Guide to Removing Sim Card from Galaxy S6 Models

The procedure of removing and inserting SIM cards is different in recent Samsung smartphones than in earlier models. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge+ come with a tray in which you can place your SIM. Instead of opening up your phone, you simply need to pull out this tray. Moreover, you do not have to remove the battery, unlike in many earlier models. So, removing SIM card Galaxy S6 has become easier in many ways in recent Samsung phones. However, you might need some assistance while handling this task for the first time. In that case, you must look at the guide given below for removing the SIM card Galaxy S6. We also have some additional information that can be quite helpful.

How to Remove a SIM Card From Galaxy S6 Models?

The steps for removing the SIM card differ depending on whether you are using the Samsung S6 or S6 Edge+. You can accomplish the task in a few simple steps in both cases. So, here is how you must proceed in removing SIM card Galaxy S6 phones:

Switch Off Your Device

You must take some precautions before removing the SIM from your Samsung S6 phone. Switching your device off is the most important one among them. As mentioned, you can remove the SIM without switching off your Samsung S6. But, doing so can damage your device and the SIM card. So, you might want to switch off your phone before proceeding. 

Removing SIM Card Galaxy S6

The SIM card tray is located below the power button in the Samsung S6. You have probably received a SIM ejection tool to pull out this tray from your phone. However, you can also simply use a straightened paper clip. 

Push the SIM Card Tray’s Button

Insert the SIM ejection tool or paper clip into the hole below the power button. This hole contains the button for ejecting the SIM card tray. Inserting the tool or paperclip properly should bring out the tray from your phone. 

Remove the SIM

Once the tray comes out, you must carefully remove the SIM from it. You must completely pull the tray out of the phone to do that. Then, put it back in its place once you are done. 

Inserting a SIM

Do you want to insert the same SIM or a new one in your Samsung S6? Then, you must place it in the tray with the contacts facing downwards. Make sure to enter the tray back into your phone correctly. 

Removing SIM Card Galaxy S6 Edge+

Are you using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+? Then, you must proceed with the following steps to remove the SIM card from your device: 

Find and Open the SIM Card Tray

You will find the SIM card tray at the top of the Samsung S6 Edge+. Insert the ejection tool or the paper clip in the pinhole to bring it out. 

Take Out the SIM Card

You can remove the SIM card once you have taken out the tray carrying it. Place the SIM back on it or insert a different one as per your requirement. Simply push the tray back into its place once you are done. Also, make sure to lock it into its place so that your phone can identify the SIM card. 

Inserting Another SIM Card

Place your new SIM card on the tray with its contacts faced downwards. Then, push the tray into your phone gently. Start your phone back on once the tray is locked into its place. Then, make sure your device can detect the SIM. 

What Happens after Removing SIM Card Galaxy S6?

You need a SIM card to connect to the cellular network provider. And, that means you cannot access the network after removing the SIM card from your Samsung Galaxy S6. So, you must enter a new SIM card as soon as possible if you want to access the network. 

Would You do if you Lose Your Contacts and Text Messages?

You can save your contacts and messages on your phone or SIM card. If you save them on the phone, they will remain after removing the SIM card from the device. But, what if you save them on the SIM card? In that case, your phone would lose them the moment you remove the card. You can access them simply by inserting the SIM into another phone. 

When Should You Remove the SIM Card from Your Galaxy S6?

You might need to remove your SIM card from your phone for various purposes. Here are some of the most common reasons users might have for doing so

Your Device Cannot Detect the SIM

Are you unable to access the cellular network with the SIM inside your Galaxy S6? Then, you might have incorrectly inserted the SIM into your device. And, you might need to remove it and re-insert it to get an effective solution. But, you must try restarting your device before you proceed with that.

You Want to Replace the SIM

Is your current SIM damaged? Then, you must remove it from your device and enter a new one. Proceed with the steps we have mentioned previously for doing that. Also, if you are using a Galaxy S6 phone, make sure to get a micro-SIM. 

You Want to Sell Your Galaxy S6

Are you thinking of selling your phone? In that case, you must not forget to remove the SIM card before you do that. Also, you must do that even if you do not need the SIM anymore. After all, it might contain a lot of personal information.

Remove Your SIM Card Only When Needed

You must avoid unnecessarily removing the SIM card from your Galaxy S6. Removing and inserting it frequently might damage its contacts after all. As a result, your device might fail to detect it. And, that is why many experts advise you to remove the SIM card only if necessary.