How To Resolve HP Printer Supply Memory Error

HP printers are one of the most trusted brands in the world. It is so much popular for the high-level printing quality that it provides. Moreover, it has advanced level printing technology, compact designs, and compatible features. Frequently, users encounter some issues with this printer. Sometimes, you may encounter a specific issue with your HP Printer.  One such critical problem of this printer is ‘HP Printer Supply Memory Error’. However, coming up and trying to solve your printer related problem by following all steps these all are very useful at times. So, read this article very carefully. Proceed with the steps listed below and resolve the problem in no time.


Causes Behind HP Printer Supply Memory Error


There are 5 common and straightforward things that can reason this HP printer error issue out, are given below. These will become easily identifiable and can be removed without a hassle:


  • Packing materials, protective strips or paper jammed that haven’t been removed. 
  • Problems of the print cartridge. 
  • Damaging plastic pieces. 
  • Huddle metal contacts of the toner. 
  • Outdated printer firmware/software. 

Whatever the cause might be, you can easily resolve the issue by using some easy techniques.


Some Brilliant Fixes Of The HP Printers Supply Memory Error


There are 5 fixes that can relieve the issue of HP Printers Supply Memory Error. Do follow these fixes:


Protective Strips And Jammed Paper Or No Packing Materials


When you install a new toner cartridge in your HP printer, there are orange plastic clips and protective stripe that are indicating the cartridge is good isn’t damaged until being transported. Each of these strip & clips across the drum must be displaced it before installing the new toner. In a different way, they will stop your printer from printing.

These cartridge clips are easy to stick or spot out like a thumb sore. The strip is situated on one side of the printer print cartridge. Here, you can see an orange ring that must be pulled out to removed from the printer.


Change The Print Cartridge


If your print cartridge is an original HP print cartridge, then it must be under faculty.


Check That You Have A Original HP Print Cartridge


Purchase cartridge from HP store or other supplies or local retailers.


Change The Cartridge


If you are not using an original HP print cartridge if the cartridge is damaged or empty follow these listed steps how to change the cartridge.


  1. Firstly open your printer’s printhead or cartridge door. 
  2. Remove the old printhead or print cartridge. 
  3. Unboxing the new cartridge and fix it well in your printer, old one put in the box for recycling. 

Change the Damaging Plastic Parts


If a printhead or print cartridge has been broken alone one of the sides so you make sure that the plastic parts have damaged already then it not nicely fixed inside the printer. It is one of the causes behind supplies memory issue. An only easy way to fix this issue change the printhead or toner cartridge with a new toner cartridge.


Fix Huddle Metal Contacts


When you are about to install a toner printhead or print cartridge in your printer to be able to show in the cartridge has 2 small metal contacts. When the metal contact isn’t touching with your printer’s circuit then you make sure that your print cartridge isn’t installed correctly.

Remove your printhead and find something that becomes like two small metal square or microchip. Now, find the exact resembling connectors inside your device.

If the metal squares seem huddled back, slowly pull them forwards. This should agree them to properly connect to the print cartridge once you install it repeatedly.

It also happens to paper jammed or packing materials. So, check your device from the inside that it is clear or not before installing a new printhead or cartridge toner.


Outdated Printer Software/Firmware


Your printer produce will gradually update your printer with the latest software or firmware. If this firmware is outdated for any cause then you might get an error message. Go to the Google and type in the search box ‘[your printer model] firmware’ and download the new version for your device. If new software can fix your printer’s supply memory error problems. You can look for the new version of firmware updates on the HP official website.

One of the most critical cause for the supply memory error can be the reason when you install a remanufactured printhead or print cartridge and the toner microchip is outdated.

For fixing the issue of HP printer supply memory error the only easiest way to change your cartridge with a new one is to get the store or company remain from you purchased it.


Further Assistance


Get in touch with us to resolve your printer related issue. We hope this article will help you to fix the HP printer supply memory error. Hence, read this article carefully and follow all these above steps. All of them are very important, so don’t ignore any of them. If one step is not working, then try another one.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa