How To Resolve The Epson Printer Paper Jams Issue

Epson printer is one of the favorable printers among the users. These printers come with a range of exciting features. However, no device is free from technical glitches and Epson Printers are no exception to that. The Epson Printer paper jams are one of the most common issues. However, if you don’t know how to manage Epson Printer paper jams. In this article, you will get some effective solutions to deal with this issue.

Various Causes Of This Issue

There are different reasons for the Epson printer paper jams error. Most of the time, this error occurs that due to overloading of papers in the printer. Sometimes, incorrect type of paper can cause this issue as well. If you are using low-quality paper, then you can also see this error in your Epson printer.

Some Effective Solutions To Fix The Epson Printer Error Paper Jams

To fix the paper jams, try out the solutions given below. Follow the steps and resolve the issue effectively.   

Solution 1 – Locate And Remove Any Paper Stuck In The Loading Tray

This is the most easier solution to fix this error.

  • At first, remove the loose paper from the loading tray.
  • Next, press the Resume button on your Epson printer.
  • After doing that, you need to remove papers that are stuck in your device.

Once you are done, restart your printer and check if it’s working properly worked.

Solution 2 – Remove The Jammed Paper From The Automatic Document Feeder

This is another solution to fix this issue in your printer. Go through the following steps:

  • In the beginning, remove the stack of paper from the Automatic Document Feeder.
  • You must open the Automatic Document Feeder cover before remove the jammed paper.
  • Then, remove the jammed paper properly.
  • Once you are done, close the Automatic Document Feeder cover.

Now, restart your printer and check whether the issue is still there or not.

Solution 3 – Remove The Jammed Paper From Rear Access Panel Of The Epson Printer

If the above two solutions fails to resolve the issue, you can try this method to fix the problem.

  • First, find the knob or access tab on the back of the printer. If you see it is a knob, then expand it to the Unlocked position.
  • Next, remove the printer’s panel and carefully take out the jammed papers.
  • Clear the remaining small bits of papers as well.
  • Secure and replace the front panel.

Solution 4 – Remove The Two-Sided Printing Accessory To Clear The Paper Jam

There is another solution to resolve the issue of the Epson printer.

  • Firstly, press both the RELEASE buttons.
  • Next, remove the printer’s panel and carefully take out the jammed paper. Also, clear the remaining small bits of papers from your device.
  • Snap it and push the module back on.
  • Then, press the button on the top of the module and open it.
  • Carefully, take out the jammed paper as well as the remaining small bits of paper
  • Close the module door.

Solution 5 – Update The Printer Driver

Sometimes, this error occurs due to using the old version of the Printer Driver. First, check whether the Printer Driver is updated or not. If there is any latest version available, then update the Printer Driver from the manufacturer’s official website. Scroll down untill you find the appropriate Printer Driver for your device. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure. After updating the driver, restart your printer and check if its working fine.

Solution 6 – By Using The Front Cover To Remove the Jam Paper

This is another fix which you can try. If you are unable to remove the jammed paper from the Epson Printer, you can use the front cover to remove it.

  • First, you have to switch off the printer and cut off the power supply as well.
  • Now, remove the carriages.
  • Next, clean the ink cartridge.
  • Take off the stuck paper and do not touch the drawer.
  • You have to take off the two-side module or rear access and clean the jammed paper.
  • Restart your Epson printer and check the problem is fixed or not.  

Hopefully, the above solutions are sufficient to resolve the Epson Printer paper jam issue. Follow the steps and try them out. In case you face any problem or you have any queries, drop a comment. We will get back to you.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa