Chrome Crashing Windows 10: The Easiest Ways To Deal With The Issue

It’s really frustrating when Google Chrome keeps crashing when you are unable to open Chrome on a specific website or cause Chrome to crash. For this reason, you may want to switch to another browser. But don’t do this as in this article will help you to fix Chrome crashing Windows 10 issue and find out how to restore your browser to a stable state. Before that look at the reasons behind why this issue troubles you.

What Causes Google Chrome Crash?

According to many users, the Chrome crash error most probably occur in the 64-bit version, especially in version 10 of Windows. Besides that, Chrome works well in the 32-bit version. In short, if you run 64-bit version of Google Chrome on your computer then you have to deal with this issue.

Now the question that occurs is why this issue occurs? Well, Google Chrome uses a special technology that is called Sandbox, that Isolated browser process to reduce browser vulnerabilities, that reduce the chance of malicious code entering your computer. You can quickly fix this issue on your own.

Steps You Can Try To Resolve The Google Chrome Crashing Windows 10

You should try the below steps to get rid out of this issue.

Method 1- Disable The Sandbox

Sometimes the Google Chrome issue may occur due to the Sandbox. This will prevent Chrome from being used by multiple versions of Windows 10 for internal users. Therefore, to use Google Chrome, you must disable the Sandbox.

To turn off the Sandbox technology on your Google Chrome, you should follow the below steps:

  • Right-click on the shortcut on your Chrome browser desktop and after that open Properties.
  • At the beginning, go to the Shortcut tab and click on the Target field. Write a space at the end of the target path. Then type  the following and hit the Enter button: -ne-sandbox
  • Click on  ‘OK’ and launch Google Chrome using this shortcut.

This will restore the functionality of Chrome in Windows 10 Operating System. But this procedure also brings some risk along with it. If you disable the sand in the Google Chrome browser it becomes useless. Also, it opens a door for the virus to attack your computer.

If you don’t want to compromise anything with your security system, then you should avoid this procedure. Simply install a 32-bit Google Chrome on your PC and operate it without any trouble, until the Microsoft has come up with a new solution.

If you are still dealing with this Chrome crashing issue, then you recommended you to go to the next solution.Look below.

Method 2- Disable The Extension

If the above steps do not solve your problem then try to disable all the Extensions. For doing this firstly, you should go to the Menu option. From there you need to visit on the More Tools page. In the More Tools windows, you have to search for the Extensions options. Once you find it then select the Extensions apps one by one and after that disable them. Then exit from the Extensions tab and see if the problem is solved or not.

If the Google Chrome issue still troubles you, then go to the next method.

Method 3- Scan For Virus

Occasionally, Google Chrome Crashes Windows 10 issue may be caused because of malware. For this reason if your Chrome browser creates trouble for you, then simply scan your computer. If any virus or corrupt files is detected then your anti-virus will automatically delete it. Sometimes it will send you a notification and you shall remove or delete that file immediately.

After that, restart your computer and see whether Google Chrome starts normally or not.

Method 4- Disable The Hardware Acceleration

When the Hardware Acceleration is enabled, you can operate the Google Chrome smoothly. But sometimes this Hardware Acceleration might be the reason for this trouble. So in case, the crashing issue sill trouble you, then we will strongly recommend you to disable the Hardware Acceleration. For disabling it firstly, go to the Menu button after that click on the Settings options. In the Settings, options scroll down below and select Advanced options. After that click on the disable Use hardware acceleration where available.

Method 5- Try For Another Browser

If the Chrome crashing error still persists you then this the last method that you should try. In case none of the above solutions work then it is better to try for the other web browsers. If you don’t know how much time will it take to resolve the Google Chrome issue, so the best alternative for you is to switch to another web browser that provides more features and fewer troubles than the Google Chrome.

We believe that if you read this article thoroughly, there should not be any doubt on your mind about the Chrome Crashing Windows 10 issue and its troubleshooting process.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa