How To Fix YouTube Black Screen Chrome? Effective Measures

You might open your YouTube account to watch videos but it takes time to load the videos and sometimes, you may probably find a black screen. At that time, you not able to see anything on the screen. The main reason behind the error is a network problem. In some cases, the problem occurs due to Adobe Flash Player. Users often encounter this annoying problem and do not have any idea “how to fix YouTube black screen Chrome?”


Therefore, if you have already faced this type of issue and don’t have any idea how to get rid of the problem even after attempting various methods, then you are in the right place. Try to follow the article till the end, it consists of several guidelines which will help you in further. Hence, stay tuned with the article.

Reasons behind the occurrence of the YouTube Black Screen

In the first paragraph, we have discussed primary causes for this annoying problem. Now, take a look at some other possible reasons why this problem occurs.

  • JavaScript: An important part which is required for every browser work well is JavaScript. So, when it is not running properly, the problem arises.
  • Cookies and Cache: Nother possible reason for the error YouTube black screen is cookies and cache which are accumulated on the website.
  • Internal Bug: Internal bug also responsible for this frustrating issue.

How to Fix YouTube black screen Chrome: Quick Steps to Follow

We are mentioning below some of the convenient fixes to get rid of this error in minimum time. “How to fix YouTube black screen Chrome?” is really a popular query whihc needs prompt resolution for the users. Hence, you need to check the steps below to get rid of it asap:

Fix # 1: Sign out of your YouTube account

Sometimes, the problem occurs when you watched a video using your account. To remove the error you should sign out from your account and then reopen it. To perform that, launch YouTube on your system and then go to the Settings option. Scroll down and select Sign Out option. Click the option. Then reopen the YouTube and check whether a video is running or not.

Fix # 2: Check the network status

As we discussed earlier that network issue one of the reasons for this problem. You need a high-speed data connection. Due to a slow internet connection, YouTube not able to load a video. For this, a black screen will appear on your screen. To check your internet speed, go to the notification area. Then, right-click on it. After that, select the start the Task Manager and then, tap the Networking option. If the internet connection is unstable, then try to change the network and check the status of the problem.

Fix # 3: Clear browsing data

Cache and history data of your Google Chrome can responsible for the error. Hence, clearing the cache and history data of your favorite browser one of the effective solutions in order to fix the error. The cache can change the browser settings. For this, the other error can crop up. So, it is recommended to clear the browsing data. To do so, follow the below steps:

Step 1

At first, open Google Chrome on your system. In the upper right corner, you will see the menu button. Press that. A list will pop up. Then, select More Tools and then, clear the browsing data. You can use the short key from the keyboard to open the Clear Browsing Data. Just press Shift + Ctrl + Delete at a time and it will lead you to that option.

Step 2

Then, press the Clear Browser. You can also select Time Range. If you want to yesterday’s browser history then you can do it. But it is better to delete all history.

Then, try to start the fresh Google Chrome and YouTube and check whether the problem still there or not.

Fix # 3: Turn Off Browser Extensions

Sometimes, Google Chrome’s extensions interface with YouTube and the problem occurs. At that time, disabling the extensions is the best option to cure the problem. To turn off the extension of your browser, apply the following steps.

Step 1

At first, launch Google Chrome on your system and select the More Tools option from the list.

Step 2

After that, select Extension. A new window will open. Select disable the option to turn off the program such as Adblock.


If turning off the Extension, does not help you to solve the problem, then proceed with the next fixes.

Fix # 4: Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Basically, hardware acceleration means setting up several tasks to process certain computer hardware such as the GPU and not your CPU. This can increase software performance.

But this acceleration brings some critical issue. YouTube Black screen issue can occur due to this. Hence, you need to turn off the hardware acceleration to eliminate the problem.

  1. Open Google Chrome. Furthermore, select the Menu button which is located in the top right corner of Google Chrome. Then tap on the Settings option.
  2. Then, select Show Advanced settings option in the bottom position.
  3. Next, head to the System option and uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.
  4. After that, restart your system and open YouTube. The, check whether the problem fixes or not.

Fix # 5: Update Google Chrome

An outdated version of Google Chrome can cause a YouTube black screen error. In order to fix the error, update the Google Chrome. Go to the Menu option and then select the Help option. Next, press About Google Chrome and check any updated version for the browser. If available, update it accordingly. At last, reopen the browser.


If you apply the proper fixes, then you will be able to troubleshoot YouTube black screen error in Google Chrome.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa