How to Merge PDF Files on Windows

PDF is a wildly popular format, as it is reliable, portable, and universally recognized. At the same time, it has a couple of shortcomings. Users run into problems when they try to combine several documents into one. While the procedure is common, you should know the right tools to complete it flawlessly. Discover proven methods below.

The merger is a great productivity hack. It can make data management easier and prevent the loss of important files. Using CoolUtils Software, you can merge PDF files without limitations. This is the fastest and most flexible solution for Windows users. Unlike Mac, the OS does not have any in-built tools for the task.

Online vs. Offline Merger

Some websites allow you to combine a few files online for free. These services work for simple tasks, but they do not allow much adjustment. You can drag and drop the documents from your PC, or upload them from cloud storage like Google Drive. The order of files may be changed, and the output may be downloaded or emailed.

Understandable, users do not feel comfortable uploading any sensitive information onto a third-party platform. On the other hand, you have Adobe Acrobat, which is quite expensive. Affordable third-party software allows adjustment of your input and output. You can do much more than changing the order of pages! Add headers and footers, insert bookmarks, add a watermark to protect the intellectual property, etc. Here is how this works.

The Most Flexible PDF Merger

With a versatile tool, you will get a highly customized result in no time. There are no limits on the size or number of files. After you download and install the tool, the merger will require just a few steps. All popular versions of Windows are supported (2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, and 10). Here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • combine by folders to merge massive amounts of data;
  • insert bookmarks for effortless navigation;
  • add headers and footers (e.g., number the pages, add dates or company name, etc.);
  • merge PDF files which are named similarly;
  • append PDFs;
  • retain the file/folder structure;
  • generate a table of contents,
  • add or delete blank pages;
  • include bates stamping;
  • add sound files (mp3 tracks)!

The system can also be launched from the command line — the necessary sequence is found on the developer’s website.

merging pdf files for free

Merging PDF Files for Free

Launch the software, choose the source files/folders and tune the settings if necessary. This completes the setup. When you click on the ‘Start button, the files will be merged neatly and seamlessly, and they will land in their destination. Take advantage of the free demo version — you can combine as much data as you like for 30 days.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa