Simplest Solutions For Windows Update Error 80070490

Windows OS is a very reliable and powerful OS. In its lifespan, Windows has introduced a lot of features to the users and still continue to do the same thing. The latest version of it the Windows 10 also has many innovative features which help users profoundly. But all version of Windows OS suffers from lots of errors and bugs attack. The rate of error and bugs hits of Windows OS is usually higher than any other OS. Therefore many users are frustrated by it. And the latest version of Windows OS the Windows 10 surpass their previous frustration level due to its erroneous updates which causes a lot of errors and bugs attack in the system.

However, most of those error indicates towards software issues. That’s why user can solve them very easily if they know the procedure. Therefore we are going to provide the methods which you can use to solve those error. In this article, we will be discussing the Windows Update Error 80070490 and try to solve it in the easiest possible.

Prime Reason For Windows Update Error 80070490


This error appears during the Windows Update procedure and happens due to Component-Based Servicing (CBS) manifestation corruption. It is an indication of an unstable OS and a faulty hard drive.

But all of these problems contain simple fix and you can easily perform them. Let us have a look at them.

Best Ways To Solve The Windows Update Error 80070490


There are many solutions for this single error because of the Error 80070490 points towards different types of issues in a Windows OS. Hence, we have included the best and simplest solutions for Windows Update Error 80070490.

But, before following them you should restart your system once more. A clean reboot can troubleshoot a lot of error and that list includes Windows Update Error 80070490 too. If the error is still appearing after the reboot then you can try following these solutions which are mentioned below.

1. Run The System File Checker

The System File Checker is a very powerful scanning tool of Windows OS. This tool scans all the system file even the protected ones and replaces all the corrupted and incorrect version with the proper version. Therefore, we recommend this scanning method.

To start this, launch the WinX menu by taping on “Windows key + X.” On the WinX menu, you will get the Command Prompt (Admin) option. Click on that. That will open up the Command Prompt box. On That Box, type “sfc/scannow” and hit the Enter key.

Then your system will start the scanning process. Wait until it finishes the scan and removing procedure. After that restart your system and run the Windows Update.

2. Run The DISM Tool

If the System File Checker failed to solve the Windows Update Error 80070490 then there is another tool which performs this same task more accurately. The name of that tool is DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) tool. The main function of the DISM tool is the same as the System File Checker but it has some additional feature also. This tool can also remove other error files which are affecting your system.

To do that, open the Run dialogue box by holding on “Windows key + R.” On the box type “cmd” and hit Enter. This action will immediately launch the Command Prompt box.

Now on that box, type “Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth” and hit the enter. This command line will start a scanning protocol for missing components.

Then you need to type “Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth” which will scan for missing or broken files.

And after that type “Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” and hit the enter. This last command line will launch a scanning process lag or slow loading issues.

But all this process will take 10-15 minutes and sometimes even more, therefore, be patient and wait until it gets finished. Once the process is completed, restart your system and try the Windows update once more.

3. Reset The Windows Updates

After the application of DISM Tool, many pros-user suggest the Windows Updates reset.

But that requires registry modification which is a very risky work because even a small mistake may harm the OS very badly. Therefore, be calm and patient while working on the Windows registry. Also, create a backup of the registry key before doing any kind of modification.

Step 1

Now, to start the Windows Updates reset process launch the Command Prompt. To do that press “Windows key + X” which will open up the WinX menu. On that menu, you will get an option label as Command Prompt (Admin). Click on that and open the Command Prompt box. On that Box, you need to type

“net stop wuauserv,” “net stop cryptSvc,” “net stop bits” and “net stop msiserver”

And then press the Enter key after each command line. This command will stop the Cryptographic, Windows Update, BITS, and MSI Installer services.

Step 2

Now rename the SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folders. And for this task, you need to type “Ren C:\Windows\softwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old” and then “Ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old”. Don’t forget to press the Enter key after command lines.


After this, you need to restart the Cryptographic, Windows Update, BITS,  and MSI Installer services and for that purpose, you need to type

“net start wuauserv,” “net start cryptSvc,” “net start bits,” “net sttart msiserver.”



On the Command Prompt box. But even at this time, you need to press the enter key after each command line. Come out from the Command Prompt box and test the Windows update service.

Step 3

During this process, if you get “Access Denied“ message then you have to reset the Windows Update service manually with the assistance of Service page.

To enter into the Service page you have to use the Run Dialog Box. You can launch the Run Dialog Box by taping on “ Windows key + R”. On that box, type “services.msc” and hit the OK option. That will send you to the Service page where you need to locate the Windows Update service option. Right-click on that option and it will open a pop-up menu. Click on Properties option. Now a properties window will appear on your screen. Now on that window, you have to click on Stop option and then click on the OK option. This action will stop the Windows update service.

After that, wait for 5 minutes and go back to the service page and follow those steps again but this time click on the Start option and press the OK option. This will start the Windows update service once again. Then reboot your system and try to use the Windows update service.

3. Run the System Update Readiness Tool


To solve this error Microsoft has provided software and it is known as the System Update Readiness tool. This tool usually used to rectify the inconsistencies of Windows updates service.

To download this tool visit the official website of Microsoft and then search for this tool. But before downloading check the bit size of your Windows OS (32 bits or 64bits). This precaution will minimize the compatibility issue. After the download Open it and then Run that program. Then you just need to follow the instructions. Now on the Windows Update section will appear during those instructions and there you will get Standalone Installer box. On that box, you will also find Yes option. Click on that.

That click will begin an installation process which will take 15-20 minutes. After the process gets completed it will show you Installation Complete message. Now revisit the Windows update and try it once more.



This is a very common problem for Windows OS user and especially for the Windows 10 users. Microsoft has recognized this error and is trying to solve it with the help of patch updates. But those updates are still far from ready and manual tweaking is the only available fix right now.


We hope that our solutions are good enough to solve this error and if anything happens regarding this error then we will update you through our articles.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa