Reset Samsung S6 — Why & How You Should Do that?

Galaxy S6 is envisioned to be the best Android phone out there. Since its launch in the market, this Samsung phone has received positive responses. Samsung included a 5.6-inch water-resistant screen in this advanced device. It has a 32GB storage capacity and top-tier cameras. 

Galaxy S6 features a fingerprint sensor and effective lock screen features. But, sometimes, this smartphone might cause problems unlocking the device. Reset Samsung S6 in these circumstances to fix this error. 

Moreover, a factory reset improves the device’s performance. Did the Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery drain? Resetting it might resolve the problem. Restore the phone’s default factory settings if you can’t remember the passcode. 

Besides, you can expand the device storage once the phone is reset. It removes the existing data, including contacts, app settings and email accounts. Thus, back up the media files in another storage location before you reset Samsung S6. Otherwise, you might end up facing a data loss event.

Backup is Important!

Before initiating the reset process, go to Samsung S6’s settings. Head towards the search box and write “backup”. Additionally, you can scroll down to the list and choose “Cloud and accounts”. 

Select “Backup and restore” and wait until the next window pops up. Opt for the “Back up my data” option and choose a backup account. Check the Google account where you want to restore the required data. 

Close this window and re-access “Cloud and accounts”. Tap on “Accounts”, select “Google” and click the “Menu” option. Consider choosing the “Sync Now” option to save the Samsung S6 data. Besides, you can restore the data on a computer or laptop. Connect these two devices with a compatible USB cable. And, then choose the files that you want to transfer to the other storage medium. 

Or, the Galaxy S6 users can also store the data in a USB flash drive. Fail to take a backup of the important media files? Then, check the wireless connection of the device. Restart the router and if that doesn’t work, switch to mobile data for a hassle-free backup. Besides, an invalid Gmail address or account can cause this issue. Enter the right email address to avoid getting further issues. 

How to Reset Samsung S6 with Password?

Performing a hard reset in Galaxy S6 can troubleshoot the technical issues. Many experienced screen freezing problems after the latest update. Reverting the system to its factory settings might eliminate this error. 

Moreover, there are two ways to hard reset the device. Either you can use the Startup or Settings menu to do that. Turn off the device first, and press the “Volume Up”, “Home”, and “Power” buttons together. Don’t release the “Power” button until the Samsung logo appears.   

When the “Android system recovery” window opens, release the other two buttons. Now, enable the “wipe data” or “factory reset” option using the volume down key. And, then use the power button to choose this option. Select “Yes” with the power button when the confirmation message appears. 

It might take 2-3 minutes to remove all the stored Samsung Galaxy S6 data. A “data wipe complete” message will pop up on the screen after that. Turn on the device to reconfigure the smartphone settings. 

Steps to Factory Reset Samsung S6 from Settings

It takes less time to reset the device from the Galaxy S6 settings. Moreover, there is no need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection in this method. Tap on “Apps”, select “Settings”, and go for choosing the “Backup & reset” option. 

Find the “Reset Device” section and consider tapping on “Erase everything”. It will remove the existing security settings from the device. 

Did you update the Samsung Galaxy S6’s software to Android 6.0 Marshmallow? Then, you will get a “Restore” option after getting into the “Backup and reset” tab. Toggle on this option, choose “Factory data reset”, and then go with the “Reset Device” option. Enter the correct PIN or password, select “Continue”, and then choose “Delete All”. Restart the device and transfer the required data again to the smartphone. 

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S6 Network Settings?

Resetting the Galaxy S6’s network settings will resolve the connection issues. Moreover, you can restore the previous network settings after this. Disable the Airplane mode while performing the resetting steps. Otherwise, it might hinder the reset Samsung Galaxy S6 process. Once done, go to “Apps”, tap on “Settings”, and head towards “General Management”.

Can you notice the “Reset” option? Select that and choose “Reset network settings” first. And, then, go for the “Reset Settings” option. The lock screen will appear if you have set up a PIN or passcode. Enter the right details, tap on “Reset Settings” afterwards. Select “Yes” when the confirmation appears to complete this process. 

After this, the selected Wi-Fi networks will be removed. The background data sync settings will be enabled. And, the network selection mode will be set to “automatic”. Data restrictive settings of the apps will be reset to “default”. 

VPN services will be disabled from the device. Moreover, the Bluetooth devices will get disconnected. Open the Galaxy S6 settings to change these network settings again. 

How to Reset Samsung S6 Accessibility Settings?

Enhance the device’s performance and security by resetting the accessibility settings. It restores the custom settings without removing the data. Besides, the keyboard or font size won’t be reset in this process. It doesn’t disable the TalkBack or visibility enhancement features. Furthermore, the accessibility settings of the downloaded apps don’t change in this process. 

Don’t know how to reset the Galaxy S6’s accessibility settings? First, open the “Settings”, and navigate to the “General Management” section. Click the “Reset” option and choose “Reset Accessibility Settings”. 

Tap on “Reset Settings” when the next window appears. And, lastly, select “Reset” to confirm the action. Now, set a lock pattern and increase the device volume using Google Assistant.

How to Reset Samsung S6 without a Passcode?

Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Active users can reset the device eleven without the unlock code. Press the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously to reboot the device. When the boot menu appears, locate “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and use the power button to select it. 

Choose “Yes” when the warning message pops up and hold down the Power button to complete the reset. Don’t forget to disable the Factory Reset Protection feature.