Gambit Jadestone in Destiny 2: How to Get it and Everything in Between

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is a free-to-play action MMO game that involves a single world. If you love loot games, then Destiny 2 might be at the top of your choices. The game offers so many things, such as weapons, armour pieces, and more to loot. You can loot them and have them regardless of the fact whether you will use them in the near future.

However, you need weapons and shaders to keep looting and exploiting the game Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Shaders are one of the popular items available in the gameplay that allow transforming your armour instantly. 

Gambit Jadestone is one of the most anticipated shaders in Destiny 2. How can you get it? Let’s check out this guide to learn more about Gambit Jadestone.

Gambit Jadestone: A Brief Introduction

As you already know, Gambit Jadestone is a shader. This shader is available on Destiny 2, and you can apply the shader to your existing armour. The shader has been available to Guardians for quite a long period now. 

However, it’s still famous among Guardians. They keep trying hard to level up and own the Gambit Jadestone. What’s the particular reason behind it?

The Gambit Jadestone shader is an eye-catching shader due to its glowing nature. In the Season of Dawn, Destiny 2 developers introduced Gambit Jadestone. You are lucky if you have picked it.

If not, then you might regret it now. In case you are hoping that the shader will come back in the next season, then it’s misleading information. Till now, the developers haven’t announced anything about the arrival of Gambit Jadestone in the upcoming Season. So, we guess that the shader named Gambit Jadestone is lost forever.

How can You Acquire the Gambit Jadestone Shader in Destiny 2?

You might be thinking about how you can get a Gambit Jadestone since it’s no longer available in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Well, there’s a trick to win the shader and make your armour glow. You need to complete an incredibly simple task while you are playing Destiny 2.

Players have to participate in Gambit matches. You can play consecutive Gambit matches, and if you are lucky enough, then you might own the Gambit Jadestone shader as a reward. The developer of Destiny 2, Bungie, has introduced all the old Gambi shaders as the rewards of these matches.

Therefore, you need to try your luck and keep playing Gambit matches. In case you are fortunate enough, then you can acquire the Gambit Jadestone and store it in your collection. Well, Gambit Jadestone is not the only valuable shader that you can win through Gambit matches.

Aim for Photo Finish, Bergusian Night, Amethyst Veil, and more via the Gambit match on Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

Best Shaders Available on Destiny 2

If you love collecting shaders for your armours on Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, then you shouldn’t miss this. 

We have listed all the best-rated shaders in the gameplay, such as:

  • Bitterpearl
  • Carminica
  • Mystophosphor
  • Descendant Vex Chrome
  • Irradiant Charoite
  • Monochromatic
  • Amethyst Veil
  • Bergusian Night
  • Photo Finish

Wrapping up…

Hopefully, you will get the Gambit Jadestone shader by winning Gambit matches. This doesn’t appear to be very difficult. Otherwise, you might wait for the shader to make a comeback. 

However, this doesn’t sound possible according to the current situation. Let’s hope for the best, and you can grab the above-mentioned shaders for mesmerising experiences on Destiny 2.