How to Get More Youtube Traffic (Fast) – Viral Marketing Techniques

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google with more than 4 billion videos being viewed every single day. Based on video marketing YouTube content will appear in both YouTube and Google search. It is one of the premier platforms for reaching audiences. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or content creator and want to increase your YouTube viewers for free, then the process will be time-consuming. But the right things bring you more views, a better experience, and better opportunities for expanding your content and audience.

In the YouTube channel, all your companies’ video content will get over a million unique users to visit each month if you follow some tricks. Here some methods are discussed to optimize your YouTube channel to get Youtube Subscribers and engagements. So, the tips for getting Youtube Traffic are mentioned below:

1. Google-friendly keywords must be chosen

To get traffic in a YouTube channel you must start SEO which depends on what users want to search for. Sometimes people don’t search for videos on YouTube; they also use Google for search. Google also gives priority to video over other content.

There is no ultimate rule for SEO based keywords for YouTube video rank but there is some process to find a Google-friendly keyword:

  • Use the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool to find possible keywords.
  • Search Google for options.
  • Scan through the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the keyword.
  • Use keyword many times in the video
  • Keywords must be chosen carefully which increases the engagement of the video.

2. Increase Annotations

YouTube annotations add interactive commentary to videos through which people can interact easily. They drive viewers to complete tasks like subscribing to a channel, watching more videos, pausing, adding a comment, following your product on Twitter or Facebook, etc.

Process of adding Annotations

First, go to the edit video option of the video you are working on and already uploaded in the YouTube channel, and then go to the annotations tab. 

In the annotations, the dashboard selects the timeframe where you want to add an annotation, through the add annotation drop-down menu. There are six different types of annotation options available (The Speech Bubble, The Note, The Title, The Spotlight, The Label, The Pause)which help to interact with your videos and increase traffic.

Annotations are one of the best ways to increase Youtube Subscribers and engagements because they are free, gain greater visibility, and increase the interaction of viewers to your content.

Your social media following can grow from your YouTube videos because of the annotations present. Asking your viewers only to subscribe to your channel is not beneficial, so you must draw attention to your other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more by adding Annotations.

3. Add custom thumbnails

Thumbnails matter for YouTube videos even more than titles because we generally notice visuals first.  

Automatic thumbnails produced by YouTube for all videos are sometimes blurry or out of focus. To increase engagement, an eye-catching custom thumbnail must be created for every video you post.

Some simple “rules of thumb” which provide the best results are:

  • Resolution must be 1280 x 720 px (with 16:9 aspect ratio should work)
  • Format must be .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG
  • Size must be limited to 2MB 
  • High contrast images must be used
  • Text and colors should be used which can attract customer
  • Use close-up image
  • Photo must reflect your brand

4. Make valuable descriptions

Different types of YouTube videos must have different types of descriptions. A good and informative description attracts more subscribers and engagements. Here some of the important tips are mentioned below:

  • Mention your keywords in the description and title
  • The description should be limited in 5000-characters
  • Attach a “contents page” with timestamps that help viewers to find their search
  • Attach links to important playlists 
  • Add few relevant hashtags by following YouTube’s hashtagging rules

By mentioning keywords only in the video just like with text, people do not give attention. So, use more keywords in the intro part.

5. Make Your Page a Brand

Branding is important for the promotion of the channel. Many branding features available on the YouTube channel for free. Customizing the background of your channel, with social networks display and a custom header in many ways to make your channel a brand.

The custom background makes the official presence of their brand on YouTube. Incorporation of those tactics for YouTube background is important which is why the YouTube Photoshop Template is best for making your own YouTube channel design.

Mention links like other social networks, blogs, websites, etc can increase engagements. Choose to utilize the space of the top right of the dashboard to attach the link of Twitter, Facebook, blog, website to automatically increase YouTube audience. It also provides a brief description of your channel with keywords and optimizes the metadata above.


Getting millions of subscribers on YouTube takes time because the platform has its checks which depend on the video content quality. To buy youtube subscribers and increase engagement it is very important to understand the audience very well. There are a huge number of steps to increase YouTube reach, but important points are mentioned above.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa