Effective Methods To Resolve HP Printer Stuck On Deleting Error

HP is a renowned printer manufacturer widely preferred for its unique specifications. There are varieties of HP printing machines with different ranges available for both online and offline store. If you are facing HP printer stuck on deleting issue then without worrying you can try this below fixes. In this article, we have provided complete guidelines by applying which you can be able to resolve this issue on your own.


Methods For Resolving HP Printer Stuck On Deleting Glitch

At the time of printing documents if you want to make some changes in the middle of this process, then you may face HP printer stuck on deleting error There are other different causes as well for which this error occurs. Whatever be the reason you need to fix it sooner to run the printer. Below are some workable methods to fix this HP printer stuck on deleting error.


Method 1: Manually Restart The Printing Jobs

This is the most effective method of resolving the deleting error. Read the below instructions to learn the process.


Turn Off The Printer Device

Your system stops to print further due to this problem. So at first, you need to shut down your device. To do this, hold the printer power button for a few minutes. After that remove the printer power cords. Next, you need to save the document as after applying this method the current print job will get cancelled. After ending this aforesaid task, continue with these below instructions.


Stop The Printer Spooler

To start this process at first open the Run command box by using both the Windows key and the letter R at the same time. Then on the Run bar type “services.msc” and hit on OK to open the Services window. Now scroll down the right slider of this Services window to reach the Printer Spooler option. After locating the Printer Spooler on this services window right click on it. Next select on Stop from this floating menu window. After completing this whole process then close the window.


Remove The Printers Folder

Further, from the Desktop Screen click on Computer or This PC. Next, from here navigate to the system drive(C: Drive). From here locate the printer folder and right click on it. Now select on Delete from this opening menu list.


Restart The Printer Machine

By completing this above process then, restart your computer. During this process be sure that the power code of the printer is still in unplugged condition. Then after completing this process connect the power plug back to the wall socket. Now try to restart the printing process, if it works, then fine otherwise check the next methods to fix this HP printer stuck on deleting issue.


Method 2: Remove And Reinstall The HP Printer Driver

If the driver of the printer gets corrupted due to some unknown issue, then it may result in this HP printer stuck on deleting error. If this error is the result of this issue, then the solution steps are as below.


Open Control Panel

The initial step of this process is to disconnect the printer from your computer by detaching the USB cable. Then hit on the four flag symbol Windows button to open the Windows search bar. After that, on this search bar, type Control and press the Enter button to get the Control Panel window.


Remove Printer Device

After entering the Control Panel window verify that the Category option is selected into the View By section. If not, then change View by into Category by dropping down the menu arrow. After that from the available menu select on Hardware and Sound and then on Devices and Printers, which is most probably the top option. Next, locate your printer from the ‘Printers’ section and right click on that. Now from this available menu list select on Remove device. Then this will open a confirmation window, and you need to allow it to complete the deletion process. After deleting the Printer software then restart your device to continue the Installation process.

A high-speed internet connection is recommended to start the printer software downloading process. An unstable internet connection can affect the downloading process.


Download Printer Software

To begin this process at first open a browser from your system. By using this browser go to the manufacturer’s official website to get the printer software. To download the printer software, you need not to connect the printer device to your computer until it asks you to do. After reaching to the HP printers website, you need to fill some details on the first page. The details include your printer model number and the OS. After entering these details in the below section of this window, it will show you the compatible Printer Software. Then select on the Printer Software and hit on this below Download box to download.


Install Printer Software

As the Printer software downloading process gets over then navigate to the location where it gets saved. You can navigate to this download location by using the Windows search bar. For this, you need to type your downloading file name on the Windows search bar. But this time without pressing the enter button right click on it. Then from this floating menu window select on the ‘Open File Location’ option. In doing this, it will route you to the location point and then you need to open the folder. After that click on the Setup menu and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. As the Printer Software get installed, now, you will be free from this HP printer stuck on deleting issue.

These are the useful methods by following which you will be able to fix this HP printer stuck on deleting error on your own. Before visiting a technician, you may try these above useful and easy methods to fix this solvable problem.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa