How to Get More Views on YouTube: Tips that Actually Work?

We bet you will hardly find a person who doesn’t have any social media accounts these days. These networks are incorporated into all spheres of our life. And, of course, what all of us dream about is engagement.

Getting views, likes, comments, and subscribers is important because it serves as a kind of feedback and inspires us to work on the content more. However, in the case of YouTube, things are not that bright. 

It’s quite difficult to get noticed among millions of other channels. You may create the best video on the topic but still get only 10 views. How to change this situation? Read on and find out the best tips for getting more views.

Learn about YouTube algorithm

It’s not a secret that each social media platform works according to its own algorithm. Otherwise, who will determine what video is worth promoting? After all, a human being is not able to process such amounts of information.

The truth about the YT algorithm is that it’s a bit unpredictable, but you can still act according to its rules. And the main rule is quite simple: the higher engagement, the better ranking your video has. Yes, the algorithm loves popular videos.

So it’s a kind of vicious circle out there: you will be promoted by the algorithm only if you have a big audience. But forewarned is forearmed. When you know what to do in order to get noticed by the YouTube algorithm, it will be easier for you to plan and create new content strategies.

Master Your Channels SEO

You probably know that apart from being the largest video-hosting platform, YouTube is also the second-largest search engine in the world. And in order to rank better (i.e., appear in user’s search more frequently), you will need to work on your search engine optimization. What aspect should you consider in this case?

Video titles and thumbnails

A title is actually the first thing your potential viewer will see. And, of course, it should evoke some sort of emotion or reaction. Therefore, it should be crafted in such a way that a viewer would feel the sudden urge to watch this video immediately.

Thumbnail is also one of the first things YT users see. It’s a preview picture of your video, which also should be created according to some rules:

  • It should be high-quality. Otherwise, it may avert your potential audience.
  • It should be aesthetically pleasing. The colors shouldn’t be too bright or too dull, and the font should be eye-appealing.
  • It should be a bit intriguing. Let your audience guess what comes next when they press the “play” button.


It’s actually pretty obvious: in order to find some video, the user writes down certain words that can narrow this search. These are the actual keywords. You need to find them all and incorporate them into your video. How to do it properly? By keyword research.

There are many SEO tools on the Web, so try some of them. Or try to find the video on the same topic as yours and determine what words your competitors use the most frequently. Make a list of those words, and then incorporate them where you need.


Many people rely on descriptions when they decide what video they want to watch. Therefore, it should be crafted accordingly. Your descriptions must be a) informative b) interesting c) again, a bit intriguing. Don’t make them too long or too short. And make sure you include all the essential information.

Descriptions are also important because you can use some relevant keywords there, so your video can be noticed more frequently. Do not forget about it when working on your keywords.

Create Transcripts

Create Transcripts

This is indeed a working formula: having transcripts inevitably means more views. How come? It’s simple – you will broaden your potential audience. There are more than 5,000 languages in the world. And the international one is English. So having English transcripts (even if your mother tongue is completely different) will involve more people who would skip your video if it was in another language.  

A little tip: make sure that you have created high-quality transcripts. Otherwise, it may create a bit of a funny effect.

Be consistent

First of all, don’t disappear too often. We all need a small break sometimes, but not in a world where new content appears each minute. It will be more than enough to post 2-3 times a week.

Secondly, being consistent also means creating a series of videos on the same theme. For example, if you are a movie channel owner, you can create a series of videos devoted to the top 10 worst-rated movies in the world. Make each new video about a separate film. Your viewers will be looking forward to each new video.

Make playlists

It’s a simple trick that will boost the number of views considerably. Modern platform users don’t like being challenged. If they are not served with the new content, they will not look for it.

That’s why assembling your videos in various playlists sounds like an advantage of your channel, especially if you follow the tip above. Without playlists, your channel will look a bit chaotic.

Provide the best content to your audience

The Internet is full of various content, and it would be a lie to say that each piece of it is of great quality. But we want to learn from good examples, right? That’s why you should always make sure that your content quality is sublime. You can do it by following these simple rules:

  • Use good equipment. It will make your videos much more neat and aesthetic. Of course, it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a camera and all that stuff if you are just a beginner, but you should definitely research this point.  
  • Write scripts for your videos. If speaking is not your strongest side, then this rule is a must. You should base your speech on small steps: introduction, advertising part (if any), main info section, and conclusion. This way, you will be more confident while talking and provide lots of interesting data that you could miss if you hadn’t any script.
  •  Learn a bit of video editing. It is really an essential skill for youtubers. There are many easy and cheap editing tools on the Web. Start with the easiest one; you can help yourself by watching some tutorials or finding how-to articles.
  •  Love what you are doing! After all, what is done with love is done well.


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these steps. What we have listed above is what’s most important. Adopting sophisticated strategies may eventually go against your overall objectives, but simple ones always work out. If you do your best to stick with the basics, you’ll eventually get the views you deserve.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa