Avast Error 1067: A Full Guide To Solve It

Avast Antivirus is a renowned name in the world of antivirus that is developed by Avast for Android, iOS, macOS and Microsoft Windows. It includes both the proprietary and the free versions. And it provides services including antivirus software, browser security, computer security, firewall, anti-phishing, and anti-spam services. But, there is nothing flawless in this world as we all know. Avast Antivirus users also face some errors, among those Avast error 1067 is the most annoying one. If you are also in such a problem and facing the same error, then leave it to us and stop worrying. As in this article, we are going to provide you with a complete solution to this problem. To resolve the issue in minutes go through the article carefully.

Signs of the Error 1067

  • Whenever you will run the same program, your device can crash with the Error 1067.
  • The error comes and frequently crashes the active program windows.
  • On the screen of your PC, ‘Avast Antivirus Service Error 1067’ will be displayed.
  • Windows will deny responding quickly to keyboard or mouse input and run sluggishly.
  • Your computer may face some freezes for some moments at a time.

This error message can show itself to your PC during program installations.

At the time of the installation of the Windows Operating System, the message also can appear.

Causes of this annoying error: Avast error 1067

  • An incomplete installation and corrupt download of this Antivirus can cause such an error.
  • Because of some recent software change related to Avast Antivirus can cause the Windows registry to be corrupted. And this can be the reason behind the problem.
  • Malware or virus infected Avast Antivirus program files or Windows system files.

Methods to Fix the Problem

As the error can be caused by various reasons, it is necessary to fix all the possible causes to resolve the issue. Here we have stated some steps to fix it. So, go step by step and keep patience to avoid the hassles:

Step 1:

First of all, to solve this problem, you have to repair your registry entries associated with error 1067. But, before doing so make sure that you are an advanced PC user. If you are a novice, then we won’t recommend you to do it manually, as a single wrong step can harm your PC hard. If you are sure that you can do it without any problem and can finish it properly, then let’s start:

You have to create a backup by exporting a portion of the registry regarding Error 1067 to repair your Windows registry manually. To do so follow the next steps:

  1. Hit the Start button and in the Search box type ‘command’.
  2. Now after pressing Ctrl+Shift keys at the same time, press the Enter key.
  3. Here, a permission dialog box will appear before you.
  4. After that, you need to select the ‘Yes’ option.
  5. Next, there you can see a black box with a blinking cursor.
  6. In that black box, type the command ‘regedit’ and then, press the Enter key.
  7. Here, you will find the Registry Editor. There select the key related to Error 1067 that you want to back up.
  8. There, you will get the File menu. From the menu, you have to select Export.
  9. And now, select the folder in which you would like to save the Avast Antivirus backup key in the ‘Save In’ list.
  10. As you have to write a name for your backup file in the ‘File Name’ box, type a name like ‘Avast Antivirus Backup’ or so.
  11. Select the ‘Selected branch’ In the ‘Export Range’ box if not selected already.
  12. Choose Save here.
  13. Now, your backup file is saved with a ‘.reg file extension’.

Finally, you have a backfile related to Avast Antivirus registry entry.

Now, you can edit your registry. There are a lot of risks, that is why we are not going to provide you with more information regarding this.

Step 2:

Your Error 1067 can be caused because of a malware infection on your PC. This kind of malware infection can corrupt, damage or even it can delete important files related to Runtime Errors. Even, the error 1067 can be related to a part of the malicious program itself.

Step 3:

Your PC can accumulate junk files even from general and simple internet use. You should clean the junks regularly to keep away such an error. Because of an overloaded hard drive and file conflicts, this kind of 1067 error related to Avast Antivirus happens. Cleaning these junks can help you a lot, not only to resolve this problem but also it will help you to increase your speed. Clean them with the help of built-in junk cleaner Disk Cleanup. To run Disk Cleanup follow the steps below and clean all the junks in your system:

First of all, hit the Start button and in the search box type ‘command’. After that pressing Ctrl+shift keys at the same time press ‘Enter’ key. Next, a permission dialog box will appear after doing so. Click Yes in the box and this action will prompt a black box with a single blinking cursor. In that box type the command ‘cleanmgr’ and press the key ‘Enter’. After that action, Disk cleanup will start to do its work. Then, the Disk Cleanup dialog box will show to the screen with the checkboxes that you can select from. Temporary Files category in most of the cases takes a lost of spaces in the disk. Now, you have to ‘check the boxes’ that you want to clear and Select OK.

Step 4:

An outdated device driver along with the corrupted one can cause such a problem. For a variety of reasons, Drivers can stop working suddenly. You can update the Device drivers and resolve the problem easily. But, the process needs a complete computer skill, patience and a lot of time. So, if you are an expert and experienced at updating device drivers, you can proceed or, you can take help from an expert.

Step 5:

Windows System Restore can help you to get rid of this problem without a headache of long hours of troubleshooting. Follow the steps below to use System Restore:

First of all, go to the search box by hitting the Start button. And there, type “System Restore” and press ‘Enter’ key. From the result list select ‘System Restore’. After entering the administrator passwords (if needed) to select a restore point to follow the steps in the Wizard. After finishing the task Restore your computer.

Step 6:

If you see that your problem is related to a specific program then you can fix this problem without any hiccups.


Steps to follow for Windows 7 and Windows Vista:


Hit the Start button and on the right side menu click Control Panel. After that, hit Programs option and then, click Programs and Features. There, under the Name column find and locate ‘Avast Antivirus Service Error 1067-associated program’. And then, you have to select the Avast Antivirus-associated entry. Next, what you have to do is hit the Uninstall button, you can find it on the top menu ribbon. Now, you have to follow the onscreen instruction to complete the uninstallation process.

Follow the upcoming instructions for Windows XP:

Open Programs and Features. To do so, click the Start button and go to Control Panel. There you will find the Add and Remove Programs option. There, under the list of Currently Installed Programs find and locate ‘Avast Antivirus Service Error 1067-associated program’. Select ‘Avast Antivirus-associated entry’ and hit the Remove button that you will find on the right side. After completing all the previous tasks follow the onscreen instructions and complete the uninstallation.

If you are a user of Windows 8 follow the steps below to uninstall the Avast Antivirus:

Right-click the Start button to invoke the Start Context Menu and select the Program and Features option. After that under the Name column locate Avast Antivirus Service Error 1067-associated program. There hit ‘Avast  Antivirus-associated entry’. And doing so, select the Uninstall/Change option that you will find on the top menu ribbon. After finishing those processes follow the on-screen directions and complete the uninstallation.

Once, you uninstalled the task successfully reinstall the program by following the instructions given by AVAST Software s.r.o.

Step 7:

In this step, you can install all available Windows updates and resolve the issue.

For this follow the instructions stated below:

Invoke the search box by hitting the Start button and there type ‘update’ and press Enter key. After the appearance of the Windows Update dialog box will appear, there, check if an update is available to press the Install Updates button.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to sort out the problem. Share your thoughts regarding the article in the comments section. For more such articles stay connected with our website.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa