How To Get To Control Panel In Windows 10 : Easy Hacks At Your Fingertips

In this ever-growing world of digitization, our life revolves around technology. Therefore, it is essentially important for us to get conversant with technological know-how. On this note, in recent times, most of us prefer working on Windows 10. However, those who are familiar with the earlier version, that is Windows 7, would know that there are are some operational difference between Windows 7 and Windows 10. Some keys and options are indeed different and, therefore, it becomes little difficult for a beginner to operate on Windows 10. In fact, each one of us must have faced some problems while operating on Windows 10 as a beginner. In this article, we are going to discuss one such problem. To be precise we are going to address the biggest issue faced by the user regarding how to get to control panel in Windows 10?

Brief Overview

Most users run into complication in tracing or reaching out to some of the fundamental icons or keys in Windows 10. In this article, we shall discuss one such problem in detail. That is to say, we shall take up the issue of finding or reaching out to the control panel in Windows 10. Many users frequently complain that they are facing a lot of issues in accessing the control panel on their updated Windows 10 version.
We have decided therefore to come to your aid and resolve this issue once and for all. This is also immensely important. Control panel is one of the fundamental icons and you frequently need to access the icon for many computer related purposes.
In fact, most of the issues related to your PC can be sorted by means of the Control Panel. Therefore, it is indeed frustrating if you suddenly run into complications in reaching out to the Control Panel icon. However, why do you need to worry when we are there take care of all  PC- related concerns? Shed away your worries and be carefree. Your relentless search for a perfect solution to your problem is finally over. Yes, that’s right. If you are wondering how to get to control panel in windows 10 welcome aboard. We shall show you the way. In this article, we shall offer you proactive guidelines for your problem. The guidelines we offer will serve your issues at once. So, shed away your doubts and fears and read on in order to solve your way out.

Why Is It So Difficult To Locate Control Panel in Windows 10?

In order to find out the solutions to a problem, it is important first to know why and from where the problem crops up. This helps in the early detection and mitigation of the issue. Now to answer to the question, the major reason behind facing the problem is because the upgraded Windows 10 version has undergone some changes. Therefore, buttons and icons have also undergone certain alterations. The icons and buttons of the latest Windows 10 Pc are not only modeled in most advanced features but has also been exposed to certain variations, leaving users helpless under certain circumstances.

Actually, with every upgraded version, the overall design of the technology is undergoing certain modifications. This is leading to the compactness and technological advancement of the machine. However, the success of this technology integration is at times leaving the beginners to some difficulties at least in the initial stage. You can definitely look upon it as the initial bouncers on your way to a technological exploration. However, you can’t afford to be deterred right? No, certainly not. How to get control panel in Windows 10 is one such bouncer, that you need to overcome at the earliest. If you don’t know how to do so, we will show you the way.

Some Words On The Control Panel

Actually, while creating the latest version of Windows 10, two different places of storing all your settings have been devised. Among them, the older storage format, that is, the Control Panel and the new one, which is the Settings Application. Now for your convenience, we shall provide you with a detailed insight into the Control Panel Icon. This will help you understand things better.

To put it in simple terms, the Control Panel is an essential part or component of the earlier version of the Windows OS. The Control Panel enables all the users to modify or alter the settings for the Windows OS. The settings in turn control all other processes in the OS. Therefore, in the simplest terms, the Control Panel controls and regulates your entire Operating  System.

How To Get To Control Panel In Windows 10? Easy Strategies For You

We understand how crucial Control Panel is as an icon. Therefore, it is definitely frustrating for you if you find it difficult to get to control panel on your Windows 10 PC. But for those who are facing the problem for a long and looking for a solution, here comes the good news for you. The procedure to get to control panel is pretty simple. In fact, you can sort the issue on your own provided you know the correct steps. In case you don’t know, follow the procedures we list for you.  

Procedure 1: Try Using Search Cortana

This is, in fact, the easiest and the first thing to do in case you wish to reach out to the Control Panel on Windows 10. In order to do so, you just need to follow the instructions given below.

First, you need to go to the taskbar and tap on the search box. Once you do this, click within the taskbar and write Control Panel on the specified area. After you finish,  click on the correct option from the result section.

Alternative Procedure.
In case the instructions given above seem too difficult for you to follow up, you can try out the easier alternative strategy instead, to get things better.
All you need to do is get in touch with Cortana and seek help in order to access the Control Panel icon.

Procedure 2: Avail WinX Menu

In case the first procedure proves ineffective, you can try out the second procedure in order to get to Control Panel in Windows 10. In order to that, you need to follow the given instructions.
First and foremost you need to right-tap on the Start menu bar and hold on it for some time.
In case, doing this does not help, you can try out an alternative method.
You can simply make use of a shortcut key, that is, simply click on Windows Key as well as X simultaneously. Once done, you can just press on the Control Panel option in order to activate it.

Procedure 3: Make Use Of The File Explorer

In case things do not work out by means of this attempt as well, you can avail the File Explorer application.

If you are still wondering how to get to control panel in windows 10, we have still better ways for you. Availing the File Explorer application you can reach out to not just the Control Panel but all other icons on your Windows Operating System. So, in many ways, this is, in fact, the most suitable alternative for you. In order to access the File Explorer, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.
First, tap on the File Explorer application from the taskbar and then choose “Desktop”. Once done, you simply need to double-click on the Control Panel icon.

Procedure 4: Find Control Panel By Means Of Run Command

In case you still fail to locate the Control Panel icon on Windows 10, do not fret. We have the easiest solution for you. You can trace out the Control Panel icon by using the Run command. Doing this is no more than a child’s play. Follow the instructions we offer below.

Press and hold the Windows Key and R button simultaneously in order to initialize the Run command dialog box.  When the dialog box opens, click on it and write Control Panel within the box. After typing it, Just click on OK.

Procedure 5: Try Using The Shortcut Option For Control Panel

This is another easy solution for you. You can trace out the Control Panel icon from the Start menu bar. The procedure is also pretty simple. Check out below:
The first thing for you to do is to  press on the Start icon. Next, tap on All Apps from the Start menu.

Once you do it, you need to drop down and reach out to the Windows System Directory and click on the option. After that, press the Control Panel Shortcut Option.

Procedure 6: Avail The Settings Panel

Frankly , you should be able to learn how to get to control panel in windows 10 by means  of the procedures we cited for you. However, if things still do not work in your favour, you can try to locate the Control Panel  icon by means of using the Settings Widget. In order to use it, tap on Start. Then press and hold Windows and I at the same time in order to launch the Settings Widget. Once you do that, tap on the Control Panel.

Other Alternative Solutions

In case you are still facing issues on  finding control panel in windows 10, you can try out these alternative solutions. These might work for you instead.

Method 1: Pin The Control Panel Icon To Start Menu

If you want to access Control Pane on your Windows 10 PC  in a couple of seconds, then this one is indeed the best option for you . If you are wondering how  to do that, follow our instructions.

First and foremost, press on the Search dialog box located on the taskbar. After that within the dialog box , write “Control Panel”. Once you do that, the option will appear on the result section. All you should do next is , click on the correct option as it appears on the result section.  You need to simply right-tap and long-press the Control Panel option. Finally, reach out to the contextual menu and choose Pin To Start option.

Method 2: Pin The Control Panel Icon To The Taskbar

You can also pin the Control Panel icon to the taskbar. By doing so , you can easily enable the Control Panel quite easily. In order to do the same , you need to reach out to the Search dialog box from taskbar. Following this, you have to click within the Search dialog box and feed in Control Panel. Once done, you need press on the accurate option as it appears on the result section. Right-tap and long-press the Control Panel option. Lastly , choose Pin To Taskbar.

Method 3: Run Command Prompt

Running the Command Prompt is slightly different. However, if you still do not know how to get to control panel in Windows 10, then this is something that you will have to do. Nonetheless, do not worry , this too is not too difficult. Follow our guide.

First, tap on Start and launch the menu. After that, write “cmd” within the Search dialog box. Now,  launch the Command Prompt and feed in the command Control Panel. Once done, press the Enter Key.

Method 4: Enable Windows PowerShell Command In Order to Locate The Control Panel

This is the last and final solution that we have for you . In case you are going through a hard fate and all the solutions stated fails, do not be dejected. All is not over yet. Indeed, the best is yet to come. You can try out this last knock . Try using the Windows PowerShell Command. Who knows, you may get things your way this time. All you need to do is tap on the Start button. Following this, choose the PowerShell  command and press and hold on it for some time in order to launch it. Next, you have to type Control Panel within the PowerShell command screen. That’s all, then hit the Enter key and you are done.

So, with the above strategies that we mentioned above, finding  the Control Panel on you Windows 10 should not be a problem to you at all. In fact, with the guidelines given above, it should  be no more than a child’s play . Therefore shed away your doubts and worries and try out the measures we have recommended right away .

Concluding Remarks

Before summing up , we leave a small note of advice for you all . Control Panel is unquenably an essential icon and in fact , the most crucial component of  your system. It helps you to manage and control your entire system and enables your entire system to function properly . Therefore, in case you are a beginner and having queries regarding how to get to control panel in Windows 10, find your way out. Try out the solutions we offered you and you will solve your doubts effectively . Tracing out the Control Panel will no longer be a challenge for you. The icing on the cake for you is that the procedures are extremely simple. So following them will not be any problem to you at all. Therefore, delay no more.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa