Amazing Methods To Fix Windows Could Not Complete The Installation Windows 10

Whenever any new version of the Windows Operating System is installed, or when Windows is updated, it does not go without any errors. One of the most prominent errors among several others is “Windows could not complete the installation Windows 10.” This error usually occurs on a Windows 10 PC when the users try to install the updates manually or when they try to upgrade their system from an earlier version of Windows to the latest Windows 10. This error also comes along with an error message “ Windows could not complete the installation. to install Windows on this computer restart Windows 10.” If you are encountering this error in your Windows 10 PC, then follow this article to solve the problem.


How To Fix The Windows Could Not Complete The Installation Windows 10 Error?


The main cause behind the occurrence of this error is that you are stuck in a Reboot loop. Thus, in order to get rid of this annoying issue, you can try out any of the fixes presented in this article.


Method 1: Run The Installer File To Fix The Error

If the Windows could not complete the installation Windows 10 occurs because of a simple bug, then you can try to fix it by running the installer file. But only those users who are using an external DVD for installing new updates and upgrading their PC can use this solution. For that, at first, you need to create a bootable USB or DVD with Windows 10. This will help in recovering your computer and for upgrading the PC and installing the updates. As soon as you have created a bootable USB, you can now proceed with booting your computer.

• Open the Command Prompt window by pressing the Shift + F10 keys.
• Then, insert the USB or DVD in which you want to create a portable Windows 10 storage media.
• Wait for the device to recognize and then, navigate to the D partition of your hard drive.
• Next, type “setup {Enter}” in it to run the update installer.


Method 2: Update BIOS

Windows could not complete the installation Windows 10 if there arises any incompatibility issue with the BIOS. So, you need to update the BIOS for fixing this error. You can walk through these steps to update the BIOS and resolve this particular error message:


  • At first, go to the Start Menu and then type ‘msinfo’ in the Search bar to find the current version of BIOS.
    • Then, locate your processor’s BIOS version and find whether your computer was bundled or pre-built manually. It is significant to know this; otherwise, it might lead to major system problems and errors.
    • Now, you need to prepare your computer for the update procedure. While updating your device, make sure that it is fully charged because if the computer turns off during the updating process, then the update will get interrupted.
    Then, the only thing that you need to do is follow the instructions as per the manual provided by the manufacturers.

    This will eventually update the BIOS in your system After completion of the update process, you need to restart your system and check whether the error is resolved or not.

Method 3: Advanced Startup Options

Though this solution is a bit complicated, it works effectively in solving the Windows could not complete the installation Windows 10 issue. If you are struggling while installing the latest updates, then you can always use this process.

• You need to turn off and then turn back on your computer promptly several times until and unless you get a choice of opening the Advanced Recovery options.
• Next, you will get a “Choose an option” screen. From there, you need to select the Troubleshoot option and then, select the option “Reset your PC.”
• After that, choose the option “Keep my files” and in the next prompt, click on the Cancel option.
• You need to select the Cancel option until and unless you again get the “Choose an option” screen.
• Once you get it, choose Continue and check whether you are still having an issue with the same installation.


Method 4: Using Command Prompt and MMC Tweaks

The following method, suggested by Microsoft officials, is one of the most effective ways to apply if Windows could not complete the installation Windows 10. You can follow the steps discussed below to check whether it works or not:

• Open the Command Prompt window by pressing the Shift + F10 keys. Do this when your computer is still connected to the external storage device.
• Type MMC in the Command Prompt window and choose the File menu.
• Then, click on the Add/Remove Snap-in option and then double click on the Computer Management option.
• From there, select the Local computer option and click on Finish.
• After that, hit the OK button and choose the Computer Management (Local) option, which has appeared in the MMC window.
• Then, navigate to the System Tools option and select “Local Users and Groups”.
• Next, choose the Users option and double click on Administrator.

Thereafter, you need to uncheck the ‘Account is disabled’ entry and click on the OK button. Then, right-click on the Administrator option and select “Set Password.” Now, you can choose and type a password of your choice and then, restart your computer. This should ideally resolve the issue.


Solution 5: Alter Some Additional BIOS Settings

Sometimes, you are likely to receive the Windows could not complete the installation Windows 10 error even when your BIOS firmware is up to date. It can be due to some additional changes in the BIOS settings in the latest version. You can follow the given steps to fix this error:

• Turn off and then turn on your PC and when the system restarts, press the BIOS key to enter the BIOS settings. You will get a display of BIOS key on the boot screen as it will say “Press _ to enter Setup.” It can be any of these keys: F1, F2, F10, Del, and Esc.
• The SATA option that you need to change is located under Integrated Peripherals, Onboard devices or under the Advanced tab. You need to locate this option and then change it from AHCI or RAID to ATA.
• Then, navigate to the Exit section and select the option ” Exit Saving Changes.” This will start the booting process and you need to run the update again.
After finishing the process, don’t forget to change the settings back to its original state.

Hope that by walking through the above steps, you can get rid of the Windows could not complete the installation Windows 10 error. In case the error persists, take a professional’s help to resolve the issue.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa