How To Get Rid Of Windows 10 Update Stuck Checking For Updates?

Windows 10 is a big step forward in redefining the Operating System and setting new boundaries for easier access. This allows users to provide a faster, more efficient and more efficient Operating System without compromising quality. Users can upgrade to a new version with the help of Windows update manager. The task is very easy. But, sometimes users might also find “Windows 10 update stuck checking for updates”. For this, you must start and restart the update process while Windows does all your work.

Despite, this method works for almost all users, but most of the users report that the update manager for Windows 10 remains in the “Check for Updates” section. This situation is very strange since Windows 10 notifications are available and you can start the download. We conclude that this problem may arise for many reasons.

Windows 10 Checking for Updates Stuck: Step-wise Solutions To Fix The Problem

This article comes with some solutions to get rid of Windows 10 update stuck checking for updates.

Solution 1: Delete The Download Content And Restart Update Service

Immediately disable Windows Update, so that you can remove downloaded content from the Update Manager. When restarting the service, Windows checks the downloaded file. If it cannot find anything, it will start downloading from scratch. In most cases, this fixes the problem and does not close the computer again when it finds an update.

Disable Update Service

There are two ways to disable Windows Update.  You can easily go for any one of them.

Step 1: Available Services

Press Windows + R to launch the Run application. In the dialog box, enter “services.msc”. All services running on your computer will start with this. Search the list until you find a service called Windows Update Service. Select Properties after right click on the service. After that, click Stop button. You can proceed further when it is stopped.

Step 2: Go For Command Prompt
  • Launch Run application and type “cmd” to open the command prompt.
  • Type ‘net stop wuauserv’ in the command box. For further use, do not close the command prompt.

Delete Downloaded Files

You need to erase all the existing updated files after entering the Windows Update directory. After that, you should open the file explorer from My computer and go through the instructions that it asks to.

  1. Go to the address C:\Windows\SoftwareDestination
  2. Delete all the files that you will find there.

Active Update Service

Now, you must re-activate and restart the Windows Update. Initially, in order to prepare the downloaded manifest. It may take several minutes to calculate the details that come from the Update Manager.


If you have already used the method one to disable Windows Update, follow the step one described here. If you are performing method 2, follow the second method.


Step 1: Available Services
  • Go to the Services tab, as you did in the manual. At first, open the Windows Update from the settings option and then open Properties from there.
  • Now, restart the service and start the update manager.
Step 2: Go For Command Prompt

Run the command prompt. Then type ‘net start wuauserv’. With the help of this command, you get the full flexibility to open Windows Update. After that, restart the Update Manager.


Solution 2: Disable The Antivirus

Many antivirus programs download and reject quarantine Windows updates. Anti-Virus will not allow you to download files that modify existing system files. If you update their protocols with a new update (for example, a new download file from Windows Update), the definition may not have been updated.

Disabling antivirus can be dangerous and you may subject to various threats. You must immediately disable it and start the Update Manager. Once the problem resolved, you can disable it until the download is complete. If not, you can turn it on at any time.

Solution 3: Switch to a LAN Connection

Many users report that updates for Windows 10 are not downloaded over the wireless connection. There may be a problem with the wireless driver or the current operating system may not be able to get the download over the wireless connection.

Switch to the cable connection, run the Update Manager again and check your problem. Simply connect the router and the Ethernet cable to the computer. You can also connect an Ethernet cable connected to the router directly to your computer. Due to this, you will get a high-speed net and there will interruption while downloading.


Solution 4: Check For Both The Download Status And Disk Space

In most cases, Windows 7 will not upgrade to the latest available version. In that case, it can take 12 hours to complete the process. First, Windows will update the system or download updates for Windows 7 and then starts Windows 10 processes.

Upgrading Windows 10 installs a new operating system or updates an existing operating system. There are several steps to update existing Windows operating system settings. You can upgrade your system only if the latest version of the operating system is installed on your system. As a result, the system is first updated, and then the Windows 10 downloading process will start.

Another reason that the Update Manager might stick is that there is not enough disk space. Check the local C drive and make sure there is enough free disk space. Clear the recycle bin and remove unwanted items from the desktop.

Use the following method to clean your disk.

  1. Go to My Computer. Here, you will see all connected devices and drives.
  2. Right-click the hard disk and from the drop-down menu select Properties.
  3. You will see General Tab, which will present on the top of the Properties section. There you will see how much storage space do you have. Then click on the Disk CleanUp to clear the disk.
  4. Turn on all available boxes present and turn on all temporary files. Click Ok to begin the process.
  5. When you click OK, Windows starts cleaning the device. If you do not clean the disc for a long time, it may take several minutes. Keep patience and do not cancel the process until the process is completely done.

Therefore, the above solutions will definitely help you solve your issue. If there are any other queries related Windows 10 update stuck checking for updates, you can post your comments in the section below.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa