How To Record Screen On Windows 10 With Easy Hacks

A screenshot helps you to keep the record essential documents for future use. Moreover, you can store a specific section from a  live video by using the snap. Not only that but also you will keep evidence of your job by taking part wise snapshot. However, it is complicated for the non-tech-savvy person how to record screen on Windows 10. We hope this article will help to ease out your worries.


Process To Take Snap With Easy Steps



There are multiple ways to take the screenshot from different views. Here, we are going to discuss how to make a snapshot without using a third-party software. You may try out them to record screen on Windows 10 easily.


Via Built-in Recorder


First, press Windows + G key together from the keyboard to open the built-in screen recorder application. Then, hit the red circle record button to start the recording. it will continue until you stop it. However, press Windows +Alt+R simultaneously to halt the recording feature and it will save the videos/pictures whatever you have captured. Finally,  close the app and you can save it in your desktop as a file with an appropriate name for future reference.


With Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is useful to copy the important files or documents. Moreover, it is easy to access and one of the fastest process to capture snapshots.

Open the file or app that you want to record at first. Now, press the Windows button to open the Start menu. Type “Snip” to find out the Snipping tool easily and click on the Snipping Tool menu. It will represent a small dialog box. Click on New from this box and drag the + pointer to bound the area which you want to record. Then, right-click on it and choose Copy and click on Paste after opening a file to copy the content or the picture. You may use the shortcut Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V instead of the Copy and Paste function respectively. Now, save the file in a specific folder or in a drive.


Via Print Screen

Printscreen is the simplest and the shortcut method to access the snap. Not only its easy to perform but also it is capable to work in all platforms. So, multiple users prefer this process rather than multiple keys to proceed it.

Open the application or the file content which you want to capture. Then, locate the area from where you can take a snap and press the Print Screen Key from the keyboard. Close the app and open another file where you want to save the captcha and press Ctrl+V from the keyboard or choose Paste option by right-clicking on the blank space of the content. The screenshot will be copied here. When done, click on File menu tab from the menu bar and choose Save or Save As to save that text editor with a name.

Using Snip & Sketch


It is an effective tool used to snip the text as well as the pictures in a suitable format. Moreover, you can choose the style to take the snap as per your requirements.

Click on the Start button and open the Start menu. In the search box, type “snip” and hit the Enter key to open the Snip & Sketch window. Now,  open the file which you want to copy and tap on the New button from the upper-left corner of the window to initiate the screenshot. Then, the Snip & Sketch window will disappear and it will display a tiny menu on the screen to give the opportunity to select the screenshot type.


Autosave Screenshot


Using the Windows and PrintScreen key simultaneously minimize the copy process. Here, the paste option is not necessary to save the screenshot.

To capture the entire screen of an app, press Windows key + Print Screen key together. The screen will go dim to make sure that you have located that particular area to take the snap. This screenshot will be saved to the Pictures section inside of the Screenshots folder. So, open the folder and locate the file with a screenshot. However, if you want to move the file, then copy the file directly and right-click on it. Then, choose the option Move or press Ctrl+X from the keyboard and paste it in another file by tapping the Paste option or press Ctrl+V together.


Quick Snap


To take a quick screenshot or a rough snap, this process is very effective. Here, the image is saved in a clipboard and you can access it from the clipboard directly if necessary.

Open the App or the image to take a screenshot and locate the area. Now, press Alt+Print Screen from the keyboard to take a screenshot from the active window. It will copy the content to the clipboard as an image file. You need to open that image editor to see that screenshot and save it by tapping the Save button.


Small Shot


If you take a shot of the small area, then you may try with the process below. It will copy only a specific area rather than the whole area.

Open the video or the picture and locate the area which you want to snip. Then, press Windows key and Shift-S together to capture the screenshot. Then, the screen area will be dimmed after selecting it and you will get a small snip menu at the extreme left corner of the window. Click on the option New and drag it to cover the area to take the snap. Finally, press Ctrl+C to copy or choose Copy from by right-clicking on the screenshot. Now, close the file and open another file to keep that copy. After opening the editor, press Ctrl+V from the keyboard to paste it.


Using The Windows Key


Hold down the Windows key and hit the Volume down button together from the right side of the keyboard. It will automatically dim the screen briefly and snap will be auto-saved. If you to see the picture, then click on the Screenshot Folder from the Pictures.


Concluding Remarks

In the above article, we have discussed how to record screen on Windows 10 efficiently. Moreover, you don’t need to install the third-party software to take a screenshot. Furthermore, the users gain knowledge how to take snap easily only by using the keyboard.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa