How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Best Friends List?

You’ve noticed someone’s sticking around your Snapchat Best Friends list and you’re ready for a change. Whether it’s for privacy or preference, you want them gone—fast.

Don’t worry, you’ve got options.

From dialing back the chats to tweaking your settings, you’re about to learn how to shuffle your virtual circle discreetly. Keep reading for foolproof strategies to manage your Snapchat connections and reclaim control over your Best Friends list.

Best Friends on Snapchat – Explained

Before you attempt to remove someone from your Snapchat Best Friends list, it’s crucial that you understand how the app determines these friendships.

Snapchat’s friendship algorithm takes into account several factors, including the frequency of snaps exchanged, the length of time you’ve been snapping with each other, and the variety of interactions you have. These interactions can range from simple photo snaps to more involved communication like Snap streaks.

Snap streaks play a significant role in this algorithm. Moreover, they occur when you and a friend exchange snaps for consecutive days. The longer your streak, the stronger your Snapchat friendship is perceived to be by the app. Thus, if you’re looking to remove someone from your Best Friends list, a high Snap streak can make it more challenging.

Keep in mind, the list is dynamic and reflects your current interactions. If you reduce the frequency of your snaps or stop snapping with that person altogether, the friendship algorithm will naturally adjust, and they may no longer appear on your Best Friends list.

It’s a system designed to mirror your actual social activity, ensuring your Best Friends list is a true reflection of your current Snapchat social circle.

Decreasing Interactions Strategically

To strategically reduce your Snapchat presence in someone’s Best Friends list, you’ll need to adjust your snapping habits with them. Now, this involves a deliberate change in your interaction patterns and communication frequency that will affect the algorithm determining best friends.

Here’s how you can do it:

Shift from quantity to quality: Rather than sending numerous low-effort snaps, choose to send fewer, more meaningful ones.

Avoid streaks: Streaks encourage daily interaction, which strengthens best friend status.

Use other platforms: Communicate through alternative apps or texting to maintain your friendship without affecting your Snapchat status.

Don’t initiate: Wait for them to send a snap first rather than always being the initiator.

Be less responsive: Take longer to open and respond to their snaps, showing a decrease in urgency.

Be unpredictable: Vary your response times and the content of your snaps.

Send to groups: When you do send snaps, send them to multiple friends or add them to your story instead of directly snapping.

You can also,

  • Change response patterns
  • Reduce the number of snaps you send
  • Limit interactions

Following these steps consistently and over time will adjust how the Snapchat algorithm views your connection, safely and securely distancing you from the best friends list.

Resetting Your Best Friends List

If your efforts to decrease interactions haven’t shifted your best friend dynamics enough, you might consider resetting your Snapchat Best Friends list entirely. This drastic step involves manipulating the friendship algorithm, which determines your best friends based on a variety of factors including your Snap score with each person.

To reset the list, you’ll need to stop snapping with your current best friends altogether for a period of time. The app typically updates your best friends list weekly, so halting all interactions for at least a week should prompt the algorithm to reevaluate your connections.

Remember, your Snap score plays a significant role in this process. It’s the sum of all snaps sent and received, which means your score with individual friends will decrease if you aren’t active with them. When the friendship algorithm notices the decline in your score with these friends, it will adjust your best friends list accordingly.

Be aware that resetting your best friends list can’t be done instantaneously, and it requires patience and a temporary shift in your Snapchat behavior. However, if you’re determined to redefine your Snapchat circle, this method will eventually refresh your best friends to better reflect your current interactions.

Fine-Tuning Privacy Settings

Adjusting your privacy settings in Snapchat can give you more control over who’s on your Best Friends list. By fine-tuning these options, you ensure your interactions remain personal and secure.

Profile Customization

Who Can Contact You: Set this to ‘My Friends’ to prevent strangers from sending you snaps or messages.
Who Can View My Story: Choose who can see your stories—’Everyone’, ‘My Friends’, or ‘Custom’ to handpick individuals.

Who Can See My Location: Use ‘Ghost Mode’ or select friends to share your location with.

Privacy tutorials recommend regularly reviewing your settings. Here’s how you can keep your Best Friends list intimate:

Privacy Tutorials

Check Your Settings: Regularly review your privacy controls to stay on top of changes.
Educate Yourself: Use Snapchat’s guides to understand the implications of each setting.
Update Regularly: As Snapchat rolls out new features, ensure your privacy adapts.

Alternative Methods to Consider

You’ve got three other tactics to try when you want to remove someone from your Snapchat Best Friends list.

Friend culling is a straightforward approach.

Simply reduce the frequency of your interactions with the friend you wish to remove. Snapchat’s algorithm is interaction-based, so less communication means they’ll gradually drop off the list. Remember, this process doesn’t happen instantly; it requires patience as the app updates your friends list based on your activity.

List manipulation through increased activity with other friends.

Engage more with different people on Snapchat. As you send and receive snaps with others, the one you’re aiming to remove will slip down the ranking due to reduced relative interaction. This tactic is subtle and doesn’t directly notify the person that they’re being targeted for removal.

Consider a direct solution

If the person is no longer a friend in real life, it might be time to unfriend them on the app. Now, this action will immediately remove them from your Best Friends list, but be aware, that it’s also the most noticeable change and could lead to a confrontation if not handled delicately.

In Conclusion

You’ve got options to manage your Snapchat Best Friends list. Whether you strategically lessen interactions, reset the list entirely, or tweak your privacy settings, you’re in control. Remember, alternative methods like blocking also exist, but use them wisely.

Stay informed and confident in your digital relationships, ensuring your Snapchat circle reflects your current connections. Keep it tight, private, and most importantly, true to you.