Amazing Solutions To Resolve Mac Error Code -8084

If you are a Mac user, then you might often encounter the Mac error code -8084. It primarily occurs when you try to copy files. If any of the files that you are copying is corrupt, you are likely to face this issue. Or if the files are too large, you may face difficulties to copy them. Therefore, splitting them into several parts might help you to get the error resolved. If you are encountering the same error code, do not worry. Go through the article to know the easy yet effective steps to remove the glitch immediately without any trouble.


Practical Methods To Remove Mac Error Code 8084


If you are encountering the same error and do not know the ways to fix the glitch, go through the following procedures given below:


Solution 1: Copy Files Using Terminal


Instead of trying to copy the files manually, you can use the Terminal option. To do so, go through the following steps:


  1. First, open Finder and then click on the Go option.
  2. When the window opens, choose the Utilities and then Terminal window.
  3. However, you can also click on the Shift + Command and U to open the terminal window.
  4. In the empty field, you need to enter the diskutill list command.
  5. Now, press on the Return option and to complete the process, follow the instructions that appear on your computer screen.

Solution 2: Check Partition Map

To resolve the Mac error code -8084 you can also check the partition map. Go through the following steps:

1. First, reboot your Mac device with the Recover disk.
2. Now, open the Disk Utility. Also, you need to verify and repair the SSD.
3. The results will then appear on your computer screen.
4. You need to check the Drive Permission and other Settings.
5. Finally, you need to check the Partition Map and see if you get rid of the error code.


Solution 3: Change Power Settings


Alternatively, you can also resolve the issue by checking the Power plan and the Power Adapter Setting as well. You can enable the automatic sleep for your hard disk drive when it is idle. You will find these settings in the Energy saver options. The easy steps are given below, follow them:

  1. Before choosing any other option, you need to select the System Preferences option and then on the Energy Saver option.
    2. When the window opens on your computer screen, you need to check the “Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible” box.
    3. Click on the Ok option and then check if the error that you were encountering persists.

Solution 4: Unlock The File

The file which you are not being able to copy must be first unlocked. You need to use the Terminal program to unlock the file and fix the issue.


  1. First, click on Applications and then on Utilities.
  2. Now, click on Terminal and in the empty box, type the sudo chflags –R nouchg command.
  3. You need to drag the parent folder which you want to unlock.
  4. Now, press on the Return option.
  5. When Mac prompts your password, you need to enter it and then press the Return option again.


Hopefully, the methods that are mentioned above will help you to fix the Mac error code 8084.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa