TAP-Windows Adapter v9: What is it for & How to Install, Uninstall or Reinstall it?

Your PC requires adapters for all of its important components. And, it might face various performance issues if it does not have a specific adapter. So, the devices listed in the Device Manager play quite an important role in your computer’s functioning. 

It uses an adapter for running VPN services as well. Various VPN services initiate your computer to download the “Tap-Windows Adapter v9” when you install them. 

Many users might want to delete this device for various reasons. If you are wondering, it is possible to delete it from your PC. 

Here, we will look at how to do that in the simplest way possible. Also, read on to know how to install or reinstall this adapter on your device. 

How to get the TAP-Windows Adapter v9 on your PC?

As mentioned earlier, you need the TAP-Windows Adapter v9 to run certain VPN programs. But, the VPN programs that use this adapter usually install it automatically when you install them. 

So, you would probably not have to install this adapter separately on your PC. You need to download and install the VPN program that uses this adapter. 

You should then automatically find the Windows Adapter v9 running on the Device Manager. 

But, what if the VPN does not automatically set up this adapter? In that case, you can download it from the web. Open any web browser and enter the adapter’s name to look for a download file. Also, choose a legitimate source for downloading the setup file for this adapter. 

Go through the setup procedure once you have downloaded the file. Then, open the Device Manager and make sure you have installed the adapter successfully. You should not face any VPN issues after that if you have downloaded the right adapter version. 

Which is the Right Windows Adapter v9 Version for your PC?

The adapter version you must install depends on the Windows version you are using. Are you using a Windows XP system on your device? If yes, then you must get the TAP-Windows Adapter v9.9x. Windows 10/8/7/ Vista, on the other hand, uses the TAP-Windows Adapter v9.21x. 

How to Delete the Windows Adapter v9 from Your PC?

Do you want to delete the Windows Adapter v9 from your PC? Then, you can usually accomplish that in a few simple steps. You need to find out the driver on your device and then opt for uninstalling it. As you probably know, you can find all your device drivers in the Device Manager window. 

Navigate to the Device Managers section on your PC and expand the Network Adapters option. You will find the TAP-Windows Adapter v9 there, among other network drivers. 

Right-click on it, and then opt for uninstalling this driver. This should usually remove the adapter from your PC, and you need not take any other steps. 

However, the VPN app you are using might download the driver again. You might need to get a different VPN app that does not use this adapter in such cases. 

Prevent Automatic Installation of TAP-Windows Adapter v9

Do you have a VPN app that uses the Windows Adapter v9 on your device? Then, it might usually download the adapter again after you delete it. And, it would keep doing that whenever you uninstall the adapter. You must delete the app in such situations to prevent your PC from installing the adapter again. 

When Should You Uninstall this Adapter?

You can uninstall the adapter anytime you want with the aforementioned method. But, when should you do that? In case you are wondering, there are some issues you can resolve by deleting this adapter. 

Here are the situations where you might need to delete the TAP-Windows Adapter v9: 

You are facing issues while using a VPN Connection

The problem with your VPN connection might have something to do with the server you are using. Apart from that, you must also consider problems with the app as the core reason. 

But, if nothing else fixes the problem, it might have something to do with the driver. In such cases, you might want to delete the TAP-Windows Adapter v9 for a solution. You can also try reinstalling the app before you decide to get rid of the driver. 

You are unable to fix Internet Connection Problems

The Windows Adapter v9 can also cause issues when not using a VPN app. As it happens, this driver can often prevent you from accessing the internet. You must try the basic troubleshooting steps for that issue first. 

If required, you must also run the network troubleshooter to diagnose and fix the problem. But, if you cannot find any other solution, you must try deleting the Windows Adapter v9 driver. 

How to Reinstall the Windows Adapter v9 on Your PC?

Reinstalling the adapter for the VPN can help you fix any problems in connecting to the VPN service. So, you might want to reinstall the driver to fix your VPN problems. Visit the Device manager and right-clicking the Windows Adapter v9 as mentioned earlier. Then, click on “uninstall driver” to delete it from your device. 

Launch the VPN app once you are done to get the option to install the missing driver. Opt for installing the adapter when the system message prompts you. Alternatively, you can simply restart your device after deleting the driver. The VPN app should then install the right version of the TAP-Windows v9 automatically. 

Keep Your Drivers Up-to-Date

The driver software is important for running a wide range of devices on your PC. And, the Windows Adapter v9 might face various problems if its driver is outdated. You might face issues with the VPN service as a result. 

So, you must regularly update all your device drivers to avoid such problems. Using reliable driver update software can keep your drivers up-to-date without much hassle.