Repair Windows 10 Setup Stuck On Checking For Updates With Easy Hacks

Windows 10 update facilitates to enjoy the current Windows services. So, it becomes an annoying issue if you come across Windows 10 setup stuck on checking for updates error while you try to install the Windows to the latest version. You may get stuck with the unexpected error message “Update Error! Try again later,” and the system starts to freeze.


Resolve Windows 10 Update Error With A Few Steps



There are ample ways to fix the Windows update error easily. Here, we are going to analyze some of them. If you encounter the fatal error like Windows 10 setup stuck on checking for updates, you may try to troubleshoot the problem by applying some quick solutions.


Restart Update Services



Only by restarting the services, you can fix the Windows update issue immediately. Though it is a basic process, it is useful to resolve this conflict.


Method 1:



First, press Windows +R from the keyboard and open the run dialog box. Now, open the Service Settings window by typing “services.msc” in the search box and hit the Enter key to. It will show the status of the program installed in your system. Browse the update service name and right-click on the Windows Update Service. Now, choose the Properties to check its status and modify it. Click on Stop from the Services Status column and the running updates will stop automatically. When done, restart the system to turn off the auto-updates.

Now, go to the Windows folder inside the C drive and go to the SoftwareDistribution section. It will represent the list of items present in your system. Remove everything from the Software Distribution folder and paste them to another location.

When done, go to the Services settings window. Then, enable the Windows Update Service by tapping the Start key.


Method 2:


Press the Windows key from the keyboard and type “cmd” in the search box. Now, hit the Enter key to open the Command Prompt window. Here, type the command “net stop wuauserv” and press Enter to run the command. It will take several times to check the activate updates and will stop them accordingly.

Again, go to the Command Prompt window and run the command “net stop wuauserv” again to restart the disabled services.


Disable Antivirus


Way 1:

Click on the Settings app (gear icon) from the Start menu and choose the Update & Security option. Choose Windows Security from the left panel of the resultant window. Now, click on the option. Open the Antivirus Security Center. It will open the Windows security Software window and tap on the link Virus & Threat Protection settings. Finally, click on the Real-time Protection, Cloud-Delivered Protection switch to disable the entire process.


Way 2:


Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog box. Now, type “gpedit.msc” in the text field and hit the Enter key to open the Configuration window. Choose the Computer Configuration section and tap on Windows Components to show the list of installed softwares. Then, double-click on the Windows Security Software options. Finally, double-tap on Turn off Windows  Antivirus to disable it temporarily. Next, you might verify Windows 10 setup stuck on checking for updates error persists or not.


Clean Up Disk


Open the My Computer or This PC by double-tapping on it. You will see a list of disk drives and all the connected devices with your system. Now, right-click on the disk and choose the option Properties from the drop-down menu. Choose the General Tab from this Properties window to check the general information of the system. Here, you can see the available space along with the used memory.

Tap the button Disk cleanup and tick all the checkboxes associated with this function. Again, you need to enable all the temporary files as well as the rest of the present files in this window. Then, click on OK to start the Disk Cleanup process and Windows will start the cleaning the drive and repair the affected sectors if necessary. This process will take a few minutes to complete the entire Disk clean up the process. After successful completion, the Windows will restart automatically and check if your Windows junk files are removed or not.


Disable Firewall



Open the Start menu by tapping the Start button and type “Control” in the search box. Now, hit the Enter key to open the Control Panel window. Make the icons as small from the View By drop-down list. Then, go to the Windows Firewall menu and check the status of the firewall. If the state of the Firewall is enabled, then turn it off from the left navigation panel. Otherwise, you may reduce the security level of the Firewall by moving the slider from left to right. Finally, choose the Turn Off Windows Firewall from the Customize Settings window and click on OK to confirm the Firewall protection modification process.



Update Router Driver


Sometimes, an outdated router driver creates an internet issue. Then, you may encounter the Windows update error due to an installation problem.

First, connect the system to the internet and launch the web browser by tapping on that specific browser. Then, type the default router IP in the address bar i.e., “” or enter the URL “” and press Enter to open the Router login page. Here, type a correct router username and password to open the Router settings window. Next, click on Advanced Tab from that active window and choose the Administration option.

Here, you will get another option Firmware Update or Router Update and tap on it. To find out the entire information about the Firmware, click on Check. It will display the current updates if it available and you can download as well as install to run the firmware and router driver upgrade process. Click on Yes to start the process and wait until you get the successful message. Once done, it will take auto-restart to apply the changes.


Concluding Words


In the above article, we have discussed some of the solutions which will help you to resolve the Windows 10 setup stuck on checking for updates error immediately. Not only that but also it will increase the performance by updating router driver and activating the network service. However, it will help you to fix the possible Windows update error symptoms technically.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa