Windows 10 Startup Repair: Instant Fix at your Fingertips

Nowadays we encounter several problems while using Windows 10. Sometimes, Windows 10 fails to boot. Therefore, we can perform Windows 10 Startup Repair to resolve this issue. This can be achieved by performing some basic troubleshooting steps. It mainly happens with the master boot record. In that case, the repair should be done to get things running like normal. However, Windows 10 recovery environment contains an automated option for doing that. If it does not work properly, you can perform it manually in the Command Prompt.

                  Startup Repair is basically a Windows recovery tool which can solve several problems that can refrain the windows from starting. It can scan the problems for the PC and will make an attempt to resolve it so that the PC can start correctly.

Windows 10 PC Won’t Boot

The Windows 10 booting process is very simple. When your computer begins, the BIOS gets loaded which will do a small series of checks on your hardware. It can scan the disk master boot record, which loads an important file into the main memory known as WINLOAD.EXE. This will initiate the start-up process by saving the NTOSKRNL.EXE (NT Kernel) and HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer). Windows 10 will then do a series of tasks which includes initializing your hardware like your mouse and keyboard. Just follow the below steps to perform a clean Windows 10 Startup Repair.

Performing a Startup Repair to Fix the above Boot Problem-

The foremost thing that you need to do is booting into the recovery environment and then pull up the Startup repair tool in your Windows 10. In order to have access to the recovery environment, switch on the computer and shut it down 3 times. While booting is going on, ensure that you turn off the computer as soon as you see the Windows Logo. After the third operation, Windows 10 will boot into the diagnostic mode. Then, press the Advanced Options once the recovery screen appears.

  1. First, press the Troubleshoot.
  2. Then press the Advanced Option.
  3. After that, press Startup Repair.

Troubleshooting Steps-

  1. Reboot the Advanced Startup Options.
  2. Press Troubleshoot.
  3. Then, press Advanced Options.
  4. After that, click on Startup Repair.
  5. If it gives a pop-up, choose that OS where you want to do the startup repair.
  6. If prompted, choose an administrator account to give the credentials for the approval.

                         However, make a note that you will not receive any notification regarding administrator password if you perform the booting from a Windows installation USB or recovery drive.

  1. Write the password on the specified administrator field and then press Continue.
  2. After that, Start Repair will start “Diagnosing your PC” and will make an attempt to fix it automatically.
  3. However, if the repair is not successful, you will find a list of problems in the log file.


Quick Solution to Startup problems on Windows 10-

In order to use the startup feature and to evade Windows 10 Startup Feature not working issue, you need to fix the boot issues first by accessing the Advanced Startup settings. You can perform this action by three different means based on your situation.


Access the Advanced Startup when PC not loading-

If your device got stuck while booting, you can use this methodology to access the recovery environment.

  1. Turn on the PC.
  2. When the Window Logo appears, just click on the power button. ( this can interrupt the booting process).
  3. Repeat the first 2 steps two times more.

             After the third operation, Windows 10 will open the Advanced Startup Environment, and then you can move ahead with the below steps to use Windows 10 Startup Repair tool to resolve the booting issues with the Windows 10.


Access Advanced Startup with the help of Bootable Media-

When our device is not starting at all, use a USB  installation media to have the Advanced Setting Environment. Just follow the below steps-

1. Open your device using a USB Bootable Media-

  • If your computer is not working from the USB Flash drive, just modify the system BIOS settings to ensure that it can boot from USB. However, you can get access to the BIOS by powering your device and clicking either the Delete or ESC key. Ensure that the manufacturer’s website is there to provide information.
  • Then press Next.
  • Press Repair your computer link present at the bottom.

Once these steps are done, follow the steps below to move ahead with the Startup Repair tool.

Access the Advanced Startup while Loading PC-

If you have the license for the desktop, follow the below steps to get in touch with the recovery environment so that you can use the Startup Tool.

  1. Just open the settings.
  2. Press Update and SEcurity.
  3. Press Recovery.
  4. In the Advanced startup section, you will find the Restart now button. Click on that.

           Once those steps are done, go ahead with the below steps to resolve these loading problems in your device with the help of automatic repair feature.

Use Startup Repair to fix Loading Problems-

When you are in Advanced Startup environment, follow the below guidelines to do a Windows 10 Startup Repair-

  1. Press the Troubleshoot button.
  2. Then press the Advanced options button.
  3. Press the Startup Repair button.
  4. Choose your account.
  5. Write your “account password”.
  6. Press the Continue button.

Instant Suggestion:

When your computer is loaded correctly, use this device, you will receive the pop up “Start Repair couldn’t repair your PC” message because there’s nothing to be changed.

Once done, Windows 10 Startup Repair feature will go ahead scanning, detecting, and any issues that refrain your device from loading properly.

Also, the repair process makes a SrtTrail.txt file located in the “C:\Windows\System32\Logfiles” folder along with the log information that you see to have a good understanding.

                   However, if the same installation takes a long time you must try to destroy the old installation with a clean copy of Windows 10. This process is really very lengthy and will erase everything from your computer. However, it is very helpful to fix several loading problems like performance and battery life.

Closing Notes-

We have covered almost all the steps to do Startup Repair tool in Windows 10. However, feel free to get in touch with us for any kind of urgent issues. Also, you can refer the user manual for any temporary fix.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa