you to clear the DNS cache, and the steps are given below:

  • First, you need to press the Window+R key together. This will display the Run dialog box.
  • Now, in the given space, type ‘cmd’ and press the Shift+Enter key together. It will ask for permission, and for that, you need to hit the Yes button. 
  • After that, copy the ‘ipconfog/flushdns’ and paste it into the window. Now, hit the enter button. You will see that the cache has been cleared. 

Switch to a public DNS server

To test the issue, you can use a public DNS server. The steps are given below:

  • You need to click on the Network icon on the Taskbar and the Open Network & Internet Settings option.
  • Now, click on the Change Adapter option. After that, right-click on the network you are using and click on the Properties option. 
  • Then, click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on the Properties option again. 
  • You need to select the use of the following DNS server address and fill in all the given details, followed by hitting the Ok option.


So, these are the steps that you can follow when Twitch stuttering. Many users have fixed the problem with the help of the above steps. The steps are quite easy and doable, and you won’t face any problem performing them.