Best Methods To Resolve Lenovo Default Boot Device Missing Error

Lenovo is one of the best laptop manufacturers among other brands. However, it is good until you are getting an issue like Lenovo default boot device missing. This error occurs all of a sudden. Most of the time, users face this this error during playing an online game. Due to this error code not only the game stops in the middle but also it creates a problem while turning on the device. When you are going to turn on the laptop, you will get a message on the screen as “Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed”. If this is the case then you need to resolve it as soon as possible to make your Lenovo laptop active.

What Is Lenovo Boot Device Manager?

Lenovo Boot Device Manager is like a software which is a read-only programming file. That means you are not able to visit it on your system, though it performs its task as usual. If there is an issue with this file then this may result into Lenovo default boot device missing problem. If you are stuck with this, then nothing to worry. From this article, you will get all the possible remedies for this issue.

Causes Of Lenovo Boot Manager Failed Issue

Though there is no specific reason for this error, however, after a thorough research, the experts have detailed the reasons for this problem.

  • BIOS Settings are incorrect
  • Master Boot Recorder (MBR) gets corrupted
  • Boot Sequence/ Order is not correct
  • Hard Drive failure

Malware and the improper shutdown can also be the cause behind Lenovo default boot device missing error. Whatever be the reason of this problem, the solution is most important in order to get back your laptop in a workable condition. So without wasting much time, let us learn the solvable method of this Lenovo default boot device.

How To Fix Lenovo Default Boot Device Missing Error?

If your Lenovo device is stuck in default boot device missing error then without worrying try this below solving methods. This method is so simple that you can perform it on your own.

To begin this process at first, turn on your laptop and then enter into the BIOS setup. The ways of getting into the BIOS is unique for different OS which are as follows:

To Enter BIOS Using Function Key

In the case of Windows 7, you need to press any of the F1 or F2 function key 5 to 10 times. You need to do this immediately after pressing the power on button. For the Windows 8 and the updated versions the process will be nearly similar but a little different.

In the case of Windows 8 and the updated version, you need to restart your device. As the Lenovo logo appears on the screen, immediately you need to press the F2 button from your keyboard.

To Enter BIOS Using System Settings

For performing this your system needs to be turned on. If your system is already turned on then continue this below process to get into the BIOS setup window on your Lenovo device.

To do this process at first go to the Settings of your device. For doing this right click on the Windows Start button and then from the available options you need to click on Settings. This aforesaid process is only applicable to the Windows 10 OS. But if you are using different versions of OS then you can simply press the Windows key to activate the Search bar. After that on this search bar simply type Settings and click on the Enter button. On doing this the Settings window will open.

For Windows 10 OS

Now from the Settings window option, click on the Update & Security. After that, from the left-hand panel list click on Recovery. Then click on Restart now from this right panel under the Advanced startup section. By doing this “Choose an option” screen will open, from here click on Troubleshoot.

Further, from this Troubleshoot menu select on the Advanced options and then on UEFI Firmware Settings. Now, from here click on Restart. By following the above-said instructions you will get into the BIOS setup utility interface.

For The Below Versions Of Windows

After getting into the Settings window by following the above explaining instructions, click on the Change PC Settings option and then on Update and Recovery. After that, under this Update and recovery option, click on Recovery> Restart now. On doing this, this will navigate you to the “Choose an options” window, from here click on Troubleshoot.

Further, from this Troubleshoot screen, tap on the Advanced options and then on UEFI Firmware. After that, click on Restart. By doing this, it will navigate you to the BIOS setup utility interface.

From this BIOS setup utility window tap on the Boot tab from the upper menu panel. Next, you need to take your mouse cursor to the Boot Mode. After that press Enter and exchange UEFI to Legacy Support. As this process gets completed then click on Exit and close all the windows. Finally, restart your computer. By doing this you can resolve this problem on your own.

Hope this article, will help you a lot in solving Lenovo default boot device error. Study this article in detail to learn the complete steps.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa