How to Login to the Google Router using the Default IP Address

Google Routers are the best for providing the fastest speed on all the wifi-enabled devices. Even in the dead zones, you will get a fast connection. You can even control this device easily and the setup process is quite simple.

For the built-in Network Assist technology feature, you will get a fast and secure network. Front-facing antenna and a wave control feature are also available. So, if you want to get a faster, flexible and reliable connection, Google Routers will be suitable for you. 

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Guide on How to Find the Google Default IP Address:

In most of the routers, the default IP address is When you access the Google router’s Web interface, you have to provide the correct IP address to configure it. 

Most common IP Addresses for the Google routers:

We are listing below some of the IP addresses that will apply to all the Google Routers. 


To access through the Web interface, you need the correct Username and Password. 

Guide on how to get the Gateway IP of Google Routers

If you have changed the default Ip address of the Google Routers then, you need to do the below-mentioned steps to find it quickly. 


To find the Google Router IP address in Windows, perform the following steps:

  • Hold the Windows and the R Key together. This will open the Run dialog box.
  • A popup window will appear next to the screen. In the dialog box, write “cmd”.
  • Hit the Enter button next. This will then direct you to the Command Prompt Window. 
  • In the Command Prompt window, write “ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway”. 
  • Hit the Enter button next. You will get to see the default Ip gateway. 

The Default Gateway IP will be “”. So, if you are unable to see the mentioned IP gateway, you need to repeat the mentioned steps.


If you are a Linux user, the steps for checking the Default Gateway Ip will vary. To find the Ip address, you need to do the below-mentioned steps:

  • Hold the Ctrl, Alt and T keys together. This will open the Terminal Window. 
  • In that window, write “ip route | grep default”. Hit the Enter button next.

By just doing the above steps you will be able to get the default IP address in the Linux Devices. 

If you use the Mac devices, you need to move to the next section. 

Mac Device:

If you use a Mac device, then you need to implement the below-mentioned steps to get the Default IP gateway.

  • Open the Mac Device. Go to the Finder window. 
  • Now, move to the “Applications” tab and then, move to the “Utilities” section. 
  • Next, tap on the “Terminal” option. You can even hold the cmd and Space keys together and then write “terminal”.
  • In the Terminal window, write “netstat -nr | grep default”. Then, hit the “Enter” button next. 

The Google Router Default IP address will be 192.1680.1. And, if you are unable to see the IP gateway, we would suggest you repeat the above-mentioned steps.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Can I connect the google wifi with an existing router?


The Google Wifi point is designed in such a way that you can work with the existing Modem. Google Wifi is capable of creating mesh networks only with Google wifis and Onhub routers. So, if you use Non-Compatible routers such as Linksys or Netgear Routers, you won’t be able to connect with the Google Routers. 


  • How Will I Access the Google WIFI Router?


Accessing Google wifis is quite easy. To access the Google WIFI router, you just need to do the following tasks:

  1. Search for the spot in the Google Wifi point. Connect the main if the point with the modem. 
  2. Now, plug in the Primary the Wifi point correctly. To do that, you need to connect the ethernet port with the WAN.
  3. Now, go to the pl and install the Google Wifi app in the Android or iOS device. 
  4. Next, search for the Google Wifi point and connect it scanning the QR Code.
  5. Open the Wifi app and then select the WiFi point location. 
  6. Now, read the onscreen instructions to set up the wifi.
  7. Next, set up the additional Google Wifi points if you are prompted with a dialog box. 
  8. When you successfully set up the Google Wifi points, the overview of the Wifi network and the list of the wifi points will appear on the screen. 
  9. Next, install the software that includes the latest features and security of Google WiFi. 

Wait for a while until the whole installing process gets over. When you are done with doing the whole thing, you can now explore Google Wifi and its features. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa