Learn How To Open RAR Files On Windows 10: Some Effective Software For Extracting RARs

After upgrading to Windows 10 from other OS versions, many users experience difficulty in accessing RAR files. This can happen due to many reasons starting from lack of proper software to extract RAR files or any other technical error in your Windows 10. So, if you are not aware of the exact tools or method for opening the RAR file on Windows machine, keep reading this article. It will discuss the step-by-step details for making you understand how to open RAR files on Windows 10. Without knowing these steps, you will never be able to compress or extract RAR files while working on Windows 10. Also, you can refer this article to know about some of the free tools available in the market for accessing RAR files.

How To Open RAR Files On Windows 10 Without Any Technical Issues?

While accessing valuable files in form of Roshal Archive (RAR) format, you need to understand a few things before extracting them. A majority of Windows users, especially those using version 10 are more familiar with the ZIP file format. But, RAR folders are also very much similar to the ZIP file format and contains subfolders in it. Hence, if you want to know how to open RAR files on Windows 10, it involves installing a special program for the extraction. So, if you search the Internet or consult a software specialist, you can get the names of few tools to open RAR files. Out of them, you will find both free as well as paid programs for extracting the files from RAR folders. Now, it’s up to you which software suits your requirement in order to extract RAR files. But, if you want to know about a few popular tools used by most Windows 10 users to deal with RAR file, check out the following names.

List of Programs to Access RAR Files on Windows 10

Now that you are looking for tools regarding how to open RAR files on Windows 10, let’s discuss a few products that are suitable for extracting RAR file.


This is very reliable software to open and compress RAR files easily on your 64-bit Windows 10 based computer. You simply have to go to the download page on the official website of 7-Zip and click on the software version of your choice. After downloading the installer, you have to follow the on-screen instructions on the setup wizard.

Now, once the installation of 7-ZIP is over, open the interface and browse the RAR file that you want to open. Then after locating it, right-click on the RAR file and choose the  ‘Open’ option to view the content.

You can also select this RAR file and launch the program by double-clicking on it. In case, you want to save the extracted files into a different location, just hit the ‘Copy’ icon and choose your desired location in the popup box. After entering your choice, hit the  ‘OK’ tab and wait for 7-ZIP to complete the extraction process of RAR files.


This tool comes with a built-in archive unpacker that helps to extract RAR files quickly. With the Unarchiver software, you can work with various types of file formats along with advanced functionalities. In terms of limitations, Unarchiver doesn’t have the feature to bind files together for creating RAR files. But, it is one of the best software in the market for opening RARs by following simple steps.

To operate this RAR extracting program, get the latest version of installer program for Unarchiver compatible with your PC. Then install the app and launch this software by following step-wise guidance on the screen. So, if you want to understand how to open RAR files on Windows 10 using Unarchiver, try the steps discussed below.

After opening the tool, tick the checkbox for ‘RAR Archive’ for opening RARs using the Unarchiver. You can also select the other types of archives that you want to access or extract using this specific program.

Once the files or archive formats are selected, hit the ‘Extraction’ tab and browse the location for saving these files. Next, you can view the folder of the extracted file and choose the ‘Unarchiver’ option after hitting the ‘Open With’ tab.


PeaZip is another great tool for compressing files and available as a freeware for the users. Using this software, you can easily access file archives including ZIP, TAR, and RAR. In terms of efficiency, this tool offers a high compression ratio for various types of files. Also, it can support the extraction of more than 180 formats in total by following simple steps. Like the previous archive formats, PeaZip is also downloadable from its official website. As this tool is available as an open source program, it can extract RAR and other file types for both professional as well as personal use.


WinRAR is one of the most efficient and popular tools for users to open .rar files. You can easily obtain its installer program from the official web page and select the version appropriate for your Operating System. This software can work efficiently on Windows, Mac and Linux based devices. In most computers, RAR files can be created easily with the help of WinRAR archivers. Hence, when you try to access the RAR files after extraction, you have a sequence of steps to follow. So, if you are having this query on how to open RAR files on Windows 10, check out the following steps.

First, locate or download the .rar file on your system and remember its location before launching the WinRAR tool. If you use the Internet to obtain any RAR file, you need to check the ‘Downloads’ section to locate the .rar file.

After installing or launching the WinRAR program on your PC, you can create its shortcut icon on your desktop. Then, click on the file that is compressed in the .rar format. This will open a new window along with the list of files present inside the RAR file.

Next, right-click on the main folder or individual files one-by-one and select the ‘Extract’ option. Then the program will display a Browse button for selecting the location where you want to save the extracted files.

In this article, it taught you how to open RAR files on Windows 10 and what are the various tools. Also, you have gained some knowledge about the programs trusted by users for extracting .rar files without any failure. To know about some more products for opening RAR and other archives, you can contact the professionals. They can suggest you advanced methods for extracting RAR files on Windows 10 and Operating Systems.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa