How to Resolve the Windows Update Error 0x8024401c on Your PC?

You can usually download available updates on your PC whenever you have a good internet connection. An update failure will result in an error code on your screen with a message. Many PC users might get the Windows update error code 0x8024401c despite a proper internet connection. You must immediately try out simple troubleshooting steps if you face the same issue. 

Updates are essential for your PC to continue offering you a great experience. So, you might want to fix the update issues as soon as possible. At the same time, you can contact an expert anytime for help. However, try out the solutions listed below unless you want an urgent solution. 

7 Ways to Fix the Windows Error Code 0x8024401c

Your PC might fail to download the update file for various reasons. So, the solution depends on the cause that applies in your case. You must try the following steps to resolve the Windows update error:

  1. Restart Your PC

A simple reboot can fix many temporary errors on your PC. So, you must try that if you are unsure what causes the update error. Turn off your device for some or opt for a restart from the Start menu. 

Retry the Windows update again after the reboot and check on the problem. Ensure your system drive has enough space if the error code 0x8024401c appears again. 

  1. Free Up Some Drive Space

Your drive might not have enough space to download the Windows update file. Open your File Explorer app and check the free space on the system drive. Then, make sure it has enough space to download the update file. Delete some files from this drive or transfer them to another drive if required. 

Restart the download once you have created enough space on the drive. Do you get the update error again? If yes, your PC might have a more complex problem, and you should try the next solution. 

  1. Use the Update Troubleshooter

The troubleshooter on your PC can help you fix update errors, among other issues. It can often help you resolve the 0x8024401c error code within a fairly short time. So, you must try out this tool if you want a quick solution. Open the Settings menu and navigate to the Troubleshooting section. 

Click on the option to run the troubleshooter given next to Windows Updates. This will start a scan on your PC to find and diagnose update-related problems. In most cases, the troubleshooter can automatically apply a solution to the problem. You must follow the instructions to resolve the error. 

  1. Fix Internet Connection Problems

If the previous steps are ineffective, you must check for internet problems next. After all, that is one of the common causes of the 0x8024401c error, as we have seen. Are you using a Wi-Fi connection on your PC? Then, ensure you receive a strong signal and change your device’s position if required. 

You can also try restarting the router or reconnecting your PC for a solution. Forgetting the network and re-entering its password might also do the trick sometimes. Switch to an ethernet cable or use a different Wi-Fi connection if nothing else works.  

  1. Download or Update Device Drivers

The update error might also have something to do with missing or outdated drivers. In that case, you must download or update your device drivers to resolve the 0x8024401c error. Open your Device Manager and click expand each option to check their devices. Then, right-click the devices that have outdated drivers and opt for a driver update. 

You should also get the option to download the driver if a specific device does not have one already. Do you find it inconvenient to manually update your device drivers every time? Then you must consider installing driver update software for automatic driver updates on your PC. 

  1. Enable or Restart the Windows Update Service

Your PC runs a vast range of services. You can enable or disable these services according to your preferences. However, some of these services, including the Windows Update service, should always be enabled on your device.  

As you probably know, disabling this service on your PC will cause update failures. You see the error code 0x8024401c on your screen in such cases. So, open the Services section on your PC using the Run dialog. Then, open the Windows Update service to check whether it is running. 

Do you find this service running? If yes, you must stop it for a minute before starting it again. Turn it on if you have unknowingly disabled it on your device. You should not get the Windows update error again after that. 

  1. Find and Repair Damaged System Files

The error you get during system updates might sometimes indicate damaged system files. So, you might have to find and repair such files before updating your system. You can do that fairly quickly using the System File Checker (SFC) tool. However, you cannot proceed with this method without using an administrator account. 

Open the Command Prompt on your PC through the Start menu as an administrator. Then, enter the command “sfc/ scannow” to scan your system for damaged files. SFC will automatically find and repair all the corrupted files in your Windows system. You should be able to download the Windows update file without issues. 

What if the Windows Update Keeps Failing?

You might have to clean and boot your device for a solution in some cases. Many experts would also suggest you modify the Registry Editor and network settings. However, you might need to contact a professional if the aforementioned fixes do not work.