How to Make Employees Happy and Productive at the Workplace?

A pay rise may put a smile on your employees’ faces, but it’s not always the way to bring the best out of them. 

Being transparent, highlighting the importance of a work-life balance, offering different benefits, and even saying a “thank you” may help your employees boost their morale. 

So, here, we’ll be looking at 8 tips on making your employees happy and productive in the workplace.

1. Put Emphasis on the Workplace Environment 

To make your employees more productive and competitive, it’s no longer enough to just focus on pay rises only. 

It is important to create a workplace that’s well organized and has a positive workplace environment. This will allow employees to be more productive and will also urge them to have a positive and competitive mindset. 

This will improve their work and even help to bring the best out of your employees. 

2. Make Your Employees a Part of Your Vision

It might seem a bit complicated, but in reality, it’s not. When you as a leader encourage your employees to be a part of your vision, it’ll allow them to think of your company as theirs. 

They’ll have an ownership mindset, which will bring great results for the entire company. Moreover, this will even give them an opportunity to show their potential and even make a difference in their work quality

This will even benefit them by making them feel comfortable enough to open up and share their thoughts. This will result in better communication with colleagues and uplines.

Overall, now even your employees will have a big-picture mindset just like you do.

3. Be Honest and Transparent 

Giving feedback and being able to judge and understand your employees is essential if you want to make your employees happy and dedicated. 

For instance, if one of your employees is unable to provide his best performance, instead of demotivating him, try a strategy by which he’ll feel happy and motivated. 

You can give your honest response to your employees but make sure that it doesn’t demotivate them in any way. This will hamper their productivity and even prevent them from working with an open mindset. 

So, always make sure to give honest feedback to your employees, but in a way that doesn’t demotivate them. 

4. Provide More Vacation Time

Excessive work pressure and stress can end up making your employees exhausted and can even have a negative effect on their productivity. 

Moreover, there are times when your employees might even suffer from depression and this too can affect the quality of their work. 

In such cases, it’s essential that you give your dedicated and hard-working employees vacations. Your dedicated employees are your main assets and you simply don’t want them to be burnt out from their performances. 

Frequent and short recreational vacations can lift up their game and will also allow them to spend some quality time with their families.

In this way, they can have a proper balance in both their professional and personal lives. 

5. Guide Them With a Career Channel

Providing your employees with development support like career mentoring and training opportunities can make your employees more confident about their work. 

Yes, it’s true. You might not always have the time to manage career planning sessions and discussions with your employees, but arranging a few sessions with your employees regarding their career ambitions will help them have a clearer vision of their goals. Software and other automation tools, such as mentoring programs from Chronus, let you implement powerful initiatives without extensive overcommitting your time and bandwidth.

This will also allow them to determine a proper goal and be more precise with their career channel. 

6. Remember to Say “thank you”

A positive culture and work environment helps a great deal. It fosters teamwork and communication. This will increase teammates’ commitment and learning opportunities. 

You can also show appreciation when your employees do great work or they put in significant efforts. These displays of appreciation cost nothing but is a significant public recognition of good work. This can indeed be a source of motivation for them to work even better and with more dedication.

7. Recognize and Give Frequent Rewards to Your Employees 

The frequency of rewards is more important than the size. Business feedback shows that smaller and more frequent positive feedback can keep your employees happy longer than a large and unexpected happy event. 

Even the biggest awards or raises “wear out” in less than one year. Most employees react better every few days to small doses. 

8. Offer Benefits That are Beyond the Basics

There are numerous ways in which employees in other areas of their lives can supplement their pay. 

To protect employees’ incomes, you can offer an additional level of life insurance or disability insurance. You can also provide other small benefits such as dental and optical insurance, for example. 

Fitness and transit benefits are also significant advantages for keeping employees happy and healthy. 

Bottom Line

When you create a pleasant corporate culture, it will be reflected in better work being done. This increases the overall commitment of your employees and strengthens your entire team

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa