Learn How To Reset iPhone Without Passcode And Computer: Get Comprehensive Guidance

If you are selling your iPhone to someone else, then resetting your iPhone is a must as you need to delete all the personal data from it. Apart from this, there are several other reasons for which you want to reset your iPhone,

Under such situation, if you want to know how to reset iPhone without passcode and computer, then go through this article till the end. Doing a factory reset sometimes can create trouble for you if you don’t know the exact process. 

But the factory reset requires a passcode and if you do not remember the passcode, then the process can not be completed.

So, if you ever face this problem and want to get the permanent solution of it, then focus on the remaining part as here we are going to discuss all the possible ways that will surely help you to reset your iPhone without passcode and computer.

How to Factory Reset iPhone 4 Without Passcode and Computer: Know the Exact Procedure

Go through the remaining part in order to resolve your queries.

Solution 1- Reset iPhone with the Home and Power Button

This is one of the simplest methods to reset the iPhone without the passcode. To execute this solution, take a look below.

Step 1

In the beginning, you have to press and hold the Home button on your iPhone and after that, click on the Sleep button.

Step 2

Now, hold both the buttons until your iPhone turns off and begins to restart. When you see that the Apple logo appears on the screen, then release both the buttons. 

If this solution works for you, then your job is over, otherwise, here we have provided another effective solution for you.

Solution 2- Hard Reset via the Erase all Contents and Settings

In case, the above solution does not work for you, then we suggest you reset your iPhone through the Erase all Contents and Settings.  

In order to apply this solution, you need to go through the undermentioned steps.

Step 1

At first, go to the Setting app. From there, navigate to the General tab. 

Step 2

Next, a new page will appear on the screen. Here you need to click on the Reset button. After that, click on the Erase All Contents and Settings option.

Step 3

Now, a confirmation message will pop up on the screen and you have to tap on the Yes button. 

After that, your iPhone will successfully reset. However, if you fail to resolve the problem this time as well, then proceed to solution 3.

Solution 3-  Using iCloud

In case, you forget the passcode, then also you can do a factory reset by using the inbuilt iCloud tool. 

A factory reset might delete all your important data and files but at the same time, it will also remove all passwords. 

Thereafter, your iPhone will return back to the factory condition. To apply this solution, at first, you need to open a web browser on your iPhone 4. After that, navigate to the iCloud.com.

Next, on the login page, you have to enter the Apple ID and password. 

Once, you have logged in, then you might see a lot of options. Here, you should drop down and tap on the ‘Find my iPhone’ option.

Thereafter, click on the ‘All Device’ option. 

In case, multiple devices are associated with the Apple ID, then you should find and select the iPhone that you want to reset.


Now, you aware of the different solutions on how to reset iPhone without passcode and computer. 

Let us inform whether those suggestions have helped you or not and if you want to know anything else, post your queries in the comment section below.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa